I'm tired of this shit, all these moon missions because of normies who just buy what's pumping.

Chose to follow the latest trends in technology and a solid team/whitepaper.
DBC simply cannot fail, it's also the first ICO of NEO, I think they would never let their first ICO fail.

Will probably rise and drop a few times but at the end of this month I will be watching the NEO conference in the Bahama's while getting drunk as fuck

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RPX is the first NEO ICO you normie pleb.

DBCommander reporting in!

Ok then take that out of my speech but doesn't change the fact that this is a solid moonmission

clearly pump and dumb!



I can smell the curry

When you link something make sure you read it first, the poster defines in his edit that there is indeed value and that he misunderstood their idea. In the comments there are some other statements in defence of DBC that make a lot of sense.

He states that there is value, but it is far from what is advertised.

I am stating that you are a faggot sir and I am holding until 2019. I am so far in the green I will never lose my principle.

When this shit will drop.
It's already 0.30$ and it can't just go higher and higher to the moon forever

you must be new here

>there are people on this board who actually invest because it has a future
that might've worked before the normies

>Being this fucking retarded
It's a brand new coin and it's already 30 cents. Big NEO conference and Huobi listing before end of month. Stop FUDding pajeet.

yes i'm newfag if it comes in to biz.

could you enlighten me?

lurk more

enlightenment is a jewish scam

Has anyone sent their DBC to a Nano Ledger? I want to, but I'm scared.

If this baby hits binance, you're gonna see some serious shit.

I have yes. Works fine. Even tested it first, costed me 3 DBC in total tho :(

009 Neon Wallet update supports NEO tokens

Ok, I'll do it tonight and test it first. I like that the withdrawal fee is only 1 DBC.

So at what price do you brainlets plan to pull out?

when I can trade 10k DBC for 100 NEO i'm taking it.

Not buying DBC right now is utter nonsense. Really. And that comes from a man who bought XVG at 0.20, so I know what is utter nonsense when I come across it.

It HAS to rise if you DYOR, It HAS. How can you keep fudding on something that will continue rising at least to 1$ when it HAS to.
It might not be what we expected in the long term, but in the short and mid term you are a completely delusional and masochistic moron if you don't allow yourself to invest in something WORTH IT.
Let's say that you are right fudders, the working product is shit and competition is gonna crash this coin. Do we fucking care? It is an irrationnal market where people buy hype and not products. And DBC is full of hype for the next months.

>Be normie
>See chinese AI coin
>See Beijing wants to create an AI park
>buy this fucking coin

Here is what the market is.

Plus it is backed by Neo, the coin that would be the safest bet for 2018.

I'll pull out when it hits $5 next week. Will be enough to retire on. No need to be greedy.


This the coin that made me open an offshore account in Belize.

98k will I make it?

DBC sergeant reporting for duty. we about to deep brain chain this bitch

>completely exiting your posistion

It will hit Binance. KuCoin has been growing exponentially fast and Binance is scared of losing the top spot.

Details please

Yes but try to find a way for cashing out the massive amount of money you are going to earn

you'll be a millionaire by EOY

>pic is current BRAING GANG member
>you, a non DBC hodler, struggles to lift our big brains

Open to suggestions? Should I just pay taxes like a cuck?


Honestly, buy gold with Monero/XSPEC and cash out the gold for no gains/losses. You do not have to pay capital gains taxes on gold if you do not sell for a profit :)

Open an offshore account in Belize. That sounds complicated but it takes 2 days, its cheap and totally private.
I used to buy gold coins, it is a good alternative but offshore account is way more convenient.

Too bad it's vaporware
That's how it can fail....

no cap gains on gold eh?

Won't they be like where'd you get the gold user?

Fuck off back to the sweatshop pajeet. You got a 27 hour shift coming up

dont gold shops require ID?

Tell them you bought it? Private sale? There is no sales tax on buying gold (depends on state though).

Seems shady is there a 4 Chan sticky for money laundering? Newfag here

Are you speaking from experience?

Can you then transfer the money from the Belize account to the [insert kike-controlled country here] account without problems?

Buy bazingacoin.

Deep brainlet is one of the shittiest pajeet tier coins, it just combines two keywords, blockchain and AI, to attract more brainlets.

Online ones that accept Bitcoin/cryptos don't AFAIK
>scroll down to BTC, max payment of $250,000

I don't support those illegal money laundering activities. This is all hypothetical situation.

Reminder on how big DBC is going to be

Who cares as long as it makes me money

Gday cobba, fellow brain gang members.

I care about my karma, I won't sleep well if I steal some brainlet money.

