Maybe he was right after all :(


...and above 150.000$ by the end of 2021

Looks like prince Charles.. I ain’t taking advice from this shoemaker

oh look it’s another “old money kike who spreads FUD about crypto” episode

who is this cartoon character ?

cool just sold $100k to buy $100k in the beginning of 2021

it's funny.
crypto orcas make more money in one night than these tiny clowns networth... no wonder they all nervous and shit lmao

He looks like a dirty jew

that isnt even possible... everyone wants 21 bitcoin, nobody would put that much up for sale and certainly not sell at 500

Anton is based and he may be right if he's referring to Bitcoin Legacy and not Bitcoin Cash.

how does it feel knowing youve forever missed the boat on crypto, late adopter?

We appreciate your help weakening Bitcoin, but it's obvious the crypto with more developers and greater adoption will be the new #1.

how does it feel knowing a fork is fucking you in the ass faggot

Not really. We got our btrash for free, you paid for it.

kys. its so obvious blegacy is self destructing yet youre so emotionally attached to it you wouldnt know the difference. hahahahahah blegacy

omg what a genius. i wonder how much money he made from 2008-2018 being so smart. oo wait, he probably didnt even make 100k. HAHAHA

god damn did i just wreak that faggot or what tho anons?

your moms pussy wreaks

- anton

literally who


he is correct

but actual useful altcoins like ETH, VEN, NEO are going to be valued in the tens of thousands.

Blockchain is valuable.

Bitcoin is not.

thank you Shlomo Shekelstein.


Literally who?

Yeah Blockstream Core will, but not Bitcoin Cash.

Sites that rely on donation are not a good marker of merchant adoption.

hes a former hedge fund manager. now probably a trader. he was on this british t.v show where they take average joes and try to turn them into pro traders. the show sucked

this. the retarded old fags will think that they were "right" when bitcoin price falls but ignore that crypto overall grows.

>Pirate Bay