I just made it to 6 figures guys, how do I make it a mil? Post your Blockfolio/deltas too

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Depends how you want to go with it. If you like trying your luck and chasing pumps similar torecent stuff like XRP, RaiBlocks, TRON you could do well. But with 100k you can diversify into some low cap coins be a millionaire easy. 5k into a 10mil cap now would be 50k with just 100mil cap. Let alone if you choose the right one and it hits a billion.

yea low can coins. shill us boys.

I'm jelly user I just made it to £10k which is x4 ROI for me :) hope I can post that too when PFR is x100 kek

Very simple.

All in on TenX.

100K -> 1M no problem.

It's going to be fucking huge user.

You didn't "make" 100k until you find someone to buy your shitcoins.

Yeah, you are right, I was thinking of doing something similar with that kind of market caps, it's hard to find good projects at that level but it's worth searching

That's true, but my only "big" hold is GVT and has millions in volume

Why tenx and not any of the other cards?

how much did you start with and when?

Dont listen to the haters. "Shitcoins" are good. Go back and read the Veeky Forums archives someday and see what everyone was saying about ETH, Ripple, etc. They all called them shitcoins and scams too back when they were nothing. You just have to rely on your own research. These idiots only know what to buy because they see shill threads and reddit all day.

Some rough guidelines.

Listen to me please.

Here is the portfolio that will allow you to retire early guaranteed:

25% REQ
25% LINK
25% RLC
25% ENG

Of course I still encourage you to do your own research but this is the god-tier portfolio

Meant for OP

Pic related is my game plan for $5M if you’re interested.

holy fuck you risk that much in a shitcoin?!?!?!

the balls on this guy! shit!

wait - do you have a million or more outside of crypto?

Make sure you get out while it still has that volume user.

May of last year with 7k, could have much more if it wasn't for my weak hands

Buy qtuk sell in a day for easy liquidity

impressive, I'm new and starting with 5k so im hoping I can be just as lucky

obviously its not guaranteed but I'm just hoping I dont get hit with absolute shitcoins

Rate my portfolio?

below DGB is SpankChain, ETH and RPX

100k chainlink

I started with 5k not too long ago and have 52k now. You can do it easy, all it takes is some diligent research before you find a hodl that’ll send you to the moon.

Feeling quite comfy with my 3700 PAY, this is going to be huge

I like this.

Started w/ 4k early Dec. I'm probably too spread around right now.

What is DOM?

Bought 1.2k of zClassic at 53.7 and 1.3k of Vechain at 2.32

When did you buy all that GVT?!!

Put it into WISH; it's a ridiculously undervalued coin.

I like WISH. Thinking of buying more but I can't decide what to sell and no more fiat until limits on the 10th or so.


My fucking nigger

Bought Dragon at 20 cents but gambled it on shitcoins :( I deserve my JUST

Just split evenly on a few coins that have good teams, partnerships, backings and use cases and you will be a millionaire in a few months, especially if they moon at different times so you can go all in on one
I recommend REQ, VEN and QSP

I'm in this boat, but I think the ship has sailed on easy gains like that user. We may get lucky though.


80 % LINK then the rest do whatever.

Are you serious?

you cant even use your card anymore.

Im heavy into MCO

>25% REQ
>25% LINK
>25% RLC
>25% ENG
i looked at the others and i can kind of see potential, but why req?
req's btc forum looks pajeet as fuck and i dont see any potential at all there, let alone barely any information
not fudding, just geniunely curious