Post your trading uniform

post your trading uniform

ubuntu ?

is this a boys leg

real and straight

thats 1st thing u notice

never change /biz

it probably has a feminine penis yes

100% man

>chiclet keyboard
wtf are you doing

Thats a true porfags legs and setup right there...

Nice legs! Very touchable. With both hands even!

How much BTC to see dat dick niggy?

I want to massage those feet.


Cargo pants or sweats, and a tucked in tank top.

man. kys



oh yes


how many rais for your boipucci?

3 piece suit with bowler hat. Warm tea in a china cup. Umbrella handing from wrist.


Your realize im going to fap to your legs tonight? Girl or not.

Wow please have a cute penis.


when you're rich you don't need to go prison gay

That isn't op. That picture is old af


Hallo Kevin.


does it matter?

You could have at least bothered to edit the pic and put binance or bittrex on the monitor.


Degenerates go die in hell

no it's a girl (male)'s leg


It's Saturday. I'm literally 100% naked right now

S u p e r

Tranny legs

I really want to believe this is a woman. I really do.

t shirt
pajama pants

The NEET uniform



+ the /comfy/ uniform with your favorite blanket

my spacesuit

A black hoodie like the one Elliot wears in Mr Robot.

oh yeah. Maybe a little electric space heater running a few feet away.. some hot cocoa/coffee and charts going to the moon. Sounds like a nice day to me