ppl are accumulating.

lets see this math.

Nearest compitetor is nebilo its at 250 mill
second nearest Dragon inching towards 1 bill
third nearest ICX sitting above 2.5 bill

now u can calculate returns, lets assume it only did 50-60% of Nebilo, which is 7-10x from current mcap 20 mill.

dyor , ppl will fomo if they see blockchain platform+ enterprise.

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ill catch the dump if it gets on kucoin.

How many tau are there after the burn?

I dont think it go below 2-3x of ico. but that also very good entry. but this train cannot be missed. good luck

around 140 mill circ supply. 190 mill total supply

at max there will be 138m but i think it will be like 10-20mil lower or something

So $40M market cap? That's neat, even 100x is feasible

This, if it goes up to half of ICX levels it’ll be 50x

binance by end of the week

Actually cool comunication fron devs check telegram

Where can you buy this?

am I gonna make it?

Am I going to make it with 3k? I bought 6k during ICO but sold half when it popped up 3.5k on ED. Not mad because good little profit but wishing I had held tbqh.

3.5x not k...

Also on IDEX if you don't like ED

I got a precise number from telegram

138,090,568 tokens

never sell immediately after ico
this coin is gonna moon like every one that has come before it

Fucking chad coin. Listen user stop dumping money into shit that has already mooned. Pick something low marketcap and put some fucking skin in the game

Where can I buy this coin, I have ETH to burn.

this is low mcap as fuck for the potential it has, i would not surprised it reach 1 bill mcap by march/april given blockchain+ enterprise madness in crypto

but careful with ed.


I suggest join TG , get feel of it.

This project is great to be invested in. Not only do I expect massive gains, but chilling in the Telegram with the devs is worth the price of admission alone. Cool dudes and willing to answer any questions you have.

am I understanding this correctly?
this is APPC, listed on binanace today

comparable ICO but 3x the supply

I sold my TAU already but I am thinking about buying in again much, much bigger

dude, LAMDEN similar use case as icx,wan, dragon, ark..etc. In my opinion TAU is steal at current prices.

what the fuck is wrong with your english ?


sorry dude, I from south america, dont expect my english to be polished.

You talk like my Ukranian friend... From what I understand devs are russian. hmmmm

no, they working from California. born in Delaware i think

Scamcoin is scamcoin

explain yourself or kill yourself


i dumped 25 ETH into the ICO sitting on 250k TAU please tell me im going to make?

You crazy cunt you already 4x, recover your original 25k

You're going to be a millionaire fairly soon. Take out your investment and sit on the rest for a little bit.

im in the process of depositing some TAU onto ED
fingers crossed bro

I've got less than a quarter of what you do, but I think there's a chance this one could put me over the $1mm mark, too.