Choo choo , it's our turn now bitches

Come sign up for coss , get in literally at the bottom of an exchange coin that will 20x . new ui next week + fiat pairs

Sign up here

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How fucking long is it going to take for my DASH to show up so I can buy this piece of shit.

Coss is going to the moon, plus the sweet dividends! Get on board guys.

Fuck of Kuckoiner. COSS is for those with a more refined taste. We don't need your referrals, because we've already made it.


Shittiest fucking exchange ever. It has A LOT of potential, but it goes down fucking all the damn time. Exchange was broken a few days ago and so I tried to withdraw my ETH, and now ETH is stuck in their godforsaken shit website for 50 hours now and they're still not sending it to my wallet.

I'm going to avoid these guys but I will say that their platform has big potential.

pls don't go to fucking coss

it's the worth exchange ever

keeps coins hostage

Dont listen to these fudders. Coin was 6 cents a month ago. Site is being UPGRADE next week EVERYTHING will be fine. Just make sure you send eth over to and not btc

Shit has made me a lot of money recently, jump aboard guys!

Crypto One Stop Solution

Has a ton of potential buy some coss today

They said that last week to lol. Hopefully they finally come through with it. Those graphs are atrocious as fuck. Been spoiled by Binance and GDAX charts.

literally the next kucoin moon

I have no intention of actually using this garbage exchange, but I WILL ride COSS to the moon and then hop off.

Extremely easy 5x in a week or two. Get your shit now while it's a dollar.

New UI uses Tradingview

6000$ a week free if you hold 10k coss at binance level volume. That is absolutely retarded

Seriously i think this coin can hit $10 by next month. Start the train guys!

yes it is absolutely retarded, which is why a bunch of retards will jump on this boat and hyperinflate COSS to the moon, where it will bounce off and crash back to hell where it belongs

Im going to make this my weekly gamble, we just need some asshole to write a smart-sounding article to shill it


I really doubt its gonna reach binance levels. Not to mention it all sounds too good at the moment.

>tfw looking at 30k a week for life.

COSS is literal garbage. 80% of the exchange volume is just for the COSS token itself, and the COSS team is more interested in kissing government ass than producing a usable product or adding new coins to the exchange.

>Fuckin idiots actually want to be compliant and become a fiat gateway, cementing themselves as a viable alternative to Coinbase. IDIOTS!


>Fuckin idiots actually want to be compliant and become a fiat gateway, cementing themselves as a viable alternative to Coinbase
jesus christ, stay delusional. This will never hit Binance volume, the only reason this is hyping is because Binance and Bittrex are closed for new users and KuCoin had a decent pyramid scam (that COSS doesn't).

COSS barely has a functioning exchange and it lags with normal volume. What the fuck do you think would happen if it even came close to KCS value? The devs have even said themselves that they don't intend to host a large userbase before the exchange is fully developed. Withdrawals are barely functional, which is ironically one of the few good points about COSS. In a huge BTC dump or bullrun, nobody dumps their COSS because it takes 10 hours minimum just to get it off the exchange anyway.

To infinity and beyond bois!

Nice, just bought 100K.


It's in BETA and I don't need it to hit Binance volumes. If it can even get to Kucoin volumes I can retire. I get that you're upset that you missed out but good grief.

BTW, new UI releases next week. Exchange engine overhaul is due Q1 and so is fiat gateway. Stay poor.

Let’s go boys

Please use my referral


BTC is mooning right now all alts will dump, expect a steady bleed off of your shitcoin now. Dump that baby at the peak and take your gains now, you'll thank me later. If you're still delusional about your shitcoin, buy back in at the dip.

People are comparing COSS beta version (it's not even hidden, it's literally written under the logo) with Kucoin and Binance then complain of some issues COSS is facing. That's sweet. What will it be when it's gonna be released out of the beta.

>COSS has always been my end game
>too poor too accumulate so been day trading alts
>COSS 5x before i got onboard
>too expensive to get rich off of it now

You can't deposit BTC onto coss?

used, yours, use mine fellow bizmen

COSS isn't tied to BTC, it's tied to ETH. Daily BTC volume is 10% of ETH. Go look at the charts, it doesnt move when BTC shits itself.

I already said the same. Bleed off =/= dump.

I have 2100 Coss. If the exchange does a fair amount of trade in 1 year, what kind of dividend could I expect to see weekly?

You shouldn't use BTC since it's tied to ETH

See At $1M daily volume, you'd see about $220 a week.

>imagine not owning both

More like 0.5$

No thanks pajeet.

there's nothing keeping this price up

website sucks


Where can I go to get a look at the new UI?