UFR / Upfiring - New exchange confirmed


>hovering around rank #500 on CMC
>only 14m supply
>casually chilling around 0.50$
>developers actively reply on all their social media
>they want to use this coin for seeding in p2p sharing or something who gives a fuck we all know Veeky Forums is about the money

This is legitimately one of the best low-cap projects I have ever seen, only coin I'm willing to hold for more than a month. Imagine if this even reaches top 100, that's almost 50x ROI. Don't miss out, keep UFR on your radar Veeky Forums

But user, Id rather dump my money into a 120bil marketcap coin!!!!!

It's starting to moon already. I wish I would have bought more when I first purchased last week

Fuck off pajeet go back to your shilling group, no one is buying this shit as torrentz are getting enough money from ads industry

Thanks OP I had bought a few hours before you made the post and was thinking about whether to share it or not

I still wanted to accumulate more, but well

lol dude do you even know how torrents work

>t. butthurt TRX holder

Nigga I've been watching this coin for 1 week now WTF why didn't I buy

Ifucking hate signing up to new exchanges because my captcha doesn't work so I have to use v1

Fucking capctha has probably cost me thousands

How do I buy this onED?

buy on shitty cryptopia at least it's better than ED

Nah read my post dude I literally can't sign in to cryptopia because my captcha does not work


expected moon? wanna buy a new pc soon

The idea behind this coin is just dumb, I know that you guys are posting this shit just to not get kicked out of UFR shilling group but please stop scaming regular Veeky Forums users

UFR is a terrible coin idea. Non ironically I have 6k in it. If you think a bad coin idea will stop this from reaching 200m+ go look at every other coin that exists.

It's mooning right now, don't wait too long. Buy at ATH, its ATH and subsequently its floor rise every single day. Literally can't go wrong with this. Big announcements end of month.

>The idea behind this coin is just dumb

could be said about 99% of coins including ones with market caps of 12 billion like TRX

this market cap is 10 million.


dude what does it even mean "your captcha doesn't work"?

are you a robot?

Actually it's pretty great, as if people would mind to pay a penny for a movie or something.
Plus they can seed to get it all for free too.

If you want to monetize your business based on customers paying for a content, torrents are last place to look at lol

yet for others is the only viable option
> academictorrents.com

Already posted this thread earlier today and got accused of the same bullshit.
I found this coin through shillers on Veeky Forums but I did my own research and this is legitimately something that will blow up soon.
Catchy name, recognizable logo, clear website. That's the formula to suck in normies.
If you have a way to get into this shilling group I'd be more than happy to join them.

Look at the current top 100 and tell me how many coins are good or even remotely useful. Every niche is trying to get filled up now with their own coin, and to be honest the idea doesn't have to be good.
We can just sit back and ride these tidal waves of money.

Some people just upload movies without owning them like a bad boy, butthurt will be had but the chain will stay up.
And this

so this is going to moon x50 just because it has a low supply?

No faggot but whenever I solve it, it says its wrong. Even when its not... An error with my cache or cookies or w.e. the fuck but I can't clear them because I'll look about 3 years of saved logins

What about trying another browser faggot
or another computer
it's very likely yours have been compromised

Looking at it statistically, the average top 100 coin with such a supply has a price of $10-$75 (or far greater than 100 in some exceptions). In that case, this UFR gem costing $0.50 is an insanely good investment.

Nah I know all of that already, my shit isn't compromised it's an error with cache
Anyway, I don't have another computer

Use incognito mode, it runs without cookies, extensions, blabla etc. Or use another browser like ^ suggested. Also, you can switch to Chrome and have all your cookies and passwords imported. Then clear all data, Chrome will cloudsave the important data to your Google account.

>Chrome will cloudsave
HAHAHA I lost 30 ETH from this shit last year, no thanks

Either way, sorry for your loss. Never lost any data in Chrome.