So, let me get this straight

So, let me get this straight.

>buy btc
>trade btc for altcoin on same day
>pay 25 % taxes on the profit that BTC has made during these few minutes (not a lot)
>hodl altcoin for one year
>DO NOT have to pay taxes on the profit because I held for one year
>trade altcoins for BTC again and cash BTC out during one day
>pay 25 % taxes on the small increase that BTC might have during that timeframe

>but at the end of all this shit you HAVE to pay the income tax which can easily take 30 or 40 % of your gains and there is NOTHING you can do to legally avoid income tax

Is this true? Because if it is, that's infuriating. Why can't Germany have lower fucking taxes? Other countries have lower taxes in general and they're doing completely fine if not better than this shitheap of a country.

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well hans, someone gotta pay for all those intelligent refugee cities. Isn't it?

They're funding the interracial breeding grounds with that money you bigot

>trade tax
>income tax on top

Hahahahahah holy fuck, no wonder all the Arabs want to live there, do u even have to work if you’re an immigrant on welfare?
Why are we investing on shitcoins just travel to Germany and lose ur passport lmao, never wagecuck again

it's not even true

Nein, eben nicht. Das was du fürn Jahr gehodlt hast ist dann steuerfrei. Hol dir einfach einen Steuerberater der sich auskennt wenn es soweit ist.

So I don't have to pay income tax if I hodl for a year?

Genuine question because I've tried to research it but I'm sure that income tax are absolutely unavoidable.

Please prove me wrong, I beg you. I don't wanna pay 40 fucking percent of it. 20 % would be the max that I would consider ookay.

why dont you want to invest in all those muslim doctors and engineers Hans

Why the fuck would i hold any altcoin for 1 year? so much shit can happen in that time.

I'm an active trader, just gonna pay my way to much german tax but its way more fun.

In 1 year your chosen altcoin/s could massively fail. fuck that stupid german system, just move somewhere else if you want to become crypto rich

>Why can't Germany have lower fucking taxes?
Well who's gonna fund Mohammed and fatima's 7 kids? Be a bit more tolerant please

>not hodling zrx for a year
not gonna make it

all your cryptos are belong to us

capital tax if u would it for 1 year so 25%

also theres the option to go to switzerland and cash out up to 10.000. Pack in your mum,dad and friends and boom you got some cash atleast.

Find a stable coin that isn't even released.
Not gonna mention my choice.

and why not gonna make it?

3rd germancucktax thread this day. 10 or more this week.
just fucking don't cash out and hodl it and arrive just at least 1 million and leave cuckinstan .

someones gotta pay to feed mohameds 19 kids that will jihad

blame your cuck leaders.

Mention it. Or a hint

Can't you just keep your crypto off the records? Then when you have enough, drive to Schweiz, open a bank account and cash out?
Then use that bank account for whatever. Alternatively, move to Schweiz, finds a job and convert your earnings to assets, then move back home to Germany in a year or two.

not even German but i can feel this shit coming here as well
and I have zero intention to pay

I hope I can make enough to leave this shitty dying continent

I'm gonna be a piece of shit and not gonna do it because I'm not done accumulating.

However, this coin has several threads on Veeky Forums a day, it's not completely obscure.
But it has a promising future.

They're such utter morons here, they should be removing taxes from crypto and tech industries.
We need to let stuff go and become competitive and start to invest hard in this type of stuff.
But of course the scurge of the world, boomers, don't agree.

Just move to another country (Swizerland) and live there for the wohole year (1. Wohnsitz) in the year in which you sell. You dont havte to pay taxers then, dummy

They need the system to support them as they enter old age, engage in sex-tourism and fantasise about life extension treatments.

>Just move to another country (Swizerland)
No. Fuck off. We're fucking full. NO KRAUTS ALLOWED!

no but that would be too logical
what we need is achmed and his 7 kids so they they will be people to pay those old fuck's pension

and yes I actually know old farts who are ready to sell their grand kids future just to get 15 years of comfy pensions

It's weird but they really are like vampires. This may be confirmation bias, but my general impression of the Great Generation (boomer's parents) is that they want to give everything to their kids and grandkids, whereas the Boomers want to exploit every young person they can get their hands on.

youre the descendant of a literal fucking nazi and telling me you dont want to pay taxes?? you should be ashamed of yourself OP. achmed and shaqiya rely on your gibsmonies.

that's because they are the most privilege generation in western history

they never had a war
they were in much smaller families like 2-3 kins instead of 5-6 like their parents so they revived a lot more attention and gifts
they grew up and started working in the easiest time possible in the west when companies were picking them up right after college
they literally never encounters hard times and they made 1-2 kids because they wanted to keep their freedom and money

but making to few kids mean not enough people to pay the pensions, so they are ready to fuck up the society who gave them everything because they are so entitled to revive everything they want

> strong men create good time, good time create weak men, weak men create hard time, hard time create strong men

Lol get cukt

You are so naive.
Get a Steuerberater, if your gains are more than 1k EUR.

