Who thinks this CHINK GOD can pull his shit together and get his piece of shit coin on the right track???

Abandon ship this is a scam coin

>U Penn grad
he went to my alma matter..FUCK!

i can't believe he is peddling shitcoins on twitter for a living now. granted he is a billionaire

late adopters dont give a fuck what coin theyre buying, trx was the last but now its been pumped and dumped no one would dare try again because its full of bagholding idiots

I like it, because it’ll teach those faggots a lesson, thinking they could come here and get rich quick on our internet bux without doing any amount of research or criticitcal thinking for themselves. If you just looked at the project it raises a fuck ton of red flags, but normans decided to go full blown “chink man said he’ll give me free money” and circlejerk about how it’d be impossible his intentions aren’t 100% pure. Get fucked normies, this is the real world and unregulated, not everyone is “trying to make the world a better place”. I’m just worried they’ll go crying to Uncle Sam because of their inability to do some research before throwing there money at some random chink they had never heard of. Then the gubberment will ruin my internet bux casino.

He cashed out 6B TRX and made it plummet, nigga is gone


so did DRUMPF

It will pump again but prepare to wait. Buy it cheap look at it 4 months later

Normies getting btfo, I'm loving it

Fuck off soy boy

it won't be cheap until it's dropped a few multiples in value

Yes Im sure the TRX 25 year road map will come to fruition kek, this shitcoin will be gone and obsolete in a year


Repeat after me. Tron is vaporware.
This is an ERC20 token with no actual product or platform working. The parabolic rise of TRX was completely artificial mostly due to its large supply. Plus Binance pumps any cheap coin that gets listed not to mention the free airdrop, and it was a perfect combination. They literally could not fuck this up. Now they have your money. Justin's ideas are ambitious as fuck and quite honestly, refreshing. But you cannot answer serious questions about your crypto by just saying "we are going to decentralize everything." Now you just sound like another corecuck.

Can vaporware really become obsolete though?

there is no stopping this from bleeding back to .04 over the coming months and months

>when everyone is gone, I can own it all!

he already cashed out 300M USD worth of tron. tron is dead.

He will have somekind of announcment about some meaningless partnership in a few days

Cut your losses and hop in confido faggots.
they have Web 7.0. and it's still underevaluated.
and this will go easy to 1$, not like shitty tron.

Not NASA but spacechain

Halarious NASA gonna team up with a Chinese coin

its funny cause the normies are pumpin this again after his tweet

>Rumors of S Korea banning crypto being squashed which will help the market return to normal
>Just had a developer from Alibaba join the TRX team
>Baofeng partnership
>Cobinhood release tomorrow
>Possible Spacechain partnership looming

Unless you got in under $0.02, you're legitimately retarded if you sell your bags now.

140K at .01 reporting in

probably a shitty scam coin, but you would be foolish to not be holding any TRX before the next news announcement. straight pumps up to news, then massive sell off. cant wait for the next one