Price predictions

>Q1 2018

>Q3 2018

>Q2 2019

>Q4 2019

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please, I'm trying to make it with 5k coins.

is this shit more like a paypal or venmo type of thing?

$100 eoy

sucky sucky 5 dolla?

A better question is how many tokens will get burned this year.

Q1: 3
Q3: 8
Q4: 12

I bought 5000 at 4.5c that would mean I earned over half a million off a £250 investment. No way.

Pajeet maths?

wait for dip or trust that $1 is new floor?? pls respond

Anything is possible in cryptoland

$1 new floor

My mistake. I haven't slept in days.

lol that fuckin math

>5000 x 12 = 500000

I be monies man nao

he is talking in ruppies, you are correct

that doesn't excuse you from shitting on the street.

LMC predictions

0.33 current

>>Q1 2018 - $1
>>Q3 2018 - $3
>>Q2 2019 - $10
>>Q4 2019 - $25

I made 22x my investment and can't do primary school level multiplication. This market is unsustainable.

it's understandable user, you saw the other comment that said "$100 eoy" and still had it fresh in your mind

Q1 9 $
Q2 21 $
Q2 2019 56 $
Q4 2019 0 $

Is $100 eoy possible though?





im a newfag crypto retard i got 1200 REQ my first ever buy do u think i'll be good?

I dont expect to "make it" from such a small stack of REQ but is this a good starting point?

thanks bros

i bought at 0.80, then it dipped to 0.70 then it mooned..

Floor coul be 0.95 or 0.90 with luck, but 1€ is a solid price for the long run. You risk the next moon mission. There are people who sold at 1.13 today

REQ is currently working on adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

>I'm selling my anal virginity on Ebay
>It's priced in USD, but Ebay has embedded the REQ payment system
>You get to pay with cryptos, ERC20 or fiat, and no matter what you pay with, I still receive USD as requested.

Put simply, REQ tokens are what fuels the network. The REQ tokens are not currency.
Buyers and merchants will never interact with the tokens at all. They will simply use the payment system and experience it as an instant purchase/currency swap.

Aside from its intended usage, which is what everyone is basing their valuation estimates on, it will tap directly into a $750 billion crypto-market in which it's currently hard to cash out of, and expensive to buy into.

And as for competition, YCombinator, which has a high stake in Coinbase, also have a high stake in REQ. Since REQ's very functionality will pose a threat to Coinbase's entire business model, it is only logical to assume that REQ will eventually be implemented in Coinbase to ensure that both platforms survive and thrive. Owners never let one business kill the other when it is perfectly logical to merge the two.

See picture. If REQ handles just 0.1% of the global transactions, it means $5B worth of DAILY transactions. And $912M worth of REQ being burnt annually, which increases the price of remaining REQ. With a 10% marketshare, that number increases to $500B of DAILY transactions, and $91.3B worth of REQ being burnt annually.


you will make decent profit in the next few months

Should I get out of ICX for this and add another $300? It’s all I got left.

You store that shit on MEW, and you don't fucking touch it until 2019-2020.

You're welcome.

All in

waiting for a dip but i’m just gonna be left in regret when it goes up inevitably