so far im rolling with


what else?

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wait till jan 15, get SHIP. This is a legit coin that will revolutionize the shipping industry.

yep but for now ? :)

they only have old HAT, dont buy until they start selling new hat. check btc talk for more info

hahahaha, not holding PFR

Ditch kin and hat

Maybe sophiatx and tau.
Top tier picks


whats that?


Pretty much PFR, BBT, and CRED are all being held back because of whales on a single exchange. They will all explode on listing.

Nimfamoney is the out there pick. Literally everyone will tell you its a scam. They also told me PFR was a scam when I bought in at 2cents lol.

Its not even listed on CMC atm so its 100% under the radar.

shipchain, look it up. This shit has REAL INDUSTRY SUPPORT. Fucking purdue and DHL is on this, its basically guaranteed to 10x if not more


Thanks. Token sale ended. What next? It will be on exchanges?

Both PRL and KiN good

are they going to decentralize the ocean?

tau right now

I got...

I got KIN, KIN, KIN and a bit of KIN on the side


kin is dumping right now

etherdelta not wokring for me, anone elase?

This. Everybody’s literally just missed another moon mission look at the chart from last 24hr

where do you see that?

Lol. I'll let you tards in on a little secret. DOM. Its brand new. Domain Token is going to explode in 2018 and 2019. They are meeting with the heads of ICANN, and launching their own blockchain soon.

CanYa, listed monday on Kucoin.
It's not even listed on ed or cmc


and yes ed is fucked setting gas at 70 baaaaa it goes sometimes

get PAC, really.. thank me later

TAU hasn't hit any big exchanges yet



where do you buy that?

On the link at the end of my post

You really think a coin with a 750 BILLION supply is gonna go anywhere?


not on ED

They'll make it so that NK can buy Russian oil without detection.

LAMDEN TAU, it isn't listed but just put in the address on ED or search it on EtherScan

100k in




>he doesn't know about NK
Sorry, we're going to start some really nice rocket moon missions soon. Don't get blown away by our gains. Keep looking for it.

MyWish is at steal right now on ED, buy dat dip

oh come on . just tell me

You're not actually retarded right?

>Sorry, we're going to start some really nice rocket moon missions soon


PRIX is going to 100m mcap within the month easily

I havent been able to load a page for like a day. Sucks because i can't check TAU prices any other way, also CanYa looks like a good buy but i can't load that either without it loading PPT for some reason.

fuck off linker
this thread is for men


Its cheap enough that it would moon just on price alone, but its a great project and its going to go absolutely supersonic once it gets listed on more than ED.

CTT. I've been shilling this in every ED thread. Look more into ChainTrade. I have a strong feeling this will be a multi-billion dollar coin someday.

this if u like dragon kind of moon.

I have HAT, BBT and Lamden TAU at the minute. Hoping for another Snovio (40x) and TRX (63x).

There are lots more I'm interested in but I can't split funds too much.

Bloom Protocol

PFR and TAU are both low market cap rockets

havent we decided this is a scam coin ?

Can someone link what discord group is clearly shiling tau?

nope, this is legit. pretty soon this is cmc first page. join their tg if u want to know more about them. very cool proj. potential 100x-150x by march/april

How do you buy Lamden Tau from etherdelta? I cannot find it there.

Same here dude, 18 million market cap currently and a team full of rockstars. Shit is going to the moon.

no tau on ED
From the ico page?

nigga, they not even exchange outside ed. lamden not needed shills.


or ED


get it from ed if u like it . dex had very little volume .

prl was shilled here 3 weeks ago when it was 3ct, why you fall for this meme, they just want to dump their bags. i saw the thread and looked it on ED, the market capitaisation was around 300k, and more then the half was on sell by the devs, if you fall for this coin, you literally should kys

Here you go.


why the don't pay them just in monero?
so useless coin

sure pajeet

how do i buy this?

When buying on ED I use Metamask and set gas to 30. Seems to do the job. Still shit though.

stay poor retard.

just bought NTWK AND BBT stay poor


Link to EtherDelta excahnge. Make sure to leave .02-.04 ETH in your meta mask wallet or you will be stuck. Get in and get with your orders. Use Etherscan to find the Lamden Tau token wallet. You can store it on your metamask wallet that way.

Tip if ya want lel

You're underestimating normies. Look at ripple.


NIMFA. It will pop in 7 days. Its market cap is < 1 700 thousand.

30-40 works for me every time so far. but im wondering if its going to keep increasing at the rate of these stupid dapp games.

Kin is like 40% cheaper on ED than Mercatox. What gives?

7 million kin bag too lazy to figure how to dump it am I gonna make it?

Anyone else's deposits taking forever?

BBT is pumping as we speak boys. Get in

Wish is a great token. It'll easily reach >100m. in a few months.

in it :D


ETH is clogged up, so ED is suffering from it.
Anything I bought a few hours ago keeps failing to go through

how do we know market cap, milestones?

Tau is the best thing rn. Good devs that sacrificed their tokens to protect us. price rose after the issue resolved INSTANTLY.
we are at the stage in crypto where projects that do not provide value at the corporate level will die

watching this thread

I thought TAU was junk

nope. biz is just accumulating. prepare your wojacks if you dont jump in. i got 6k

People are scared of ED.

I used bancor platform and worked well. You can get instant eth.

fucking this. niggers: "small coin? HOLY SHIT THIS COULD GO 10000000000000000000x"

There are two kinds of people, the ones that buy because the price is too low, and the ones who buy because they know other buy because low prices.

We'll be profiting a lot very soon.

DOM is about to go 300x this year.

I'm literally buying coins with high supply because they look cheaper to normies.

It will go on etherdelta on the 15th. Buy then, any price under 2 dollars will be good

Shill me

market cap ?

holy shit this is actually good

CRED. Still a good bet


>you too fat

Went in on PFR

What do people see in PRL? The team consists of three self-taught programmers. I've quickly scanned through their code and it looks really messy. Tons of temporary, commented code with no explanation, really doesn't seem professional

Quads confirmed too fat.