Where my eniggas at?

Where my eniggas at?

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21k eniggs checking in.

Don't do this.

1k eng-fag reporting in

I am expecting at least a x10 from this shit.

I also think that if they had a website like that of Cardano they could probably reach 20/30B marketcap easily

They will get there eventually. This is a killer project and privacy will be just as much of a buzzword this year

Poorfag enigmarine with 1225ENG reporting in!

they are working on a new website arn't they?

They certainly already have an aesthetic logo and cool name.

bought 99 with some leftover btc. I gotta give enigma that the team sounds fucking amazing. Literally genius MIT hackermen.

>tfw i started it

Backed by people from MIT. Chad godcoin.

Seems like it.

Will I make it with only 300 ENG?

Doesn't this mean this coin is going to drop massively?

If it does we will buy more. It will go up once people realize its limitless potential

Can you please start shilling the whitepaper more and the bullshit memes less ?

It's what really got me into it and it's what's most likely to attract the big players out there

And they also got a cool song

its manipulation so yea

depend, obviously a dump, either they will lower their ask or people will start buying it at 0.006, which would mean that the valuation would stall for awhile there

It's a whale tactic to make people believe there are many people wanting to get rid of their bags
They do that hoping this would lower the price; if it does, I'll try to get some more, otherwise, take off it is when they release their walls

how low will it go with this sell wall?

Where to buy Eniggas ?