Sell my measly 29 MIOTA for ETH and buy DBC?

BRAIN GANG COBBAS!!! I just got back from work and took a shower and got some food and ready to workout while I spend time with my family and my BRAIN GANG FAMILY!

BRAIN GANG UNITE!! We are known for our gigantic intellect I have heard tales of BRAIN GANG members so smart their thoughts must be kept for all of man kind bwahaha

Yep they have to at this point my BRAIN GANG FRIEND!



I have 3400 and dont need to be greedy too such a good person you are. I just want enough for my family and I to never struggle.


By the way my BRAIN GANG I am gonna make an email so I can keep in touch with some of ya! So let me get that up and running and I will let yall know :D


I was in at 8 cents, and left
Wish i stayed in , but this is a shitcoin that will be recognized as such soon enough

Yes. Sold my 245 iota two nights ago... Not regretting. Bought DBC as well.

Agreed a few said they want to send me coins to help me since I have done so much for DBC and the BRAIN GANG and others said lol pull out when you get them.

I could never let down the good people I have met in these threads even if I got tons of coins from people. I wouldnt because being a good person with a good soul is better than being a person that is rich by screwing over good people.

I honestly believe you wont regret it my friend and the BRAIN GANG awaits you stand and hold the line with us!!

If Tron can get to 10 billion, this one can easily get to 3 billion. That's 12x. Easy.

Pic related it's the first moon mission of DBC.


lol stay mad

Welcome to the BRAIN GANG FAMILY my friend!


Awesome images haha got me smiling friends!!

Bout to have some Kava Tea before working out with the family to stay healthy for them. Getting my email going soonish.

Don't worry you'll be buying in at $1 after the NEO conference.

So I buy the gold with crypto then sell it back to them for greenbacks won't irs be like how'd you get all this gold?

never, if i bought in first day at 8 cents and sold at 20 cents

I will never buy in again, it is too late in the game. I don't care if it goes to $20

I can just sit and hope you guys crash on the brainlet ship : )

>wish i stayed
>is a shitcoin now

LMAOOOOO stay poor faggot

For all they know you could have found a literal goldmine in your backyard.

theyre really trying to cope this hard.

Man idk, talk to a lawyer & get an offshore belize account

Thats not a good thing to think my friend I hope we all make it I dont want any of you to crash because life and sturggles and depression is hard.

1 Dollar maybe before then some say my BRAIN GANG COMFY FRIEND!

I believe you would have to pay the capital gains tax on it if you "found it"

Thanks (((Uncle Sam)))

I refuse to even learn about it because I hate BBT that much

But I should probably get a vpn before I start googling it right?

$5 next week and I´ll donate $5k to animal shelter.

Wouldnt that be amazing! :D

It is hard for some people with regrets they can torment a mind. I hope we all make it so we never need regrets about monetary things.

I'm wine drunk but I'll match that

Me and my family help like 5-7 shelters here. Some company charged them to haul the donated dog food 400 dollars a trip do you believe that?

So we took our hauling van and said we would do it for free and we have since for 8 years even when we had hard times. Good people stay good in hard times, who charges 400 dollars against animal shelters man!

Good on youf or being a beautiful person!

I like you.


I'm wine drunk but I'll match that

I love you too my friend peace love and happiness to you your family and the world! May your days be as good as good can be!

same if they take eth

Not this fucking trip again.

I cant match that at the moment just 3400 coins right now but I can tell you the shelters we work with here in Missouri always need help. We have went and helped them with their dog pinns and shelters and donated chain link fences and such, they are always in need of help, make sure its a small one that needs it.

How in the hell are you guys saying it'll hit $5?

"> it's also the first ICO of NEO"

I have been in almost every DBC thread their has been I have created 20+ memes, posted 100s of food images and times to hype my BRAIN GANG FAMILY.

I am going no where and holding the line with you all even if ya hate me I want yall to make it. Sorry if I annoy you but people asked me to get my trip going to know its me.

how to mine this coin

First ICO of neo which is gaining huge ground. AI based stuff in China and they love AI and the government is investing heavily in it etc.

here is an image that a BRAIN GANG membr created to help understand.

They say mining wont be till late 2018 I think it is. BRAIN GANG AWAITS!

Improved version.

Was starting to get nervous since I hadn't seen it shilled lately

Momentum is already crazy and it hasn't even hit a single moon milestone yet

I have been in every thread hyping my BRAIN GANG just come into our threads any time and let us help you stop worrying


peace love and happiness to you!

which is better than 99% of cryptos


It looks interesting, but it makes me nervous that this is being shilled so God damned hard.
>one shitty exchange