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Your SIM card is broken.

Wow u must like being a poorfag.


>Your SIM card is broken.
I know

Comfy desu.

you're poor cause you're holding shit coins. Get some Tron, Link at least ripple is fine but way to over hyped now. monkies bought it and whale dumpings now

Tron is still a shitcoin. Honest question, why do you poorfags with so little put your money into coins that realistically can never go 50x? Do you guys realize how much money would have to pour into something like Tron or Ripple for it go another 50x? Why dont you fucking retards find a nice low cap coin and wait for it to moon for 100x? 5mil cap to 500mil cap is a lot easier than going from 10bil to 200bil...

such as?

tfw you're so poor you don't even need a blockfolio to keep track of your money cuz you can do the math in your head

tell me what to put into on binance pls

I aint gonna do your jobs for you. This is a learning experience.

You can either read this


or stay poor.

Buy RKC or DBIX.

Oops. meant to post this so you know Im not some memer like the rest of Veeky Forums

Pretty bad desu. 1 scam coin, 1 vaporware and 1 jew coin. All of which massively overvalued atm.

Started with $670 in September. Made horrible trades but still managed to make money.
thx I'll check it out.


bought a few ltc in june last year and forgot about it until a couple of months ago when it mooned 10x to ~$300. Took some of the profits and started buying shitcoins and I've clearly spread it out too much but I'm still getting returns and this all started with $200 so I'm fine with it

do your worst

nice roll

Started with 1k in December XD

Wish I went all in on xlm instead of holding btc

You got dubs just checking them.

My first time going all in to a coin

and yet you are still holding ethereum, why don't you put it in XLM now? it's still pretty low

Am I gonna make it, user?

Not diversified enough, user. I suggest buying into Bitbean and Confido to round out your portfolio.

Am I going to be poor forever ?

>0 shitcoins
>up from $500 2 weeks ago

Living with family for free , spent the last 200$ to my name on neo in december , only got 5. Sold those to get into dbc because I was never gonna make gains fast enough , my goal is just to get capital so I can chase more moon missions. Unemployed for months , but I got nothing to lose either.