hold you dumb shit
i started at the same time as you and im up 50k with a stake in an ico that hasnt been released yet that will immediately go 5x on binance

git gud

>Tfw up 200%
>Started december 27th

Which ICO?

stop trading, hold or leave crypto

Jibrel (JNT)
managed to get 21k coins
don tapscott and a soros jew are advisors

go on Etherdelta

buy KIN

wait a month

literally fucking how. I started December 31st/jan 1st as a new years resolution to try and get rich and up 40% just because I only went for safe investments. Literally what the fuck are you doing lmao

You're obviously a brainlet, don't say trade just hold. Buy what you think is good, don't go on any exhcnages or check your portfolio for 2-3 weeks. Then check and make your next move

sounds like a black guy's name

Where to get Jibrel (lol Jibrel)

sold out will be released on exchanges by february. they're hosting a conference with binance and neo in's gonna be fuckin massive get the fuck in early or stay poor.


buy Tron and verge.

Dont buy shilled coins. Do your own research on technology you think is interesting. If you think it has potential others will too. People on this board will recommend anything.

Buy low sell high. This sounds obvious, but if you go in red you need to have strong iron fists and hold on to your money. It is likely it will regain its value if you didnt buy shit.

Read up on trade graph pattern. Because other people follow patterns it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Don't FOMO trade. Dont buy coins that are mooing. Ignore missed oppotunities and don't let the results of coins you didn't buy influence you.

Best of luck.

More like Jibrony

>there are actually people this dumb. Thank you. Now I know where. My money comes from.
1. Buy random shitcoin shilled here
2. Hold
It's that easy

> he fell for the advisors meme
These shitcoins literally pay well known investors/devs to be advisors, various youtubers are also approached all the time. It means nothing you dumb fuck

Okay I'm going to do this

Don't let me down

Lucky bastard. Will keep an eye out for this coin though thx mate

lol damn dude, and I thought I was bad at this shit. I started just a few days after you and I'm up 250%. I'm still way behind my friends.

You're trying to daytrade and you suck at it
Buy and hodl

Buy High Sell Low

You mean jewbrel? They already exit scammed

Op dont be greedy trust your gut and stay up to date on biz but take things woth a grain of salt. I'll kick you in the nuts if your still in tron

>jealous niggers who were slow to the ico trigger

stay poor faggot. my portfolio is fucking brilliant . i know what the fuck im doing. jibrel will be massive faggots.

I got in on icx at 2 dollars. dont worry, i know what's up.

that's because you browse Veeky Forums everyday andstead of once a week. Dont follow every advice.

This is excellent. Should be a part of the sticky.

swarm city is close to it's lowest ever, it should start slowly climbing up during the next month. It's not gonna be x10 overnight but a good x3 in a few weeks. Remember to hold, daytrading suicide

Buy high sell low

>tfw i'm almost 4x my (poorfag) investment since december

>I only 3x'd
Kill me.

>just tell me what to do

literally do the opposite of what /biz says and you are guaranteed to succeed

hey man should I get in icx right now?
I know it's the ath but all signs point to it going up much further.
I'm also getting into Jibrel.

I'm also pretty new to this.

how dude, honestly everything has gone UP since forever

i'm at 7x since i started on christmas eve.

ven hold til after rebranding. then icx til mainnet. then xlm and wait for fair x in feb/march. that should give you at least a 10x if you time it right.

or go chase a 10x shitcoin, i dunno.

Buy CAPP and DBC

Should I still before or after icx mainnet?

me too, down 50% after being recommended this site from reddit in december. I'm finally convinced that this is a fucking scam and pulled out my money 2 days ago.

>Started December 10th
>Down 45%
Jesus Christ bro I thought I was shit for only being up 150% having started in September while feeling I let my folks down for only getting them up same starting 1 Dec.

You should legit KYS desu.

>unless you're genuinely suicidal, in which case fucking seek any avenues at all for help.

kys brainlet


>tfw started same week
>tfw only bought BTC
>tfw up around 30% and have dropped to 30% BTC, 20% ETH, and 50% assorted shitcoins

My portfolio is worth about 10k now

How? you literally just do nothing to gain profit.
I started by buying XLM and XRP on 12 Dec and i'm up 250%

>started with $500 back in october
>portfolio is $12k now

i want to kill myself for not starting with more back in october, i had 6k to my name back then but decided to only use 500. FML

Christ this probably isn't even a joke

buy bitcoin


quit gambling on shitcoins because 1300% in a year is too slow for your ADHD ravaged brain

ya icx is solid. if you hold long term you cant lose. i fully expect it to be atleast $30 by the end of the month.

i'm trying to figure out the same. with penny stocks, news would normally lead to a dump.

i'm not sure how the market will react after it's released, but there should be a run up.

Dude just buy KCS and hold and you’ll recover in no time. Use my refto sign up for kucoin: E3upQA. If you use this ref, I’ll send you 1 XRB to help you get back on your feet

can't get any of my trades to go through on etherdelta. every single one of them ends up in an error.

T_T several of my largest gains have been from ED so this is killing me

I just signed up with your referral as well.

Shilled coins made me 50 grand this year