How is ICX not $25 a pop right now?

The Koreans are going to pump the shit out of this once it hits Bithump.

koreans can trade on binance already, icx isn't going to go up that much

>icx isn't going to go up that much

Screencapped to my collage.

True, but they will be able to buy it directly with fiat once it hits Bitumb and Coinone. It's gonna get some kind of bump.

Did I really just read that, Koreans want the KRW pairing fool, not pay premium prices on BTC.

I guarantee it'll be at least $35 before feb

*breathes in*


>pay 20k for 15k worth of btc
>33% premium just to get in the game
>buy 15k worth of btc with KRW
>1% premium to get in the game
huh i wonder

haha, you clown.Pink wojacks for you very soon

Can't tip you when you finally post that

Currently have 90% of my portfolio in this shit. Considering selling my long term monero hold just to go 100% in for the next 2 months or so



>SCREENCAP THIS or may you forever see red portfolio!!!!!!!!!!!!

ICX is a gem, you will miss out on riskier moon missions but it will be a reliable gainer in the coming months

Yup, I am generally not a fan of high risk - high reward, but I have quite a lot of faith in the ICX project. So stoked to see what the future has in store for this lovely team.

I have a few spare ETH to put in a coin.

Is ICX at this point still a decent choice?
If you don't give me an honest answer you're a pajeet

When is the integration supposed to happen?

Yes, I went in at 2$ and still just doubled my holdings in the 7s. This is going to be big, look for stuff coming at the end of the month.... hint... very tall buildings....

Don't worry OP, won't be long

its going to do what Neo did but 10x better and with less FUD, Neo relies heavy on the Chink Gov, Koreans love Crypto and they are loyal to their own. This Coin with out doubt will hit $50 mid to end of the year if not higher

its going to be 50 dollars in feb,Middle of the year it will be challenging eth at the 300 dollar range.

The BTC surge is keeping it down. It will hit $15 by the EOTM though.

Why do you think this?

Holy fuck should I buy in now?

should have bought in probably 5 min ago when it went down. If you still want in just watch the StochRSI (15-30min) and buy when it's under 20, and probably below $7.50.

Regardless, if I buy in right now will I be making mad profits by Feb?

Thats like saying is the Sun going to rise in the morning user.

If someone tell you yes and is 100% certain they are lying about being sure, if someone tells you no and are 100% certain they are lying also. Read up on the coin, compare it to other coins with the same circulating supply, to other coins with the same purpose, find out if anything big is going to happen with it. Basically no one knows, if they try to force you either way they are doing it for their own gain.

This, you don't know any of us or out intents, you just want to hear what you want.

because its better than eth.Literally.The world exposure it will get in the coming month will be insane.Wont be long before people realise its a better solution all round.

This is a sensible prediction. People throwing out 30+$ are disillusioned.

I have 5000 of these fuckers so I'll be happy to be proven wrong.

What is disillusioned at $30?

Yeah, I don’t get the $50 by February predictions. It’s too steady for that kind of growth. $12-$15 by the end of January/beginning of February would be fine by me.

thanks for posting this.

Too quick of a growth. It probably won’t hit $30 until late March or April.

lol, its up 76x since ico 2 months ago, how is that steady?Its going to $50 minimum in feb.

Brainlet. kek

Multi billion dollar coins are going 3x at the drop of a hat in a few days.Stop applying what was last month and before to this new market.All the old rules need to be thrown out.

I agree with maybe 15 bucks by end of jan with mainnet release and the annual summit hype.

But after this shit hits Korean exchanges starting in february all bets are truly off.

Too quick of a growth? Have you missed the last month of crypto?

Look at Ripple
Look at Cardano
Look at TRX
Look at Stellar
Look at EOS
Look at QTUM

Do you want more? All this coin needs is more exchange exposure, especially KRW pairing on kr exchanges. And then this will be a 10B project in under 1 month.

Based honest lad

I hope you guys are right. I just like to keep my predictions conservative so I’m not let down.