I believe now is the time to buy?

I believe now is the time to buy?

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TRX CEO just sold his fucking coins. What do you think?

Correct. Justin has an announcement next week with five partnerships. When that happens, TRX will go to a new ATH

the whales thank all of you newfags who will fall for this fud

Except it was a ruse which has just been debunked.

0/10 FUD


proven FUD fool


don't listen to the fudding retard, buy the dip it's going to moon to 10$.

where did you hear this senpai?

why do you retards keep thinking he will pull out in an exit scam. People are forgetting who Justin Sun. This nigga will be more successful than 99.99% of people in this world and why should he ruin himself by scamming a bunch of holders and screwing over his partnerships. Think how high profile this guy is

He said it on stream you can check his twitter or somewhere else. He is under contract not to share the 5 nasdaq partnerships and EVEN THOUGH he stated this, bumbling retards panic sold and tumbled the price down as perusual

I’m comfy holding 250K good luck to to ya’ll

Go back to Twitter, nigger

crypto is full of dis/misinformation, I guess technically it's possible he could take the money and run but considering how young justin is it seems like a poor time to burn every possible bridge in the business world

Newfag here, wouldn't going to $10 be impossible because that would bring its market cap to 1Trillion?


don't listen to hodl moon retards, expect reasonable gains and nothing more

no this is fake news, market cap have nothing to do with this, if people start selling tron at 10$ it will be 10$.
also, it's internet 4.0.

Do you think he’ll ruin his own reputation by doing that? People work hard as fuck to get where they get to and he’s still young so think with logic and sense he won’t do that

is this the one where he said some weird shit about "cuckold talk"?

Holding 90k at $.01. Will be fun to see how high he can hype it in a couple of weeks.

Market cap isn’t a good way to measure the future price. Supply and Demand is what will bring it to that regardless of market cap

Market cap is literally a measure of supply and demand. Lurk more.

It is possible long-term. The crypto market is still don't compared to many other asset markets. Even if you assume that the market is completely overvalued and in a bubble, it's still so small that it could easily multiply a few times in total market cap. If its not a bubble and we actually see mass adoption of blockchain soon, 1tr+ market cap for the big coins is entirely possible. Couldn't say anything about whether it's likely or not.

why do you retards keep thinking he will pull out in an exit scam. People are forgetting who Justin Sun. This nigga will be more successful than 99.99% of people in this world and why should he ruin himself by scamming a bunch of holders and screwing over his partnerships. Think how high profile this guy is

You misunderstood amigo


yup. only reason the price is down is because of literal fake news

>is still don’t

look justin is in the thread


be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful - Warren Buffett

I will follow this quote till the day I die literally I’ve made a hundred thousands dollars in the past 6 years of trading commodities, securities and forex and with coins it’s basically the same logic but way more money

People are fearful of TRX now?

it's been diving for days, but the volume is so high it's hard to tell what the hell is going to happen.

Psychology is kicking in hard now kek th selling volume has decreased the only ones that are selling are the ones that got scared from fud you guys are about to get rekt whoever sold

Just went all in let's see how this goes

IT means if you’re a holder you’re feeling scared cause others are being greedy so while they’re being the smart traders start going in greedy buying more creating fear for the ones that sold
In other words buy low sell high and sell high buy low - I know the sell high buy low is a “meme” but it’s really not just think really hard about it and it’ll make sense.

it's clearly on a critical downtrend right now, it's not going to rebound, or if it does it's going to dead cat bounce and go even lower.

You mean like this one?

I'm ready.

each to own I guess. I’ve been trading for a few years now and I’ve seen these same little signs the only thing that makes it easier is being able to see order books which I love and I see Tron going sideways for a little but overall patience wins the game so I’m not in a rush.

buying another $500 when my eth transaction goes through, anyone selling before feburary is a fool


What in the living hell is it's purpose? Seriously, why are Westerners so into this one?

Dude what's wrong with you don't you realize that 50 billion people will be using tron in 2018?

yeah now wait until everybody start cutting their loss now it's going back up and it's going to drop like hell.

