Don't miss out user

Don't miss out user.

This is the next sia,Tomorrow it will break 400sat

Why the fuck is this shit so high, did mcafee meme this back into life?

Reddcoin is proof we're in a bubble. I feel dirty making 200% gains on a coin that doesn't even have a white paper.

No people are just retarded and meme on Veeky Forums with outdated information.
>muh dead dev team
>muh shitcoin
>pajeets XD

17k coins checking in, im already 2x at its current price

>tipping on social media
>doesnt have a plan to implement a button near the like button

>Bought Redd, Sia, and Xtrabytes because of shills during the first or second week I started frequenting Veeky Forums
>Prices tank into oblivion shortly after
>Don't really care because expendable income + portfolio diversity, so just kind of ignore them while working Litecoin and the other bigger players
>All 3 of them have blown up in the past 2 or so weeks, landing just under Ark in my holding value

What the fuck

no it was already starting to moon before he said anything. all his tweet did was a 20 min PND lol.

Here 25k, same profit as you have. Bought before McAfee shill.

This. Saw little mooning like two days before McAfee so I bought.

If this pulled a SC and went to 10 cents Id be so happy haha

these pajeets are not worthy of the gains that are to come. RDD about to hit at least 0.15 by EOM. Snap this shit

Yeah, that would be awesome. But personally, I think it's going to be something like .50$ at Q2.

Im not gonna lie, I started in crypto in about November of last year. I was really scared I was too late to make any money off of it, but this year I honestly think I could break half a mil. Our iron hands will turn to gold with time.

this, holding for a month and it's one of my top 3 coins

We're all gonna make it. I bought my first bitcoin june 2016 but really started to look alts etc last june. Also was pretty scared that the train already left but now I have make my 1k to almost 20k, my goal is to have 50k before summer and 100k before EOY but if REQ or VEN is going to moon, I'm getting that 100k way sooner than I thought.

My portfolio is at around 15K at this moment, 100K for both of us will be very soon brother :)

where to buy?

Nice bro. See you at the lambo meeting!



Check market cap if ever want to know what exchanges a specific coin is on

mooning boys.

I've got 200k of this, here's hoping it keeps going vertical

Have many coins between $1-3k right now. XLM, REQ, BAT, SUB, CND, QSP, XRP, BRD, TRX. DENT.
Several $500 like ETN, RDD, VEN, DBC
And 40 LTCs. Just need 1-2 of those to go crazy.


There are so many god damn shitcoins how do you faggots know which are gonna moon?