Wojax (WJZ): Vote your Logo edition

This coin/token will have four phases

( We are here ) Phase 1: Naming the Coin and Logo
Phase 2: Grand Vision (website)
Phase 3: Economics and Coin release
Phase 4: Marketing


Hello Veeky Forums

After a successful logo submission contest yesterday, we have received over 100 logos that will be the face of Wojax (WJX).

Remember, we are making this coin to escape the shackles of fiat.

Today, we are now voting on the submitted entries.

Vote on your favourite logo!

Bucket 1: anonvote.com/strawpoll/fi268i

Bucket 2:

Bucket 3:

The winners from each bucket will then be pitted against each other in the Grand Finals where the winner will be The Wojax (WJX) Logo.

Voting ends: Jan 7 2018 5:30 PM EST

We have an Official Telegram group! (Discord Soon, after phase 1)




Max! Nooooo! You forgot these!

They couldnt handle our dicks and the poll website is down

Middle one is solid.

Fuck sorry brother. For that i'll put in the final three as a wild card okay?



First two are great


All in when you guys are done wowoJACKED!

Middle one is best

Is this a boob thread now?

we're all gonna make it!

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Franplayshalo time


Definately the triforce one

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>she doesn't take her donations exclusively in crypto
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Wojax get?

i'm just gonna shill my logo real quick

Just voted, we're all going to make it lads



I would like to support the project. Where can I buy Wojax?

Make discord, please.

We will have a discord after we vote for our logo.

In the meantime you can join our telegram group along with phase 1 members

Telegram is already live, joining it will give you additional perks when Discord is created (very shortly after these polls conclude)

You can't buy the coin yet since we are still deciding about how/if to organise a presale

I do not use that and I do not like that program.

I love discord, that is where I always am. Why don't you make a channel without logo and add it later?

It's mostly because Im shitposting on my phone today (wagecucking)

I understand discord can make rooms and organizing in there would be better. Phase 1 Telegram is our launch point.

Make Veeky Forums history and join!


airdrops when?
no airdrops = FUD
yes airdrops = Shilling 24/7


this one is pushing it. didnt notice details from thumb

Vote for your financial freedom!

If the end goal of this coin really is to help liberate everyone here from the shackles of central banking and fiat currency, this is admirable.

I'll support however I can -- lambo schmambos, crypto has the potential to free humanity from the unending torment of limitless debt that keeps us all in bondage.

All In due time my dear pajeet

Economics to be discussed. We don't even know the max supply or even have a roadmap yet


Our goal is for Veeky Forums to make it. If we all collected our shilling powers imagine where that would take us.

Is that pokimane?


Let's all make it

Seriously though... can us Telegram bros get enough tokens each to be millionaires ;_;

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Get in before Phase 2

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We are going to get chicks that put her to shame after this train is in motion




I voted! More power to you guys, this is great -- crypto should be about lifting all of us collectively up so we can do what we want with our lives.


bless you user
those were mine from yesterday



0.0001 Wojax for each of them




last one I got of her I think

Why can’t I join the telegram?

what are you running into?


taking a break from bumping for a bit. I hope it still alive by the time I get back

Who else is is going to go all in to WOKEjack?

quick rundown?
is an ICO planned

Why nat?

Undecided, we are deciding that in Phase 2

Bumperino, get your votes in!

(running out of girls to post)

Let's get rich boys

which coin will be forked?
-any special features?
Do we have good devs?

Plan to make it popular?
spam it here, reddit, everywhere und give everyone some coins?
I guess i should just join the telegram though


>which coin will be forked?
To be decided in Phase 2 and 3

>-any special features?
There's talk of doing something like proof of activity, and a tipping extension

>Do we have good devs?
We have some devs and are looking for more!

>Plan to make it popular?
Of course! we need to make it after all

>spam it here, reddit, everywhere und give everyone some coins?

To be decided Phase 3 Economics

Yes just join our telegram!

gotta horizontal flip that so the line goes up!

fork xrb pls

Good call
all about them details

another version

thanks, sounds not bad
Sounds really nice activity based, so it get used as currency, ofc shouldnt just be bots trading it to each other in bulk

i like that coin too

Please join our Telegram so you can contribute

The colors in here are nice!


0.0001 WJX for full access




repost, but I dont have a lot of underboob