This hat literally never happened in 7 years.

The FUD was proven BS. Buy and hodl long term. This is a multi-year hodl user. Good time to buy right now, I got in at $0.04 I think TRX has a potential of $100+ in 2022

oh yeah? verge much?

yup, 0.50$ in 2 weeks.

It will be 1 Tronillion

I'm do dumb I went all in at $.22, I liquidated 4 ETH, and overnight ETH pumped and TRON crashed.


literally the best spot to buy in or you’re getting rekt

How is this not the most obvious, scummiest piece of shit on the planet?

>TRX has a potential of $100+ in 2022

lmao you're fucking retarded, nigger

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This is literally a scam. Read the white paper. Its complete nonsense.

The curve I posted was bitcoin, I thought that was obvious. If you were referring to BTC, what you described just never happened. And I don't think tron' s price action is at all comparable to that of verge.


Explain. There is literally no product. "Justin is working on promoting Tron first, and working on the product later." Vaporware bullshit from an already-obviously dishonest shit head who clearly only learned English by watching infomercials.

lol ok boss. we'll see how things play out. TRX, XRP, GNT are all going to be amazing long holds.

This. Seriously, it's embarrassing. Tron will be a bane of crypto in general. The damage done when billions evaporate will be legendary and will fuck everything up.

You're wrong, I'm sorry but very little of any of us know about him or his crypto in China. He has to personal connection with Jack Ma either. His parents do work for government but this will not endorse his crypto for Chinese people.

100M people already using the product with extremely basic trunk. open source, will be developed by hundreds of thousands of gooks. he won't even have to pay for development, it'll crowd source because devs who hold it will want to develop it.

What 100M people? You harshly insult us then attempt to speak for us? What wrong with you? Why?

>What 100M people?

I too would love to know the answer to this.

Whatever, TRON is cancer. Good luck with it. I sold at Break Even (thankfully) the second I realized I was holding a bag of bull anuses.

100 shekels gained from tron since posting this thread

looks like were moving




its time

Building support at 1k looks like we're going up boys

this is the type of person who is all in on tron

i have 4.5k tronics dont let me down chinamen

Are you trying to FUD or induce fomo?


Remember when people said this about Bitcoin? $100 was literally impossible, $1000 was fucking retard talk

Fuck, even 1cent Doge was a laughable goal at one point

get ready for moon mission boyos *puts on shades*

I dont understand how people think thisbis a scam coin. Have you guys seen the team or forgot all of Justin's achievements? Keep dumping bitch handed bois

Go back to being poor, brainlet

No you're an idiot

I’m hoenstly loving this dump dude is a successful entrepreneur and people think he’s going to fail is hilarious

I’ve 2K so far in the last day’s dumps it’s beautiful


I did, it's just cloud storage that self heals and claims use of super computer resistant algo (Lampart) for encryption..

first thing I’m buying is an orange BMW M2 huge upgrade from my Mini Cooper

don’t be miss out on an easy flip

Reddit fag turns up as per to spread his FUD.

It's only at $.16, there's still plenty of time for you to hop aboard

Buy walls coming in, back over 1k.
Confident it won't close under 1 now.

oh god why that car

dude it’s a beautiful car it’s small it’s lightweight and it’s motor is a monster
I can only imagine it’ll handle similar to my Cooper and my Cooper is pushing 320ishBHP so it’s extrenely fun having a small car that pulls

I bought in again today

20c beakout could be huge


M2 is what the M3 used to be. Small, lightweight, straight-6... great car. Good choice

For once a smart post on biz. The others retards like to buy ath and sell dips...

Just like the yesterday's "announcement," right?


No lies here. I bought into this shitcoin at .035 and dumped it right at ath. I'm back in now more than double I was before. I personally believe it's THE shitcoin of the year, but it will make money

Ha! Why does cloud storage need to self-heal?

If I was able to make 8K from MoonCoin I honestly believe I can make 150K minimum from TRX kek I love this shot so much it’s the most excitement I’ve had in my life


It is like throwing your money into gutters


It’s like you missed the dip and umad