What are your releastic EOY and EOM price predictions for VEN?

$25 EOM $100 EOY


15$-50$ eom
Rebrand will do a lot

$20 EOM

Q2 >$100

I'm about to trade 24.7 XRP for VEN. Not worried about selling low. I just can't stand seeing XRP remain stagnant.

2-5 EOY


12-15 end of month
50 eoy

damn a whole 45 dollars. You be able to buy a full 7 VEN.

We all start somewhere. We are all going to make it.

bumpity doo da

Dicks, trade small trade big, he'll learn the game.
I had a contest with a friend, both started with 10$ and see who would have the most after 3 months, was fun you should try it

make sure you move a stack that large of the exchange asap. you won't notice the fees.

25 ath this month ending the month at about 12
eoy 0 like all cryptos because the bubble will burst

8 years bubble talk, I bet you wil burst before crypto does


People were probably talking about the wheel-bubble 8 years after it got invented, be real, it's the internet of money. Another '08 crash and we're back to the stone age, how convenient bitcoin "happens" to come into existence a year after the worst crash since '29. I'd be scared about that fiat bubble if I were you

cant believe i got shook out of this by that sellwall like a newfag, I was honestly expecting btc to have a bullrun and cause a crash though, unfortunatley it turned out to be ETH this time lmao

I have 2700 ICX, should I dump it for VEN?

wew lad dont crash the market when you sell

im convinced there is some chink government tentacles in this thing at this point considering how well it’s holding up. we are honna be 100+ soon