SONM • Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining

Why is no one talking about this?

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Decentralized computing project #378 isn't that interesting. Plus they're inferior to iexec afaik

because it's inferior to iExec and Golem, fuck off retard

because its just a concept

Delete this, let me accumulate first

It's better than iExec though

This coin is a bit late since China will ban mining cryptos on Monday and all minable cryptos will lose like 50%-85% of their current value. On the field of ashes only REQ will remain untouched. It will be the new king of crypto and its value will skyrocket to 500-1000$ per REQ.

Why does everyone hate this coin? I thought it looked neat

ME too. its also +50% for me atm


>China will ban mining cryptos on Monday

Wrong, shut the FUCK up.

Lel, is it time to start making some RLC memes?
> t. hodler

LOL rlc is gonna shit all over this

>better than iexec

you RLC shillers should ask the admins to add your coin to non-pajeet exchanges
meanwhile SONM mooning hard

Meanwhile sonm pays hundreds thousands of dollars for listings instead using it for development

Let the best project win faggot. Rlc will destroy u

bro fuckin delete this....

sonm mooning. working product, partnered with HP. stay poor fag.

No they have working testnet

also DADI copied their whitepaper