Maybe crypto is our opportunity to transfer wealth back from the boomers.

ficki ficki
gib money Hans

i rather have some ethopian nigger here than germans truly the most annoying people in the world

amk wieviele threads wollt ihr noch dazu machen ihr lurche

You have to pay to take care of your future doctors, lawyers, engineers, and scientists Klaus!

the only way to fuck them is not to pay taxes and gtfo
I was a /pol/tard for years thinking it was my duty to save the west but fuck that I'm just gonna try to get rich and join the kikes


It's wrong. Every fucking german tax post is wrong. You guys are stupid as fuck.

STeuerberater bei 1k gains? Bist du behindert im Kopf? Kannst das Geld auch gleich ins Klo werfen du Affe

>the virgin 50% tax kraut vs Chad 0% tax Alberto Barbosa

I love it when Germans start hurling abuse.

Please elaborate your correct assessment on the taxation of crypto-currencies in Germany then, Mr. Big Brain.

yep they constantly post the dumbest shit about taxes and its literally all wrong
Ive given up correcing all the misinfo because its like 10 threads a day now and always the same dumb shit.

Opportunity for you to make some money there if you can compile the information and sell it.

Bitte pflanze dich nicht fort.

I already shill crypto courses for a living
the last thing I want to do is peddle *more* information products to the brainless masses

Hans are you retarded? If you have some interesting amount of money (say 200k+ €), then just move to another EU country for at least half a year, where taxes are low. For example Czechia - flat income tax 15 %. After half a year you can change your tax residence to Czechia, you can actually go to their tax office so they can confirm it for you.

Cash out to your czech bank account. Pay 15% taxes (actually you pay it yearly), return to germany and send your money to your German bank account. Check German-Czech republic agreement about prevention of double taxation. Its actually forbidden to be taxed again in Germany on this income.

Its literally this simple. Yes, you will have to pay for some shitty room or something in Czechia, but thats way cheaper than cuckistan taxes.

25% capital gains tax + 5.5% solidarity surcharge + 45% income tax = 75.5% tax.

If you hold 1 year then you only pay the income tax, which depending on the amount you cash-out can be up to 45%.

the 15% income tax in Czech Republic is only up to 200.000 CZK of income.
aw fuck why do I still bother

Dude, is income tax a necessity then?

Seriously, please respond.

I tried to educate myself and income tax after 1 year hodling seems to be the truth? Am I correct in that?

Yea you are fucked.

There is a reason why so many German day traders fled to Malta and Cyprus.

Hahahahahaha Ich bin so froh, dass ich als Karpatendeutscher hier in der Slowakei lebe.

btw. ich kenne einen aus Prag, der mir bis zu 1 Million Euro Crypto für Euro wechseln kann. Kein Scherz. Dann ist nur halt die Frage was Du mit so viel Geld machen wirst. Hier in der Slowakei ist es damit einfacher...

Yea, good luck explains the Bank/Tax Authority in Slovakia how you obtained the $1m in cryptos. Make sure that you have NOTARIZED blockchain transactions and trade logs from exchanges.

no capital gains tax you retard



WENN JA... werde ich 100% mich nach Portugal/Schweiz oder sonst wo hin verpissen.

This is not true. The tax is only 15% in Czechia, for any amount. But we are speaking about private persons, not companies, yes user?

I just checked some Czech (as I speak Czech/Slovak) online calculators for income tax. I entered 100 million CZK into it and guess what, the income tax is 15% out of it.

It depends on how much you earn and how much you cash-out. Do you have a job? Are you a NEET taking welfare?

Why would I explain anything to tax authority? Thats the point in having it in cash kek.

I would just build a house with it. Here the workers dont want to give you any invoice or receipt, they want cash. So there it goes. And we have absolutely failed law about showing the source of your wealth (never used in our country, not even once).

Does having a job have an influence on the height of the income tax?

I'd assume that it'd be even higher because job salary + crypto payment means a higher income and thus higher tax.

I won't pay taxes. Fuck the Finanzamt fuck the government fuck them all alter. After I make enough I'll run away from this shit country and go stay in the mountains. Fuck this politicians.

Currently working yes. Let's say i want to cash out 1.5 Million € and earn between 500€-2000€ each month from my regular job. How the fuck do you calculate how much i have to pay on my crypto gainz if i hodl for one year ?

Fake news

>Dies bedeutet: Werden Bitcoins nach einer Haltedauer von mindestens einem Jahr verkauft, sind etwaige Gewinne aus dem Handel mit Bitcoins grundsätzlich steuerfrei.

