Anybody else slowly losing it?

its never fucking enough. i dont have to work ever again but i wanna milk this fucking game to the fullest.

i been losing sleep, gaining weight, smoking again, losing aesthetics and bench is down 1 plate.

im getting ocd, paranoid and all that shit and instead to step back and thank god for this opportunity, i tell myself why did u miss x coin moon mission, why did u miss that 60x ico.

hooooooly fuck senpai im going insane. i dont even know what money is worth now

is 500k good?


1 million

right now I have 30k, not sure if I can get there

Relax and stop being a bitc, there's a lot of opportunities, you can't catch all of em

making it = establishing a passive income source where you can afford whatever life style it is that you desire

it's subjective really.

gonna need 10+ million. I never want to have to work.

I'm up to 1.5 million. DEAL OR NO DEAL????

No deal. This still feels like pleb money.

$3 million after taxes is the sweet spot, if you're in the United States.

1.5 million euro would be fine.

I think I will keep some coins though.

Target for 15 million and you made it. So keep doing what you are doing until 15 mill or kys.

Get you some modafinil, keep filling up that water bottle. Don't eat fucking garbage. Keep reading. Keep learning. Don't fucking blow your brains out over losses. I'm about to eclipse 10 ill after 6 years in this fucking shit. At this level half a million swings and I don't blink an eye. You'll make it bro it just takes some fucking time and patience.

Didn't this chick give someone HIV?

1 million sets me for life

15 million sets my all family for life

do you really value stuff so much that you'd risk eternal freedom to get it?

if I had 1.5 mil I'd cash out the mil instantly

Feel much the same way, a big part of it is the effect crypto has on your sleep.

I grew up playing Pokemon, user. Challenge accepted.

Exact same spot. I'm gonna take few and do some alt gambles.

This game is gonna go on for years, it may crash first but it's not going away.


You a Little bitch. I just crossed 500k, sleeping like a baby. My personal goal is 2MM, then cashing out 75% and paying full tax.

I really want a decent boat I can take to Monte Carlo, so I’m guessing £10M+

Then you're an idiot.
Unless you're in some 3rd world shithole 1.5 mil won't make it so you're set for life. If anything it'll only speed up at what point you can afford to retire.

>having a family
u dun goofd

How much do I need to retire in FL with a small condo and a boat?

>have 1 million now
>realize if this keeps going i could retire early
>struggling to focus at work because that time could be used for crypto
>if i ignore my crypto to focus, it might all crash when i'm not watching
what do i do, Veeky Forums?

Yeah I want to be stupendously rich and feel like a living god.

this is such a fucking reddit comment it hurts

Fuck man, you’ve described me perfectly. Over the last 10 months gone through that exact transition and picked up 7 figures in process. I’m not even happy, but I can’t stop. My plan is to retire after alt season and start hitting the gym regularly again to get back my cut physique and gains.

If everything crashes to shit you can always just get another job right?

I guess, but I really like the one I have.

This user gets it when I hit 1M (only need to x2 now) I’m gona keep on going to set my family up!

I'm mostly scared that there won't be enough time to get to the really game changing gains (hundreds of thousands / mills). I got in last summer and accumulated slowly but steadily but am nowhere near comfy yet. If 2018 spring is as bullish as 2017 then I see some hope, but otherwise I'm afraid it's too late

If 2018 is as good as 2017, then I'll be set for life.

Why would anyone ever "cash out". If you need fiat just use CoinLoan or Salt and collateralize your crypto assets, then buy a fucking house with the loaned fiat. Pay off the principal and interest with your fucking gains. If all falls to shit, you liquidate your collateral and keep the fucking house.

Cashing out is for the dumbest fucking niggers on the planet.

I just don't give a fuck about expensive cars or clothes

If you can't live on 1.5 mil then you're the idiot, not me

I live comfortably in a first world country at about 2k USD per months (half is a mortage). Without the mortage I'd be looking at slightly above 1k USD per month to maintain what I consider a comfortable existence. This is because I'm not a vain retard who wastes money to impress others; freedom > stuff, every time.

Sure thing, soyboi. Sorry about your childhood.