Missed NEO? Missed IOTA?

Here is the chinese IOTA guys, not even on Binance yet

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lambo when?
been holding for 3 days and still no moon
is this shitcoin broken or what

Tell me more

Just fucking wait, this is a guaranteed 10x by mid feb

There was a transaction made to binance. Probably listing soon, it will go parabolic from there. Only available on chink exchanges from now.

Bought it and pulled my shit out before the Chinese could tell I was American. Next XRB moon

The ceo confirmed it was a personal transaction.
Try actually doing some research.

I like the logo and all but this coin really has been pretty dead
not sure how long I can hold these bags

And thus I bestow upon you the portfolio of the gods

Look at the roadmap for this shitcoin you fucking morons. Anyone who invests in this project is a dumbass. They have 3 team members and haven't done a damn thing.

This will moon hard. Holding and waiting with a big smile on my face! This will take us all to lambo land anons.

It is even breaking out atm. 8 dollar in 12 hours. Screencap this.

What country was your # from? Still cant get mine out

For sucking his dick? or to pay for listing fee. Chinks will be chinks, they are not to be trusted.

Rofl dead? It literally more than doubled since i bought 3 days ago. It hit 9.20 in the meantime.

I got the feeling that the Internet of Things in China will be dominated by Walton. They got everything. Huge team, backed by the government, partnership, patent. You can do whatever the fuck you want with their RFID and blockchain, data, waste management, pollution, smart cities and more.

But I am going to look at IoT chain too, it can be a easy gain

if your'e us, select canada for phone because they're both +1 and it works

The us. I put I was Canadian and got the 2fa email and text Authentication put in. I used my US phone number since Canada uses the same national +1 number

did you upload a picture id?

this. okex is fucking in half chinese even if you pick english. reddit don't know about this coin

Undervalued as shit. Get it from Huobi before it hits Western exchanges and moons to 5 billion market cap.

Will be listed on Binance. Confirmation: etherscan.io/token/0x5e6b6d9abad9093fdc861ea1600eba1b355cd940?a=0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be

Ramping up Western marketing. Shilled on Huffington Post:

IBM partnership (24 min mark interview with CEO):

"IOTA of China" -- maximum shillability:

DAG is being added to the mainnet and nodes next week:

IoT Chain in action (faster than RaiBlocks):

Dag was confirmed to be released next week on the mainnet and all nodes.
Binance is already paid for, so I assume theyre just waiting to do the update before they go ahead with listing it there.

30x from here would make me really, really comfy arhhhh

This is like Antshares at 1$

this will literally go parabolic