OP is a faggot

the income tax is 15% up to 200.000 CZK
any more than that and you pay additoinal "solidarity tax" and it will become a LOT more expensive
its actually way more complicated than that because of the 60/40 rule but fuck me if Im gonna explain that to you. read it up yourself:

i really wish you faggots would start talking to some lawyers and would stop spreading all this misinformation, half-truths and flat out bullshit

How much is your current income tax rate? Let's say if you currently pay 25% income tax and cash-out 1.5 million EUR in crypto, then they will tax 20% of it. Maximum income tax is 45%. Also, don't forget things like Soli and healthcare.

Dude, steuerfrei !=! no income tax

>Why can't Germany have lower fucking taxes?
You racist Deutsch scum - how the fuck else will you pay for the violent raping pedo-worshiping barbarian scum who are TOTALLY EVERY BIT AS GERMAN as anyone else in the volk?

Actually its like this:
Příjmy z kapitálového majetku (dle § 8 zákona o dani z příjmu), z pronájmu (dle § 9) nebo ostatní příjmy (dle § 10) tedy nepodléhají placení solidární daně.

You DONT pay solidarity taxes on capital gains, rent income or other income.
Crypto is under "other income" in Slovakia and Czechia.

Ever heard of AML/KYC you retard? You need to prove that you obtained the coins through a LEGAL way. How else are they going to tell if you didn't obtain your coins through drug traffic, weapons dealing or other illegal things? No serious bank will touch your money if you can't prove the source of it.

you are semi-correct
the truth is that there has been no court ruling yet and you *might* be able to get away with taxing it as a speculativfe asset and holding over 365 days. but that is simply because the german tax law is completely out of touch with reality.
but for the love of god please talk to a competent tax lawyer and ignore all the nonsense here on biz, even what I just said

Its under "z ostatních příjmů" (other income).

So who is spreading misinformation user?

So once again for any Hans - go to Czechia for at least half a year, then go to their tax office to confirm that you are a tax resident of Czechia, cash out to your czech bank account and pay 15% flat tax. Doesnt matter the amount.

Then you can send it back to your German account and return. No additional taxes.

>competent tax lawyer

I agree with that.

But the thing is, most of these Steuerberater and tax lawyers are fucking boomers that can barely operate a pc, let alone know about the cryptocurrencies. Make sure to go one of these media lawyers, they are more competent in cryptocurrencies/online trading.

>Crypto is under "other income" in Slovakia and Czechia.

big if true
I was told otherwise though and that it would be taxed as personal income
but Im assuming its the same situation as in Germany where simply nobody knows wtf it should be taxed as and a court will have to sort it out sooner or later

yeah fuck these boomers they will just waste your time and tell you to pay "muh fair share"

25% is still too much.

How the fuck do i escape this shit ?
Is there any EU country i can just open a bank account in that doesn't transmits any information to the German authorities ?

german fag here. not gonna pay a cent to this sandnigga feeding murgglbitch. even if it were not for my ideological contempt of the current state affairs, consider this:
I've put money into crypto that has already been subject to income tax. The gains I make come actually from other's people probably income taxed funds. Now I cash out, pay taxes on taxed funds. If i want to buy anything, I need to pay taxes again. What the fick is this. After all taxes you will have made like 20% gain of your PF gains. fuck you murggl

It is really true. I can translate you any Czech document if you want and help you with it.

There arent many options, it will either fall into "other income" or into "capital gains" income. In both cases its only 15 % and no other solidarity tax.

Because you're socialist pigs


Because you german motherfuckers are still thinking that you are responsible for Hitler. You are fucking not!

And we European now all have to pay taxes for the fucking politic of the fucking misses Merkel!

It's the same in Switzerland. 50% are paying taxes for the other 50% of "refugees" who take welfare. And the 50% who pay taxes are making 1,5 childs per women while the other 50% are making 10 childs per women!



well I stand corrected then
if thats true then CZ would be a great option indeed

10 grand and then what buy 2 used cadillacs and crash them together?

jaja, ueli, isch ja scho guet.

I want to do the same. But yesterday our finance minister had a press conference and told the press, that he wants to make a crypto tax that should be binding from the beginning of 2019. If it will make the overall taxation around 10-20%, then screw it and I will pay it. Anything higher than this and I am going to Czechia for half a year.

You're so fucking dumb holy shit, do you think you don't have to pay taxes in Canada or Australia? Also 50% of swiss population consists of refugees?

>german fag here. not gonna pay a cent
Yea, have fun in the JVA with turkish/kurding/russian gangs using you as their personal dildo.

>How the fuck do i escape this shit ?

Renounce your German citizenship and buy one from St Kitts and Navis for $250k. You will pay 0% tax and can travel to over 150 countries visa-free. You will also probably never be allowed to enter Germany again.

dont forget that they will even tax you on your pension and when you die lol