What did you do with your gains?

When i reached 100k i cashed out 20 and made a trip to japan alone
(22yr old)

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Etherdelta is already buying BZC for 5x ICO price faggots.

weeb, hope your dream never come true and die alone with those anime girls

Depends how much I make. If under 1 mil, some hookers and maybe a cheap car and put the rest in vanguard. If over 1 mil, everything I've ever wanted.

He was speaking in past tense you know. Like he already did that man.

>What did you do with your gains?
>When i reached 100k i cashed out 20 and made a trip to japan alone
Learn to read, also anime board.

I bought bunch of erodoujins and came buckets to them. Will be going to comiket this winter.

what a fucking loser lmao

made $1000 from my iniitial gamble of 300, put the 1000 back into shitcoins

Learn to read pajeet

and stay away from my girls

I spent 3 nights at a luxury hotel getting room service and posting on biz. no lie.

Spot the new normal fags that think they are veterans on this board

where's mah nikka?

Don't bully Yuri you fuck!

I would help my parents pay for all of their mortgage ($150k). Growing up poor sucks man. Then I would just reinvest the rest and travel.

> trip to japan alone
> 20k
Hope you make a lot more in crypto, you're gonna need it

When I reached 10k , I cashed out 1k and bought some fresh clothes. a few bottles of scotch and took myself out to dinner.

>implying you can cash out

2017 I visited
Japan 3x
South Korea

Its a noble thing to do, I am gonna pay off the mortgage and just do whatever if I make it.

So are hookers in japan friendly towards westerners?

at 500k and haven't cashed out anything. Having a shitload of meme money beats having a shitload of stuff.

unironically yes

Yes indeed i made way more but i havent cashed out

Depends, do you wear metal? Do you have tattoos? Are you black?

What if I am mocha, im part French, Kiwi and Indian and god knows what else.

This is what I want

Nothing. Was thinking about buying a new laptop with BTC, but opted not to. At the moment it would amount to ~2.5% of my crypto. Maybe once it's


sorry about that

I got a lot of tattoos but they wouldnt know until Im naked because Im not a facetatfag. No piercings and Im not black.

As long as you keep your tattoos hidden and aren't complete douche, should be fine.

Yeah rip, can't help that part, but my friend who was also recently in Japan said that some girls find half Indians cute.
>inb4 just trying to comfort me

200k+ gains, but I don't really wanna cash anything out, I guess.

But I bought a PS4 pro today, so I got that going for me, which is nice

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Anyone else unironically planning to move to Japan after making it? Looking to for $500k-1000k (14-28x from here) and peace out.

gtfo weeb

>cashed out 20 and made a trip to japan alone
hahaha fucking faggot

Japan, really? I'd rather just travel there for a couple of weeks every couple of months. Shit is a expensive, high tax work drone hell hole.

You might be able to live, but not comfortably, you would have to be somewhat stingy with that amount. You would want like 5 mil+ for the comfy lifestyle.

I will donate everything to charity. Maybe hit national news doing so.

user. Man the fuck up. Your soul owns your body. If a bitch doesn’t like it, she can carry her ass. In the mean time, best your body and make it your own. Make it submit to you. Go to the gym. Do cardio. Do some soul searching. Do what it takes to become confident.

Where are her scars?

You salty boys wanna fight?

Did you have an overdose of hentai?

I'd consider it. My wagecuck job has a branch in tokyo that i could work at for a while. But if I went there I'd probably start my own business at the outskirts of the city. Having a comfy bar with some darts/pool/other games would be lit.

Mein Neger I live in Denmark right now on $600/month.
>high tax work drone hell hole
Why would I care about taxes or work if I'm a millionaire?
4% (safe withdrawal rate assuming assets are in stocks) from $1 mil gives me 40k a year. I couldn't spend that If I wanted to.
Why work at all? Crypto is literally pulling wads of cash out of your ass.

FeelsInspiredMan, I am just sitting here making money but not building confidence, I am just accumulating my money belly.

Yuri is shit!

So did anyone do anything that involved being in the company of other people? This thread 8s pretty fucking lonely.

People are shit

Hummmm i got overdose by a lot of things in Japan, what a great place dude

God this site is filled with fucking losers holy shit, I'm 21 and I plan on going into real estate, using my crypto to get a loan to buy an apartment building.

Oh man Indians are pathetic.

Flags when?

> fucking losers
> real estate,

kek if you can't make good money while still cashing out to have fun then you are the retard my friend, i made my trip 6 months ago and i have now way more than 100K

This is true unless you're a Manlet

No amount of money can change that. Unless you want to be kidding your kids out of a wheelchair


Guys are nuts..
Once I have 100k
I'll cash out 50k for
student loans
cheap Honda under $9k
New laptop under $2k
Modest House down payment
and bizapop $2.00

Luckily for me I am 6 foot 6 8)

That is a good meme. The soul that dominates and shapes the body, just like dominating and forcing Asian girls to submit

I love the poorfag mentality. Like a nigger, living in the present instead of planning for the future.

