She Always Dissapoint, Isn't She?

Why you are keep enabling her, user? Please don't tell me that's how women treat you outside of Veeky Forums

Some of us can hold our coins like our load, user.

lol, im happy with my 20% gain. More announcement to come already next week.

>hits 1.9mil sats when Im asleep
>tanks instantly

What is life. I just wanna dump these fucking bags and get some more brains

>More announcement to come already next week.
Probably EOY 2018, user

that's litecoin.
Now it is sideway for another month. Just dump it now

The most used coin gets ab upgrade, was already faster and cheaper to transfer than bcash and eth, This is the true payment coin.


Shill me about BRAIN, user. I sold my LTC bags for DCN and STORM. Life has been fantastic since then


>based Charlie Lee would never shill the coin for his own gain
>was always realistic to people, even telling them all crypto could drop 90% so be responsible
>people bitched and complained but it was very necessary for him to be shown as trustworthy
>finally sells after 6 years so he can finally shill his coin
>little bit of FUD but maintains $250 (5x gain from $50)
>now people are over the fact he sold, nothing really changed
>Charlie is HARDCORE shilling the coin and there is nothing people can complain about because he is not doing it for his own gain

Don't bother with Veeky Forums They only buy when high and sell when low. look at zclassic. Come back when it hits all time high next week, if it can be suppressed for that long


If it is that good, it tanks? It feels like LTC is the chump change of crypto

LTC is the coin you can actually use.

As a medium to transfer from one exchange to another. That's it

Exactly, its the best payment coin.

That's like saying Western Union is the best financial company out there, just because people use it frequently to transfer money.


if western union was faster and had lower fees than others yes.


>is consolidating all day, doesn't crash despite BTC going up

Are you autistic?

pssst, there are still whales accumulating. let bitcoin fly a bit before hitting the drums for the chicken hunt

/sigh ltc crash soon

Nah, only Schizoaffective

>EMA12 days (downward trend 12 days ago)
>EMA 26 days (massive upward trend 26 days ago)

December 11th repeat. Obvious mooning imminent.

The fuck? This coin is the FASTEST and MOST USED of any crypto currency. Litecoin is doing amazing. It transacts more volume daily then it's entire marketcap, pretty amazing desu.

Protip: use gives something value
nothing else

Throwing millions worth of tether, bitcoin and etherum does also gives shitcoins value

So Brain is Neo's bitch? I don't really buy partnership with big company though. That's IOTA and ICX devs have been shilling about. I prefer the people from these big companies be part of dev team

Its amazing brainlet. Fees for LTC will be even lower and more people will use it. LTC is already the choice of crypto to send around things, Charly Lee is doing an amazing choice. He knows USE IS IMPORTANT. Not price, the price will follow.

If usability is directly tied to price, that's the case but it isn't. Aren't we here for a spot in lamboland?


If shops start accept LTC because BTC is shit slow with high fees and Lightning also costs them fees with (((hubs))) while LTC is like 0.005$ to accept you are fucking stupid not see the potential in this. Except for the privacy issue LTC is the best crypto right next to Monero atm, NOT BTC.

But is dumb fuck, try buying car with metal bars. Everybody will laugh at you even though they are worth something. I am here for two things:
- Financial independance
- Gainz

>tfw bought in at 85 dollars
Why can't I hold all these gains. Now I'm just gonna wait for it to hit 500 and I'm dump these coins into something else, maybe an unknown amount of monero.

Doge is cheaper and damn fast.
With litecoin, I'm well aware about the immanent moon and loaded up some coins at 220, but as long as btc is number one and the one coin that gets used by legacy financial speculators as reference for their products, it will all be about getting as much bitcoin as possible without moving the bitcoin market too much. Litecoin and doge are no different in this regard. xmr, other story, still it is affected by this

Yeah, only time ive used ltc for anything than transfering to exchange was to buy something on Steam.

But if we chase the pump and dumps of the week and noone is holding, wont we burn up the crypto bubble ?

LTC is a genuinely useful crypto with a strong future but it isn't gonna moon like some of the other useless shitcoins

Nor will it crash and burn into an heap of diarrhea ash like other coins either.

>burn up the crypto bubble
I don't think there is a rule that says bubble will burst if it exceed certain market cap


>up 180% in a month

Fucking how?

Don't why i'm all sentimental about this coin...

I hold my bags stoically.

>try buying car with metal bar
I'll you my car for 1 kg gold bar

Probably because it's been good to you, and it's so not-imposing.

It has a serious cult following for some reason.

Other than bitcoin, which big coins fail to beat its ATH price lately?