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bounce dead cat.

Chill m8, once china wakes up in a couple of hours it will all be fine.

I bought at .12 and more at .24 and held bravely

Fucking sweaty as hell right now.

I got memed by this pajeet Justin sun

moon soon, hope you bought the dip :)

but you guys can't read ;(

>I bought more at .24 and held bravely
I'm not sure bravely is the adjective you're looking for user.

>tfw dumped 5k USD into tron at 23 cents

i just want my money back ahh

It's not going to stop. Justin Sun made an absolute fool of himself and Tron last night. It's not recovering. That stuttering chink is full of shit.

as someone with no bags, i look forward to buying this dip

Relax I put 80k in it at .00012700, its gonna moon, its probably just going to go a little lowe first. The CEO will make this thing moon or sepaku, the whole world is watching.

he's Chinese not Japanese you fucking retard.
yeah you put 80k and now it worth 50k, nice flip you done here nigger faggot.

He goes by "Yunchen" online.

Get out now. Consolidate your fucking losses user. Its not too late.

Pic is technical side of graph, continued onwards will be sentiment side of TRON:

Justin Sun, who has been known to lie in the past and in general practice shady buisness techniques, has been caught moving his holdings on tron into Ethereum, and sold out more then 6 billion. If you look at this twitter and marketing strategy, it has been very clear his goal has been to set up hype for his coin then cash out once the hype has been achieved.

If you ever take the time to read the whitepaper, you'll find a precarious road map with each goal titled:
>1.Exodus, Data Liberation
>2.Odyssey, Content Empowerment
>3.Apollo, Free Movement of Value Decentralized Token Trading Exclusively for Individuals
>4.Star Trek, Traffic Monetizing Gaming of Decentralization and Market Forecast
>5.Eternity, Traffic Conversion De-centralized Game

This guy has the fucking nerve to put that on the whitepaper? Are you serious?

Look, I get its hard to pull out when your profits are down, but always remember:
Making money off investments is not always about being right all the time, its about minimizing your loses and hitting big when you are right.

You still have that?
I thought it was for a quick pump and dump and nothing else

Exit scam mode engaged.

what do I pump it into now?

Link to the video?

I told everybody that’s what TRX does. It moons hard and dumps even harder. Brace for 700. Then brace for a new ATH in 3 weeks.

>This guy has the fucking nerve to put that on the whitepaper? Are you serious?
conmen use overconfidence

This. Anybody remember when it went from 180 to 270 to 220 to 430? Then it dipped back to 220 again. It’s a good day trading coin.


say D E C E N TR E L I Z E D one more time, i double dare you

This applies to both of you aswell:

>roadmap is exclusively buzzwords
>exodus aka exit scam

> shrek

Does anyone get perverse pleasure watching Normies get rekt buying tron and xvg?

Most people don't even trade stocks or forex or anything. Put them in the most unregulated , volatile market in existence and they will eat shit.

i fucking love it when this happens. To see a coin 30x out of nowhere and then dump on all the retards who bought at the very top is just hysterical to me. I love watching retards lose billions of dollars from obvious schemes





op invested in a coin with no working product at an ATH


>mfw knowing all the normies are panic selling like hell and dumping on Veeky Forums

you da man man

I just bought 20k USD worth right now. This shit is going back up, just watch


He had 14 million Chinese watching his stream later in the day after he did his English one, and that second stream was very well-accepted

860 and falling

i call fake.

>buy scamcoin
>don't sell scamcoin when founder sells his scamcoins
>watch scamcoin plummet

bought on 200 sat so, don't care kek, easier to hold cuz later tax will fuck you ahrd

I didn't even need TA, all I did was read that shitty roadmap and whitepaper and look at the total supply to see this was a flop. I bet Sun is getting facial reconstruction surgery right now.

how did this faggot chink convince so many people he had a working product?


what this retard did? redpill me on his retardness

So ur plan is to not sell anything so u don't have to pay tax? What the fuck are you even doing then?

>10:18 when he starts reading famous entrepreneurs off a list

i love it

he did not, people convinced themselves.

Hahaha justin sun sold his 6 billion coins hahahahah even he knows this is an absolute shitcoin hahahahahah

I only watched 10 seconds of this video, and that was all it took for me to tell this gross little man was lying through his teeth.

Goldstein Goldstein

0/10 FUD

0/10 FUD

ya got me


Someone tell me if I should dump my 1.5k sat bags or double down on the stupidity at 900 sats

All the trouble I put into day trading predictable coins, then I get tempted into the allure of these scamcoins and lose all my day trading gains in one fell swoop because I get greedy.

0/10 FUD

someone post the screenshot of normies shilling trom on twitter
the one where guy have no idea what whitepaper is

Lol IIT idiots who burnt money in scam coins again. Do your fucking homework better next time.

So, I am new to this whole Cryptocurrency world and I've had some fortunate buys. I got in on Tron (I just guessed honestly) at around .4 cents, thinking like a lot of other people who are new that buying a low value coin only means more potential gains. Then it shot up to .7, .15, .20 and even .28 (While I was asleep).

