Sup bros

I have 10k that I'm ready to invest in Crypto, only been on coinbase up to this point.

I don't give a fuck about diversification or risk. I'm here to 10x or go broke. Shill be your best coins for 2018. In return I'll sign up with whatever referral links you send me. Help me make it and I'll help you.

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definitely don't trade on coinbase

binance has better fees and better response time

here's my referal code: 20211565
use my referal or don't idc

go for VEN btw, easy 3x by EOM

Buy ven on kucoin. Thank me later

My ref: 1vHa1

could also try FUN
it's due for a moon
same goes for ICX

I'd say go 50/50 XLM and REQ, they are both going to moon this quarter and they are not pump and dump shitcoins, but dyor or you will end up buying someone else bags.

buy CND
12 cent
marketcap sub200mil

Binance is great. And I think BNB is a great coin since it's the currency of Binance.

My ref code: 15995791

PANDACOIN it is run by the NANA crime family here in thailand. I already use it at most brothels. Its up 680% this week. Its taking southeast asia by storm

wait for BTC to fall below 10k and buy 1

ur 2 late, bubble is already deflating, the only guaranteed moon mission is UFR...


Put your 10k in ETH on Coinbase, and then transfer it to Binance. Once you're in Binance, the world is your oyster and you're ready to go on moon missions.

Allright incase this is not a larp ill make an effort since everyone is recommending you memecoins

Crypto has become a complex ecosystem but you should distinguish these major things:

- Coins
- Platforms
- Supporting Technology / Protocols
- Businesses (ERC20 tokens)

Coins have the the king and its offspring: BTC, BCH, etc. Bitcoin is undergoing a correction but could still be on an exponential rise. You could also bet on an improvement coin: Privacy coin like monero, Feeless and instant like XRB.

Platforms like ETH and NEO. Eth in my opinions is an extremely good bet for relatively dependable but exponential gains. There is currently an absolute cambrian explosion of startups underway working on the ETH platform. There are issues but if they are resolved you could go X10 multiple times over over the next few years.

- Supporting tech like ZRX is probably a good relatively safe bet

- Businesses. These are developping real world applications usually using ethereum as a platform. They tend to top at a much lower marketcap but sometimes have crazy exponential rises. Ven seems to be a consensus for a relatively safe bet. DBC is the flavor of the month. Could fuzz out or could explode, who knows.

I am ETH / XRB / VEN / DBC currently

You can buy Upfiring now, great dip now and 10x really possible not by EOY, but in 1,5 months.

confido (CFD) is a good buy right now.
you can go all in.
/comfy/ here.

I know UFR is shilled a lot on here, but that's just another reason to buy some. There are so many idiots on this board that follow whatever is shilled, the inevitably increases.



UFR is a fucking scam don’t listen to this guy

CREA & BMC are where it’s at - good products with a well thought out future

DBC, tomorrow afternoon or Saturday.

this lol, what the fuck is it even supposed to do?

UFR is a scam

It's not a scam, don't listen to retard fudders.Just check the Upfiring reddit and you will see it's a legit project.

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Not true. The lead developer lives in the US and you can see his linkedin, stop the bs.

>check the Upfiring reddit and you will see it's a legit project.

Check the Tron or the XVG reddit and they will also tell you they are legit projects

humanity literally spent the last 20 years downloading shit for free, we’re not going to change now for some random token

>UFR is a scam, says increasingly nervous man after repeatedly missing moon missions
stay poor then

humanity literally spent million of years living in a non-agricultural society, we're not going to live off farming stupid pieces of land.

humanity literally spent the entire medieval times accumulating gold and silver, we're not going to change now for some random fiat money.

humanity literally spent the last 300 years with fiat, we're not going to change now for some random cryptocurrency.

Buy into HBT and ATL. put like 10k in each and thank me when each becomes 100-200k. This should happen by the mid of Feburary. Once you have around 200k to play with, put 10k in 10 good icos, one will hit 100x, which means your then at 1 mill or so. from there i would cash out half, and build a nice portfolio with the other half

At the moment p2p is shit compared to what it could be. It gives good incentives to actually seed. Most participants usually want to get the files as quickly as possible and care little about others but UFR changes that among other things. It crosses technology with economics and sociology.

Not a scam like that. But a scam in that it offers nothing new. There are several coins who do JUST THAT and are BETTER AT IT and have COME BEFORE. The hype is therefore unjustified.

After seeing Upfiring (UFR) shilled like crazy here... I’d be pretty pissed if I didn’t invest and it goes up 100x by eoy like everyone’s saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and it’s very possible... it just dipped so I’m buying more

Even if it is a scam, we're in a speculative market. A world where even dogecoin has value.

Might be worth it just to ride the shill and short for some easy profits.

Now is the best time to buy annon! GO GO GO!

Not true, there are no coins that do the same.

HTLR. The only coin the Jews fear.

BINANCE, and go all in BNB its 21$ gonna hit 50$ anytime now

Use my ref id if you dont have a binance
Replace XXX with ref
Happy Mooning!

I did my own research and shills or not this is a real project with a bright bright future

ZRX on Binance. Going 10x at least this year. Not a shit / shill coin. They have something cooking with Coinbase beyond a doubt. Check out who all the Coinbase product mangers follow on Twitter.

binance - 20555826

PLEXcoin is about to blow up....lots of FUD has kept a lot of ppl away, but mark my words. easy 10x returns when some news hits soon

you probably aren't signing up but still


VEN btw


name one


Governments and corporations are trying to censor content and control the flow of information.

The establishment realizes that, from their perspective, the free and open internet was a terrible mistake. They cannot survive the longterm democratization of data.

Any project that helps elude their grip (also privacy coins) is worth consideration.

This. Both are great but I'm feeling good about the tech behind UFR in the long run

go all in oyster pearl now! major dip now will rise when rebrand hits today.

Ufr is Pajeet coin.
If you wanna play safe Neo Gas Eng Ven Xlm Req
If you wanna take some risk, Bnty Pbl

Completely unironically.

UFR, buy the dip to survive this recession.

Stop shilling your discord's scamcoin


>muh scamcoin
>muh pump and dump
KYS pajeet.

Envion ICO

Wow, you've uncovered such a huge conspiracy, thank you so much detective asstard.

ICX is at a serious discount. Down $4 from its high. Definitely put some into that.