Feel lost and dont know what to buy

Shill me some coinz

AIX. AI GANG. All Kucoins pump. 3-5x

Bump for interest. I need some fresh coins too.

Always go in on LINK. No memeing. It barely crashed.


What you should do is actually buy good coins and wait.

KMD - Decentralized ICOs, amazing tech.
Zcoin - low marketcap super awesome privacy coin
NAV - A superior verge
ZRX - Decentralized exchange, a central cog in the coming crypto infrastructure
XLM - the Norman is coming
ETH - don't even have to explain this.

i need 10x right NOW

I got link. But link is long term. I need to make some money now

Thanks user. I'll look into this

Trust me on this one.just don’t buy link or request

it shills itself

Why no link or req? I will look at eos


Less than a million circulating and 2 million marketcap means it will go 100x conservatively speaking

HBT is going 50-100x. most undervalued coin on CMC at 10m

Shill it to me bro, I'm this close to biting the bullet and creating an EtherDelta account

Imagine a world with no worries when sending to an ICO address. A system that would verify the authenticty of addresses and greatly decrease scamming. Well, look no further. It's coming January 17. Buy POLL before everyone does

hey bro, would u like a quick guide on how to use it?


Shitcoin, moves in big increments, super cheap, not listed on most exchanges yet but they are working on it. Terrible long term investment, risky but high return short term shit coin


Axpire if you want a quick 3x
10-50x if you got the balls

Sure thing, thanks

1. set up the chrome extension metamask, this makes the entire process much easier. Associate an ether account with it, you can create one using myetherwallet

2. Go to forkdelta.github.io which is a fork of etherdelta. If you dont trust me or feel not ok, then use the regular site, but ive personally only used forkdelta ever.

3. When you are on the site on the top left, deposit is currently defaultly selected. Under etherdelta(not the wallet) deposit how much ether you want. You will have to confirm this transaction with metamask and itll cost gas money. Dont double click shit, sometimes it takes a few minutes to do its thing.

4. On the top, there is a dropdown menu where you can select the coin you want, do so.

5. In the middle of the screen there should not be a bunch of red sell orders and green buy orders, organized by price per unit. You can fill out an order form, but I've only ever ordered by clicking the order manually. If an order has, say for example, 10,000 units and you only want 10, thats perfectly fine as you can buy 10 at the per unit price of the stack.

6. Again youll confirm this transaction with metamask.

7. On the top left, switch to the withdraw tab, and on the wallet(not the ether delta) section, withdraw your alt coins and confirm one last time with metamask.

Thanks dude, much appreciated