Is it likely for Chainlink to hit $10 this year? Discuss

Is it likely for Chainlink to hit $10 this year? Discuss.

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honestly I could see $10 within a few months

At this rate, yeah. But who knows... We could have another alt coin Holocaust like we did in the fall

Kek, we are probably see 10$ in couple months and 30-50$ EOY

i dont know if these faggots saying $10, $50, $100, are lying or not

$10 would make me rich
$50 would make me malibu rich

Chainlink is revolutionary as Bitcoin and Ethereum

DYOR and buy fast!

Nobody knows. Normies seem to love banks, so if the news finally breaks about SWIFT and they say something, game over.

Prob is I'm not sure its stopping at $10 on the next liftoff. We could see $10 this mo, and $100 on mainnet. EOY $300-$500 if the 'ripple killer' gets absorbed by the normies.

$10 end of month. Not joking. Screenshot this. See how much other shitcoins have mooned. See link’s chart.

when's the mainnet releasing? wasn't able to find a roadmap

>muh roadmap

when's the mainnet releasing? wasn't able to find a roadmap

>tfw been making fun of stinky linkies for most of 2017
>tfw almost cracked and bought $500 worth when it was in the shitter at 15 cents
>tfw I still dont know if its a legit moon mission or just an elaborate hoax to fuck over newfags

Good thing you didn't buy, I want you to buy my bags when you fomo at $25.


>works on any blockchain
>on any api, public or private
>PSD2 forcing banks to open their APIs happening right as mainnet goes live
>first mover advantage
>smart contracts are the most disruptive technology since the internet
>smart contracts literally can't work without it
>staking dividends via link pools
>close relationship with SWIFT
>sergey is a recognized expert in smart contracts
>quoted as an expert in world economic report on smart contracts back in 2015
>quoted as an expert in capgemini smart contracts report
>ethereum community manager: "They have been working on this problem since before Ethereum was even a thing and I believe they have the most experience tackling this problem"
>advised by Facebook technical director Evan Cheng; Zuckerberg meanwhile has expressed interest in integrating Facebook with blockchain tech. Facebook partnership in the works?
>partnered with zeppelin OS
>haven't even hired a marketing person yet--the team has done literally NOTHING to pump the price

stay poor :)

>people are this stupid
You do realize all the fudding was just linkies fucking around right? You have to be legitimately retarded to not he holding link.

>when's the mainnet releasing?
This year. No one knows when though.


Easily $10. m

I looked into it and think the idea of decentralized oracles is absolutely retarded and makes no sense whatsoever.
I dont doubt this project could hit a gazillion bucks tho, its the crypto market after all. But I tend to invest in projects I actually believe in so I dont sell at the first dip.

cheers mate. holding 4k LINK, waiting for ICX to fucking moon so I can dump my bags and load up on more LINK AHHHHHHHHHHHH

why retarded

how about you DYOR.

smart contracts are limited right now because they can't interact with external data sources. chainlink fixes that.

just read the whitepaper, or at the very least look at datadash's video

It's a good coin but way too overhyped by biz. 45 EOY

It is IMO a gimmick that serves no purpose and doesnt solve any existing problem.
I really dont wanna get into this discussion again as I spent hours arguing with linktards over it already. But there is not a single concrete use case where the idea of decentralized oracles solves a massive problem.

its the security and solving what otherwise is the weakest link in the chain


Yeah, increased market efficiency sure is dumb

>Is it likely for Chainlink to hit $10 this year?
Of course, I'm expecting it to go even more if everything goes as planned (it will).
With the current circulating supply that would only be $3.5 billion marketcap. That's nothing.
I'm thinking it can hit $30 EOY, depends on how many LINK they release into the circulation.

and again not a single linktard could name a real use case
like I said I had this discussion before and its been a real waste of time

Keep telling youself that, lol

>still no use case

who the fuck cares enough to tell you?

you're just trolling

see this is always how it goes. I ask for a use case and linktards just sperg out and call you names. like I said been there done that...

>its almost like there is no viable use case
>really makes you think

where can i get link other than binance?

there is no use case, dont buy link its just a memecoin

Every decentralised system needs an incentive token. Link is the token that incentivises decentralised oracles. Faggot

case in point

Still living rent free in your head

>calls us linktards
>bitches about being called names
>wants us to spoonfeed his ass

>its almost like user is a faggot
>really makes you think

>a decentralised new internet phenomenon that powers an entirely new field of human affairs
>no usecase

You don’t get it, it’s literally a new paradigm

Over $300 by july

>this year
you're setting that bar very, very low
I'd say by May at the absolute latest it'll be $10

>new internet phenomenon
>it’s literally a new paradigm
>but I cant name a single use case

stay poor

give it to me straight, all in on link or hold something else?

no use case sir, please don't buy

I hope you don't invest. If you can't see how smart contracts can save companies so much money through automating middlemen roles, and how LINK enables them to do so, you really do deserve to remain poor.

yea link is useless, and smart contracts are already mainstr... oh wait, the smart contract are lacking one thing, tamperproof data tranfers, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the single point of failure in centralized oracles right?

Given the examples of Ripple, Cardano, Tron then yeah sure why the fuck not.

10 max but it’s fair

>tfw I still dont know if its a legit moon mission or just an elaborate hoax to fuck over newfags

Fucking read the whitepaper and blog posts about it you fucking idiot.

You seriously fucked up and it will haunt you the rest of your life.

can someone please bump my LINK research thread?

I have 2.75 ETH on Binance ready to invest in some alts, tell me why I shouldn't put half of that into LINK right now?

unfortunately it was archived :(

take a look through it guys. also see pic related. this is the cover page of the bond agreement linked in the contract in i'm guessing BOA is Bank of America and norsk tillitsmann is a trustee provider

bond payments is what they were doing for SWIFT of course. this particular oracle contract was created march 2016 so it wouldnt have been for the sibos demo.

At 50 dollars I become a millionaire

Link is the best hodl of 2018