What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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$100 eoy sorry Pajeets

idk but i sold it all. this shitcoin is never going anywhere

Req is life.

Double trips, I''m buying more

nice bait user

Lol are we really doing this again

P&d group who called this 2 days ago is getting ready to drop tomorrow or the day after. Gonna pick up some more around .75

What did go wrong?


Solid coin that doesn't need inorganic parabolic pump and dumps.

This is one of the safest bets you can make for 2018.

>Solid concept
>Applicable to nearly everyone in the entire world
>Devs distinguished and accomplished with a similar project
>Backed by the highly selective Y Combinator, the seed accelerator behind Coinbase, Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox, Twitch
>The first ICO backed by Y Combinator, naturally drawing more attention
>Y Combinator can use their shareholder leverage to potentially have REQ combined or used by Coinbase instead of having it eat away at the purpose of the exchange
>Operates at razorthin margins, virtually impossible to compete with once established
>Massive roadmap for 2018 and Q1
>Exceeds the use case of paypal through currency agnosticism and future tax and accounting automation
>Provides options for buyer and seller protection
>Provides a way to cash out of any coin
>Being picked up on the radar by investment firms

It will most likely not double overnight, and it will most likely not be the #1 best performing investment of 2018. But it's a very safe investment with incredible potential, something which is incredibly rare in crypto. Do your own research.

Any truth to the javascript being spaghetti code?

it is sitting at a dollar right now

WTF is going on in this thread


Buying REQ was the worst decision of my life

What chart are you looking at?

100%, since it's impossible to write non-spaghetti javascript

Waiting for the btc pump so I can come back in and double my stack, sold it at 1,17$ last night



Lmao it's day volume is it market cap from about 2 months ago wtf are you guys talking about?

invest in TRX guys

the ceo is a work-a-holic and has tons of deals going. he get shit done.

Other than that he is a freedom respecter and loves decentralization.

the coin itself is at a dip after ATH so buy in!

LOL if your not aboard ship chain and req aka shipreq

REQ is gaining faster than I expected. I was thinking $1 with mainnet. Not complaining though I’m up 1500% or 100k so far and not fucking selling any time soon.

I have looked at the coding and it is one hell of a good code. Good comments (Not too much but still enough) and very clean Coded. These guys now what they are doing