Newfag. How do you stay calm during a dip?

Newfag. How do you stay calm during a dip?


You sell everything so you don't have to worry about it.

diazapam and a nice pale ale

Don't check the prices


lock the price of my coins in my ledger and ride out the dip

Take up smoking. At least if I end up poor at least I'll die young

Zoom out on the charts. You'll see this happens all the time. Not only that, but as low as things are, these prices were still the ath of only a few weeks back. Long term holders always come out on top.

You come on here desperately looking for posts saying that everything is going to be ok.

get laid

I tell myself its just going to go up again.

This isn't a dip user. 95 of the top 100 coins are in the red.

This is a fucking bloodbath.

Dip? This is the beginning of a crash.


I pretend nothing is real and it's just all monopoly money.

I didn't have money for a large initial investment so I'm not worried. don't invest what you can't afford to lose and it dips won't bother you

just b urself dude



Sounds comfy user

Firstly you need to pick better entry points. If you have heavy bags then you're fucking up.
I am now loading up on any coin I can get my hands on and waiting for the markets to turn green.
Learn to buy the dips properly.

i you can't figure out trends (you probably can't if you're not a stem major) buying crypto is the equivalent on getting on a plane, you have no idea how it works

like 3 months ago, like 6 months ago, like all the goddamn fucking time.

not my chadcoin zcl

green in here , feels good

I literally don't pay attention to the markets. I buy solid coins that I believe will change the world, and every week when I put $50 more into crypto I glance at my portfolio to see how much it's worth.

Cashed out all my initial bought a sick as computer, car, and gold with 25% of my profits and let the rest ride. It's all fun money now.

i dont know, these types of things simply cannot stress me out

hodl may be a reddit-tier meme at this point, but the original post had a good message.

Dips don't stress me out really, but if they did I'd use guanfacine

my nigga

From what day? Friday?

retards were you around for china fud?
it is a dip, not even a violent one

Just relax, the charts show the money only goes up over time.
Due to the inflation of all the prices and all the newfags constantly coming in, your things will go up as long as they stay relevant and Crypto doesn't become illegal.

I have a good job and don't have all my money in crypto.

go do something outside - literally, anything. jesus you guys need to stop being needy fags.

register an account on kucoin and wait for them to lock everyone out again, then trade your account to whale for profit

use invitation bonus 7KvuRx when signing up for free shit

Well I can tell you that my folio's dipped from a peak of ~$70k to the current total. Last year, the harshest dip had me at less than $6k. And I have mostly the same coins since then.

So this is literally fucking nothing. I'm still over 10x my total investment.


A tale as old as time.

You don't, this is the scariest dip on the last months. If BTC falls below 12,5k, it will accelerate and most likely go below 10k. This would very likely introduce a bear market.

zoom out

>the charts show the money only goes up over time.
>Bubbles don't exist in my world.

Don't stay up too late on a school night kiddo.

You stop giving a fuck past a certain point
I made 10 times my initial investment so a dip is just a chance to buy more

Alcohol and klonopin


If you invested/put in money that you're willing to lose and go in with the mindset you can potentially never make this money back you'll find dips and crashes hardly faze you.


Literally just hodl and dgaf been through worse

Just get in this discord (shill) for a controlled pump in a day. worked for me everytime
discord (dot) gg (slash) 5GeD2DY

how much is it worth?

Bitcoin dropped to 10k just a week ago or so ago after fake news about China banning crypto was spread. It recovered just fine

Go look at the market from September 12th to the 20th. That was Chinese FUD and it was way worse than this one.

Go look at the December 22nd dip. Turns out it was a GREAT time to buy - Icon dipped to $2, VeChain to $1.

You'll never see those prices again. So be Keynesian when it comes to the market.


Be counterintuitive. When others are selling, you buy. When everyone's buying, you sell or HODL.

Do the opposite of the market, or just HODL. It's that easy.

It always bounces back up.

This. Have perspective

hope it goes lower and then buy more you fucking idiots. its been like two fucking days. jesus christ.

what if you're a nocoiner fomoing hard and want to do the buy the dip meme? do I go to a litecoin ATM and get raped on fees or use Cuckbase and wait forever? Please respond.

actually this

Jesus Christ is that Matthew McConaughey?

Regardless, is that how I look when I smoke? Fuck.

I bought 1.35 ETH @ €280 in September with a €12 transaction fee. It's tripled in price since then, making that transaction fee negligible.

watch anime and play vidya
its like i'm already a millionaire

haha fucking retarded

What's that weird thing between his legs?

I played a lot of BlackJack on 2016 and 2017. I memorized the Basic Strategy and tried card counting at some times.

I guess I am already used to losing a lot of money, so yeah.


You dont wait at all on cuckbase
But you get jewed out

his character was on cocaine or speed in this scene

This. Dips don't mean shit if you aren't holding what dips.


>Eat biscuits
>Check Veeky Forums and see those who've literally lost tens of thousands during the dip and see you've actually not lost much

literally don't think I would hold back my urges to panic sell without some good old ganja

How do you stay calm during a psychedelic trip?

The answer is the same to both questions

newfag here as well.
I flipped like crazy today to keep my assets from crashing into hell.
I spent 8-10 fucking hours of the day staring at charts and I hardly ate anything.
I need to stop. I have work and school, this isn't healthy.

I just don't know how long it takes to get cuckbase (((Verified))) (aka give us all your personal and banking info and hope nobody buys a boat with it) and connect my bank account

laugh it off.
also I didn’t put anything in I didn’t expect to lose

I also fell for the deep brain meme yesterday and barely survived that. I threw all my online funny money into it an hour ago in hopes that it will either moon or it crashes to 0 so I can stop thinking about it.

You don’t
Just don’t.
Set multiple alarms on your blockfolio and wake up on every single alarm
Get rich.
Masturbate yourself, watch some good movies too.

coins return to their floor, unless you bought at ATH like a goober

1. Look at the current market cap
2. Instantly realize that this shit is here to stay
3. Imagine how the gains will look like a week from now

This train aint stopping. A few bumps is guaranteed no matter the market, the bumps means lower prices and lower prices means cheap coins for the HODLers.
Don't let the chinese buy everything koreans are dropping, buy it up!


these are wise words.

I drink. Get a crate of beers and drink when you are looking at the graphs dipping to just below hell. It helps. And HODL, do not sell. this is natural selection. It is the shitcoin ecosystem weeding out the weak. And you are not weak user. You are strong enough to sail through this storm with all your cargo. Go watch youtube and unplug your mouse, if you even think about selling.

Part of me wants to sell my bitcoin at 15K and just wait for a crash but I'm worried it may go higher while I do that.

You take out a loan and buy more and laugh at people who drop their bags

t. 2 years trading

ETH was 7 dollars this time last year

suck my fucking cock you weasels

every time something dips for a month it's pink wojax and pepe nooses

^ This, also just reconsider whatever your gut reaction is. Dips happen, granted this is probably the start of a bear run but just remember, in one months time you'll be able to get moon missions on the cheap, and you can increase your position in hodl coins you already have. If it doesn't and the market keeps going up you win, either way dont be a schlub and sell when your celery sticks turn to rubarbs.