The irony is the more I make the more I just want more stupid fake internet money. In a stupid weird way I miss when I was able to increase my position by buying more from my salary. Maybe I will be able to in a coming bull market but I've made more in crypto than work the last few months.

Can I get a quick rundown of your trip? How did you meet people?

cheap real estate or land for homesthodling
USD to hold necessary equipment for making real things with my hands

20k? Are you going to blow 10 japs with that huge ass money?

They're not wrong. If the markets 10x again thats the stupidest shit they could have done. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't just ball out 20% of their cash unless they wanted to lose it.

Except they didn't mock OP for cashing out.

so far nothing. not sure what i'll do if i ever make enough. i doubt i could make enough to retire.

Regarding people doing weeb shit, they are wrong. Regarding using money now rather than investing and multiplying it for the future, yes he is retarded.

Niiiiice I'd play MHW on that

That's smart yo, did you have fun? Stories please!

>looking down on weebs
Sorry dude but they're the new kings in the new world.

Eh, he took out 1/5 and enjoyed life, which is ultimately the goal. I'm sure.the other 4/5 grew a lot too.

Pay off my house rent it out at travel in my van

He could have waited and enjoyed life many times more.

you and me both m8

I don't even want to cash out anything except for basic life things, I just like watching them numbers increase

maybe we've got a case of the assburgers

I guess it's easier to start a bussiness after you have worked here a while and networked with people. But true if I had real money I wouldn't consider working.

I'm right now studying in tokyo and it's a comfy life here. I think south korea is more fun even though their women are a bit uglier.

Guys chill, i took 20k and i didn't even spend it all in that trip, besides when i was back i had already recovered them, and now my portfolio is way bigger, don't be retards, you have to enjoy life from time to time that is what money is for

Besides im not a full creep weeb or something like that so im okay with that lol

Go fuck yourself.

What did you do over there?

Obviously used his white privilege to woo the Japs, inb4 blonde hair and blue eyes.

It would be hard for you to start a business there. They go pretty far to keep immigrants from 'stealing' work from Japanese.

I plan to apply to Japanese language school, either in Kyoto or Osaka. Tokyo would be unnecessarily expensive. As for South Korea, not a fan of their culture. Plus I already know some basic Japanese along with Hiragana runes, so there's that.
You're missing the point. That 20k would be 200k in a few months. It's all about delayed gratification.

But wouldn't his 80k remaining in crypto become 800k by that logic? Still a lot of money.

That is greedy talk, and you are missing something big, it is not about how the market moves but what you do about it

I bet 40K into ZCL 1 week ago when it was like 60USD, do you know how much have i made and how much im going to make only of that?

It is not the ammount but how you use it

misses out on 200k, reinvests that 200k again and becomes 2 mil missed out.

Ok you have a point lol

Yes, it would. Doesn't change the fact that he spent 200k on a vacation.
You used it for instant gratification, unfortuantely.
>do you know how much have i made
This makes it that much sadder.

Better to die with an anime girl than a real girl
Roastie chasers just dont get it

It's your money ultimately, so don't take it too personally. I just want to make sure that anyone who'd want to do the same will think it through.

This, as soon as I got into crypto and started making money, I told my friend I wouldn't go because I would lose alot by doing this. by spending like 3k on a trip I would of lost a potential of 64k. People need to think wisely about what they do with their money.

But you are also missing that we are in a bubble one day you may wake up and it could be gone, all could crash into the ground and you woudn't have even enjoyed a fucking trip

Wake up dude, securing the future is great but you also have to live and enjoy the present

Actually I am tired as fuck and I havn't slept and failed math, I would of lost a potential of 48k.

Smart, user. Opportunity cost is a real thing that most people don't take into account.
This "bubble" as a whole is still under Apple's market cap. Not to mention that I'd unironically kms if crypto somehow failed.

The people that enjoy the present spend it all on cigarettes and alcohol and stay in a slump because they make bad financial decisions, we are lucky this is a huge bull market right now.

But it doesn't matter how much money you have because the market doesn't move equal

we can both start with 5K but one of us can turn that into 50K while the other maybe in 15K

Ok but what if we both have larger capital, 100k, I could of got to 1 mil, and you to 300k, initial capital is a huge factor when it comes to getting returns back.

Literally the biggest bull market in the history of mankind. Simply unprecedented. No one has any idea how high this can go. Gold has 10 times the market cap of crypto. What's the justification for such valuation? Speculation, nothing else.


It looks like what I hoped No Mans Sky would be

Agreed, we are extremely lucky this is happening in our lifetime and we got in. I don't plan on wasting capital on things that are not seen as an asset to me for now.

Why are jews so rich? Because they don't spend more than 1% of their worth on stupid shit. Think like a jew.

Come to Argentina!! Beautiful country, beautiful girls ;)