$15 by tonight is almost confirmed, I have 3 rich pajeet friends who are all at least 50% in VEN, this is the calm before the storm, if you want to make it to venhalla. BUY NOW while the price is sub $15. last chance

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comfy right now.

i got 3k, feeling good since i got in at like $2.50.

VeChain literally fucking crash proof.

>$15 by tonight
By what fucking metric? What time is it where the fuck you are?

Why would it hit $15?


PBoC & Vechain announcement coming soon.

Vechain saving my portfolio as always

Dont think It'll hit $15 tonight lol, But yes get in before the announcement would be a very good idea

They have in the official discord said the rebranding is an ongoing process, it's not one specific event. To think it will pump x2 in one night just because of a rebrand is autistic.


What is going to change after rebranding?

lol, man this board is 80% children jabbering about 10% gains as launching to the moon

This. Go watch the AMA. The rebranding is a process that isn't over until the end of February.

number of digits

bought couple eth worth at 26 cents comfy

Unless your friends are billionaires, no fucking chance

90k sell wall on binance right now, shit's TOTALLY going up

So anyone know when VEN swaps to VET in the exchanges? I had thought it was the 15th

This coin is so stable during the dip holy shieeet

Well my trips answered my question. Swap is on the 15th, digits don't lie

90k is nothing newfag. 2mil sell wall per day was the norm for months

it's better this way - more pumping. First they rebrand a website and the price pumps, then they do some other shit and it pumps. As long as they do constant updates we're going to be comfy as fuck

This and OMG Also coming In clutch keep my portfolio up.

I'm super bullish for the updates now. Before we had several million Ven walls keeping it from pumping too hard on news.

Those are gone now so any news should give it a great pump.

Whats the EOY prevision?

Easily $500

missed a zero there bud

800 VEN enough to make it? No plan selling any time soon, any chance this gets up to $200-300 in 2 years?

Comfy as hell.

lol its back by the fucking chinese goverment dude

$30 EOM minimum.

Who else comfy

3k VEN not feeling comfy, want yo retire by EOY should I go balls deep or na

Excellent for a long time hold. If crypto survives another 2 years 1000$ min

Should I swap XLM for this, short term?

Go 50% Ven at least.

Even if crypto crashes don't you think ven still has good chance to last as it isn't just some shit coin and has real world use?

There is a whale suppressing it right now (unironically). XLM is mooning isn't it?

Not bad user. Try and get 400 more if you plan on trying to stake for Thor. I think 2.1k gets 1 thor per day so a .5 Thor payout per day will add up fast. You will make it if you have iron hands.

Is 10k VEN enough to make it?

Ya was thinking about rebalancing but my only other holding is icx and was hoping it would come back up around$10 before I did that but I'm thinking ven gonna keep rising anyway

It will defintely survive, but the price will depend on how long the post crash bear market will last. Either way its a solid pick short and long tern

God I fucking hope so. Holding 75K myself. Praying it hits $100 before June so I can retire.

bois I can't stay awake more, it's morning soon, can't wait for a dip anymore. It's been a good day! Thank you for great shilling, Pajeets! Im on A moon now, see you on andromeda, VenBros. Good night!

Holding 11 LTC.
Should I diversify half my stack into VEN?

LTC is a shitcoin so maybe

Yes. We just have to hold longer than larger node holders to make it. When I say make it, I mean 10 million minimum.

So fucking glad I got in at 4.60

Yes I'm a 1k linklet but whatever.

sell those shitbags what does ltc even do

If you want a minimum of 100% gains in the next 1 month, then yes.

I only have 400 guys, will I be able to a get a few bucks a day staking?

Take me to lamboland

Currently at 48xxxk sats. What's a good buy price? Anything under 50k?

I've lost $800 to these shitty lying threads, I don't have enough to lose effectively anymore.

>Veeky Forums has been shilling this since $2.50
>lost $800



I can only go big on either ICX, VEN or NEO

No idea which one to go for, I hold a small amount of VEN (25) already and been in and out of the other 2.

>he lost money with vechain
How do you even user?


So I guess the Renault thing is currently in use.

didn't lose with Vechain, i fucking lost with other shill threads, i was up %300 with TRX fuck yourself.

biz has been shilling this since it first hit binance

I bought in just now at .49 its dumping a bit, when is the fucking announcement?

Watch out for these pump groups

discord gg/tSWYF6V
(Replace the space with a dot)

try again OP

Supposedly VEN with be $15 soon. But it's all rumors and speculation.. like cryptos in general.


How much is 1 THOR going to be worth?

Also, what actions do I have to take, if any, when VeChain goes on it's own blockchain? I read that you have to do something with EOS before June and I figured there might be something similar for VEN.

I made money off it so, fuck off.

more than can be said about this fucking fuck coin

salty faggot.

Blockchains in June. VAPORWARE. All talk. No fucken devs. No community. Bullshit ERC20 Ethereum Token. You guys getting CHINKED hard. Whales will pump on your asses. NOONE WILL WAIT TILM JUNE FOR THIS GARBAGE. THEYLL PROBABLY ANNOUNCE DELAYS. JUNE IS FUCKEN FAR FOR A BLOCKCHAIN. #VAPORWARE. STAY POOR. WATCH THE DUMP RIGHT BEFORE BTC BULLRUN. ALL YOH GONNA GET JUSTED hahahabhahahaahhahahaahah


Copy paste FUD Pajeet activated

Seems logical user since there is a huge event planned with DNV-GL & Vechain in London this month where huge cross chain partnerships will be announced.

Bought 100K more thanks bro.

suck my dick, you bitch

no it is you the poorfag who will be sucking cocks for money. i have a fat stack of VEN.