I need some gains

I've got 1K€ to invest. What should I buy on Binance to get mad gains and a few lambos?

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Right now? Either AION or TNB
Hold until tomorrow and make this same thread asking what to do with 2k €

BZC's platform is finished, it's like one of the only 20 crypto's that has a finished platform.
Go buy your "We promise it'll be done by 2025" coin.

>shilling mooned shitcoins
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They didnt moon
Pajeet teeka reccomended to buy AION up to 10$ so expect at least 20$ soon
And TNB didnt moon

He is buying on Binance. Everything has already mooned on Binance. FUN and REQ still have insane growth potential though.

Nice dubbed digits but nah
FUN and TNB have more moonroom than REQ

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just get on cryptopia and buy UFR already

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