Get in

saw that too.good deal



let the fomo begin.

>AIGang centered on insurance risk mitigation: good use-case, bad hype-builder
>Launch coin on small exchange with initial value above $4 which will drive away new buyers
this will be a slow-mover and probably bleed for a while before it does anything

All in. Cashed out of DBC and took my profits for this.

price is irrelevant- market cap is what matters. Circulating supply is 17 million- my source is the AIGANG reddit and telegram channels

Market cap matters if the coin is low-value enough to bait people into buying it and thinking there's a decent chance of 3x-100x'ing their money. You need newfag and pajeet pumpers at a coin launch to see it grow quickly

Bitcoin bounced and we instantly felt it.

most of biz are newfag and pajeet pumpers, and most of biz is on kucoin

only reason this is down is because of the markets. China just woke up though

guys seriously, when do we sell? I fucked up not selling at all time high on canya 2 says ago. lets not have that happen again

its down because its called fuckin AI gang
>may pump but will never succeed

You guys coordinated this shill good

coins like stellar and tron have billon dollar market caps and suck ass.

First day on it's only exchange besides AutismDelta. It can only go up from here.

China woke up 2 hours ago. They're not neets who sleep til 12.


If you are reading this: It's still not the time to buy this crap.

I am the only non-shill ITT.

lol clearly not very good at doing your own research

good luck pajeet - maybe after this pumps you can buy more TRON lmao

idk man thats a bitchin logo

>Bad names wont be worth a lot
>Mentions Tron which is worth billions

just went balls deep, when is lambo

I'm in. Looks like a solid projects but definitely not normie friendly.

This coin is affiliated somehow with IOTA. That's all I needed to know to get in.

It's not kek. IOT(internet of things) not IOTA the token


>these are the people you're competing with