Is it gonna pump today?

Is it gonna pump today?

Yes, 50% by 14 hours

I have 5937.7 of fun. Good or bad?

my dick is so ready

Please be true, I just sold half of my LINK to go in on this.

no, look at its fucking mcap

its already overvalued as all fuck

I hope so, I just got back in after riding BAT

Same here. We will see if that’s enough

No btc is up

How did you even come to that conclusion?

Every Crypto is overvalued retard

Because it's nothing more than a complete joke of a coin, it has no right to be anywhere near this level and there is nothing to push it any higher


We'll talk again in a month.




if we break out of the top of the pennant, this will moon 25-50%


Obvi fudski, i hope everyone is putting everything they can into this while its still sub.25

FUN snek looking good

Do you also hold REQ? I think we have bright futures ahead of us.

If you were in when we were shilling a month ago you would have 4x already, be patient faggot, end of this month is going to be YUGE

i bought in at 8 cents kek, but i'm a poorfag and missed a shitton of moon missions because this was going sideways

Will definitly moon. One of the best and more undervalued coins imo


>buying pajeetcoins and not FUN


going all in on BBT aswell

currently hodling 20k. w-will i make it anons?

Looking forward to the weekend


BTC is testing 17k again, if it breaks it and runs you should be able to get some FUN on discount

It just keeps going down wtf


Just Hodl.

Sell now and buy it in an hour or so my friends



4k in FUN fucks, will I make it!?


b-but you said it would moon hours ago

Just sold all my FUN coins. Feeling good.

Bitshit is fucking it up again

its funcoin, it will moon just give it time


Sold at about 0.00001028. Made a 10-fold profit.

here come the FUDfair bots..

It's not time yet. Make gains elsewhere before the actual rise comes in a couple months when they start doing more public interaction with casinos.

Nope, next week.

You mean like ripple? This has a tenth of the total volume.