The problem is, I was excited about this (Obviously) and wanted to buy more Tron before going to bed. So I placed an order for $1,000 and purchased 4,000 tron at .25 cents a share. Now, however, its obviously hovering around .15-.18 cents give or take.

My question is, how can I recoup some of my losses? Its not that I necessarily want to pull out of Tron entirely, but I bought at an ATH and it was stupid of me. (I'm learning as I go). I don't want to sell and lose any gains, I feel Tron may rebound and go back up to .25 cents and I'll be okay, but the volatility of this coin at the moment has me wanting to pull out at .25 cents, and maybe see if it dips and buy back in at .15 cents give or take. I'd feel much more comfortable with that.

I understand I probably wont get much sympathy here from people, as it seems there is a lot of hate around this coin, but I'm just dabbling in Crypto and not trying to screw myself over. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

user, imagine if a new company CEO (4 months). started selling 10% off of his company. Maybe you will recover, but this coin is tainted. this is crypto you can make it back.

should be pumped in the next 2 weeks

It's better to just hold onto the coin until the price comes up, than it is to sell at a loss

Brainlet here

You wait.

ill gladly buy the coins as cheap as possible, this gonna explode atleast one time more in the next week

trend go down

Aion or bnb

This desu

I mena you could say the same about ADA
I bought the Ada ATH @ 52 cents and x2 my money
It's just luck, all you have to do to make money is being in the right side of the pnd. Reading whitepapers and doing research is useless when everything is manipulated and price goes up bc of hype.

I just sold my stack. I put it about $700 and made about $550 so I'm not mad, just a little disappointed in myself that I didn't get out at 1500 sats like I could have. I came out way ahead, but I need to be better at reading into these scams so I can exit at a better time.



ADA is a little more professional than some gook in his bedroom stumbling along Engrish and reading off entrepreneurs from a google search.

This is from someone with 4500 trx bought in at 4 cents btw

You can:
1. hold.
2. sell at a loss (inadvisable)
3. try to daytrade as it tanks, sell then buy back (very inadvisable cause you're a newfag and will get burnt.)
4. Learn your lesson about buying shitcoins at ATH and put it in something with potential outside of speculation

I wish you good luck man

I'm in the same boat. You aren't worried about it bouncing back up though? He or anyone else could easily re-pump this coin when the price is right.

6k holder, seems like it'll probably moon even harder if JUSTin makes a new announcement sometime in the future, but what are the chances of that happening? He just pulled his exit scam yesterday

user look at the volume, it's a slow deflation.

it could pump, but sentiment is very very bad

That's like a hundred dollars lmao, stfu

Don’t try the day trade route. I got anally raped like 3 times by bots pulling my stops and accumulating before shooting the price up instantly before I could enter again at that same price

And? I didn't say it was much, but i was hoping with all the hype i'd have made a decent gain to really get started at crypto.

The problem is, if u watched pretty boi vlog, when he saw the price drop at the end, he scared. He won't do that shit again. He will either gtfo himself or keep tweet pumping his gayness. If the later, buy, cuz autists not lie fags will pour more bags in.

You got to buy someones buy order. Bots cant run away from that.

trx is a scam

Lol then when you sell at .25 you realize that the pump doesn't stop.



So weird that westerners think that China thinks this is a valuable crypto. We don't.

Why not sell and then buy BNTY buckeroo?

Get out, pajeet.

Ni hao, wealthy chinaman!

What do you consider a valuable crypto?

Oh dont tell me that you belived it will reach 1$ by end of the month.

It went up pretty good.
The same goes with DBC, it's now around 0.30$ and will drop to 0.16$ again

Etherium for now. As for anything coming from China with potential, maybe wabi and just maybe.

>bought 50k at 185
>sold 50k at 2000
>bought 50k at 900

feels good

Thx for teh bags faggots

Thanks man, I was considering day trading my losses. I had my first purchase at .3 cents.

I had 2 more buy ins. 1st was 4900 shares at .15 cents, the 2nd was 4000 shares at .25 cents. My thinking is, maybe ill try to wait until the market hits 20 cents and sell my 4900, therefor gaining 5 cents on the trade, and potentially selling my 4000 at .20 cents at a loss of 5 cents, basically making it a wash. Then from there, considering selling the combined 8900 at .20 cents and waiting (hoping) for a dip back down to .15, which I would totally feel comfortable buying in at. Thoughts? Is this a stupid idea? Thanks for the well wishes, I hope it works out.

I am however, also really considering option one and holding in hopes the price will go back up. Because I feel like it probably will.


I've worked in China for up to 3 years before moving back. Never trust chinks man, they're all fucking crooks. Half my job was stopping them from screwing over the company I worked for at every turn. You guys never learn.

asains will sell. normies sell, btc rises its all part of the big epensive lesson

Is Chad watching the Kennedy assassination while fucking chicks in these pics? I don't get it.

Neah, we're calculated.