Making a bold prediction. ChainLink will be $150 billion by EOY at a price of $400/Link

Making a bold prediction. ChainLink will be $150 billion by EOY at a price of $400/Link

honestly, it's not out of the question

Ridiculous ludicrous not Gods way. I can make your wish come true, but whats in it for me

Your fucking stupid and will lose most your money by the end of the year.

That’s my prediction

Why? Ethereum is priced that high because is mostly used in crypto to buy other shitcoins and buy ico scams
What's the purpose of Link IN crypto? Sure if banks use it that will pump the price a bit but we are not banks
It's not that there's gonna be LINK pairs or shit like that o every exchange

lmao 400$ this year, nah bruh, probably 35-100$

LINK is only going up because its getting shilled hard. It's a meme coin with no purpose.

>he thinks LINK's use case is limited to banks

It is also accounting for BTC and ETH being worth about $500 bill each. No way this ain't a top 10 player by then.

$5-10 max

what did it cost /pol/ to get Trump elected?

LINK is the No Man's Sky of Veeky Forums



you have no idea how huge this is going to be

Even if LINK turns out to be a scam/vaporware/stuttering potheads, saying it has no purpose is retarded. It's goal would mean literally Ethereum levels of innovation for the crypto market. Whether it succeeds is another story. I'm holding 1.5k LINK for the chance it may actually deliver. Not going to miss this boat.


With new tech, comes new crypto. New opportunities.

and new bagholders

what do you guys think of latium, mccafe's new coin?

I ignore everything McAfee touches.