Where are my FUNchads?

Where are my FUNchads?


yeaaaahhhhh boiiiiiiii

Balls deep in my bro.
I'm taking courses on how to handle being a millionaire, shit's not easy.

All in on fun. Been pretty hardbreaking after seeing all the moon missions today but I know it'll be worth it in the end.

3% of my portfolio right now but I think I will regret it if I don't stack up more. FOMO

Only 3%? Are you a whale, or a bad investor?

I'm in 50%, while the rest is in $APPC. Feels fucking fantastic

Poorfag checking in. Just bought another 2k

>tfw amassed your fun months ago
>tried to get fellow anons in as best you could

lol if you're not holding >50k

Nah just didn't spend much that time on crypto (and alts) until recently. Still figuring shit out although I've made some good gains. But yeah gonna increase my FUN

20k FUN, doubt I'll be rich from it but fingers crossed.

I also have 20k. It's been torture holding this and seeing all the other moon missions pass bye.

True, I've got a few things on the go including SC so haven't missed a moon but FUN has some predictable highs and lows so I've been trading up and up whilst we're going sideways. Good luck user.

Hey FUN boys I'm sitting in ETH from a pump and dump of LINK should I come home?

I'm trying to buy more FUN on Chinance. I bought the dip last night and it's still pending.

Wait until at least Q2 of this year. This is a long term hold.

2k here. We will make it

yo, battlestation ready for the next pump. Let's have some FUN.



70k FUN reporting in

get in while its being held at 1000 sats



When will Bittrex allow withdrawals and deposits of fun? I don't like keeping my stack on the exchange


20k checking in

can someone make this a fun meme

>Not holding it on your exchange for xtra tension

>Sold FUN and bought APPC
>Immediately made %120 profit

Holy shit you pajeets are still holding on FUN? Dumb cunts will never learn. kek


To all the NO-funs out there..

You still have time to be part of something amazing. You're looking at a token with a REAL FUCKING USE CASE. Like, holy shit user. People will actually get to use FUN, AND it solves a real fucking problem? And it's going to solve that problem in a matter of a few months, and not in 2024? Yes, user. Yes.

FunFair is going to blow the fuck up. You haven't seen anything yet. This coin has flown so fucking far under the radar it isn't even funny. Until earlier this week, nobody fucking knew FUN even existed outside of Veeky Forums, where FUN-loyalists have been shilling it hard. We've been silent on reddit and elsewhere.

I'll repeat - nobody fucking knows FUN exists. We've been silently chilling at Rank 75 for like 6 months ... until very recently.

It isn't going to stop, user. The normies are only just starting to learn about us. The herd is fucking coming. And not just the crypto-tard investor herd, user. No no...

Fucking CASINOS user. Casinos are coming to buy DICKLOADS of FUN to bankroll their dank as fuck debaucherous casino games. You know that, in the end, the house always wins - right, user? Casinos are fucking profitable. On FunFair.. any dimwit can make a casino.

More casinos = more FUN taken out of circulation for bankrolls, causing price to go up.

More casinos = more players = more FUN being taken out of circulation to gamble with, causing price to go up.

More casinos & more players = more hype of FUN, causing speculators/investors to buy more FUN, taking it out of circulation and causing price to go up.

And not just crypto normies are going to be playing on FUN. The games are fucking amazing... go try them for yourself at funfair.io. You can demo EVERY FUCKING GAME --- RIGHT NOW. This isn't some shittier casino coin like edgeless or the other asshats. This is the real fucking deal.

Get. Fucking. Ready.

Fucking idiot.

Ahh yes, the Empire of the Fun

I'll give you 2/5 for this below-average propaganda.

It is actually popping off.

daily reminder that we have the BEST coin-tan

Also, funchan is for hugging, for for fugging


more fundom chan pls

Please mooooooon sooooooo. Holding strong.

Same senpai...money is tighter than a virgin right now, too. Got $100 coming to cuckbase in 7 fucking days, hoping to get more FUN with it. Thankfully still holding about 40k FUN right now.

When did fundom become a thing?


Im a 10k funlet because I only bought 2k when it was 0.05 $

But im still comfy

In 2020 we'll both be holding $100k+ when FUN is $10.

Any major drops from the FUN team production wise?


In January we will be submitting to the UK Gambling Commission our application for a Remote Gambling Software License.

In February we will be attending ICE Gaming, an international B2B conferencing event, where we will be introducing the FunFair brand to the gaming industry.

By the end of March V1 of the FunFair blockchain casino nears completion. This release will allow for real FUN to be used on the Main Ethereum Network for the first time.


Operator On-Boarding: Deploying the FunFair casino in partnership with a friendly operator; objective: learn, adapt & iterate the technology as part of a soft launch.

Further product enhancements and features will continue to be worked on and, as we scale, we expect to introduce more regular product releases.

Engaging with 3rd party game developers, publishing API documentation and sample games and contracts.


Product feature enhancements and further operator on-boarding. Comprehensive operator reporting and administration tools.

I will never not participate in FUN memeing. Shits cash my dudes

50001 here.

FUN has the best memes

Got like 400k of this shitcoin. About $60k in this...

It's been idling around 0.000001000 for the last week. When are we going to the moon?


Atleast it doesnt crash when bitshit decides to moon again

1000 sats for the last 2 days*

It actually went 2x this past week, going to again this week. Just sit back and enjoy the memes


Let's have some FUN user


i posted this in a couple past threads and got no responses

tried the demo and wasn't impressed, very laggy and slow to load and i wasn't even on the blockchain

i only played baccarat but still felt it could be improved a lot

i'm a degenerate gambler and pc nerd they should hire me as an advisor i could fix up this shit real good

anyways i feel this has a long way to go before becoming operational

What percentage return are we talkin' till, say, 3rd week in Feb.?


>tried the demo and wasn't impressed, very laggy and slow to load and i wasn't even on the blockchain
Enable hardware acceleration nigger


Ran fine in my browser. Don't even have impressive hardware specs





What happens when there isn't enough FUN in circulation anymore?


Hey Funcoin see you at Upcoin exchange.
Guys sign up now if you want NO FEES while trading.

Thanks to cryptodealer.io I'm fuckin rich

we all get really really rich

when $FUN hits $5 im selling my 13k bag and goin all in on GPU mining rigs

I sol to buy ripple and le plebbit coins. Both hit the moon. GG pleb.

Scarcity principle.


I'm only a 17k Funlet, planning on getting a total of 30k soon tho

>Reporting in




should i add .12 btc to my 22kfun or buy xlm, or split it 50/50

OC fellas

We truly have the best memes


Just bolstered my FUN
2.5K here,

4k here. what's the timeline for growth? 1 month, 6 months, 1 year? predictions?



1 month



1-2 months, I posted some info above.




thanks. i just bought in after getting completely fucked by tron like an idiot. looking to make some gains that i can then split off into xlm, but also don't want to completely miss xlm from going over a dollar.

Now for some price predictions.

also, just the submission of the application this month should be worth a boost...unless they already did that.

13 k funlet here. need this to moon

>100 dollars

at 2186 coins, thats enough to get me a house, but even then I still may hodl for a while longer

Don't get too greedy dude...

Predicting 50 cents by end of the week

10k funlet reporting

you should look into how market cap works