Chainlink = done

Where were you when you found Sergey is a communist wannabe. You thought IOTA is bad. Wait until it gets out that Sergey is left wing lunatic. Why is this bad? Because Extreme lefties have 0 clue how economics could/should work. Its over. I sold. I will make my money be following people who understand the basic of economics like no free lunch and opportunity cost which Sergey doesnt care about at all. He waste your time and your money.

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>bernie sanders
Fuck fuck sell sell sell sell its over were crashing and burning

Even if Leftism had bad economics, what does that have to do with the product retard

what the fuckkkkkk

Bullish. Vitalik is a communist pedo defender

He subscribes to a certain philosophy that is known for being retarded in the field of economics. Do you think he wont use the same philosophies to guide the course of chainlink?

He has an entire team

There's nothing wrong with communism.

Unironic communist here, the only thing Stalin ever did wrong was not murdering every single last kulak with his bare fucking hands

Smart tech guys have typically leaned left. Shouldn't surprise or disappoint anyone.


No /pol/ in ChainLink!

> Chainlink = done

Marx wanted a Central bank so it's kinda ironic that communists are ushering in an era of free banking

kys before you graduate high school faggot. Promise you are a skinny, latte drinking wristlet faggot who has never played a single sport in your life. You know nothing about competition.

What are you talking about? How does economics have anything to do with smart contracts?
This is piss-poor FUD, I'm not giving my magic beans to you Pajeet

lol marx what if people want to give their labor to people that organize that labor?

Amazingly triggered snowflake spotted

Left wing people are more creative in general, right wing people are more orderly and conscientious. If you want to invest in an organized team for steady solid gains get behind a right winger.

If you want to get behind a disorganized artist with equal potential to innovate beyond imagination or crash and burn from character flaws get behind Sergey.

Buy confido, it's a good coin with solid technology behind it, we communists have to help each others

Why the fuck is "latte drinking" even an insult, lmao. Coffee is fucking delicious.

t drink lattes err day

Real men drink PISS. It's the American way

>chainlink is done guyss!! they aren't right wing!!

This is a level of autism i encounter on other Veeky Forums boards, not this one


Bernie is kinda based. I remember back in 2015 /pol/ was kinda torn between the Bern and Trump but memes made Trump more popular.

Crypto currency is inheritly leftist. I don't think there's a single right wing dev in the space, why would anyone in crypto want to support the fucking banks and wall st scum is beyond me.

Inb4 underage pol cucks think leftist means communist instead of anti fucking establishment like it has for decades

HAHA holy fuck you are dumb

Thats all you can say because you know its true. You cant refute the points made because you know you are a faggot high schooler who believes in a garbage edgy beliefs. You arent unique you are dumb

wtf are you talking about. Right wingers are about financial freedom. Lefties love raising taxes to pay for losers like you. Lefties want complete control of economics. Crypto is get away from lefties who are raping the average man through taxes and financial restriction

You do realize Sergey is designing Link for enterprises rather than plebs. The first use he sees it for is derivatives trading by fin institutions. Pretty fucking capitalist.

Crypto is about getting away from the banks and government. Supporting the current system is right wing.. trying to destroy the current system is left wing, therefore crypto is leftist.

Please don't confuse the entire left with scum that has only been popping out of the ground within the last decade. It's clear your introduction into politics began during the most recent election

Do you support crypto or do you support the federal reserve?

Pick one. Crypto is inherently anarcho capitalist.

>anarcho capitalist
Lmao no. I'll go with the leading pioneers in the industry bro, not what loser basement dwellers tell themselves to try cope

Agreed, why does it seem like no one understands this anymore?

< Shit it was 99¢

Should I hop this and hodn or just day trade between .99 and 1.15?

Berrrrrrrnie!! Ok I’m all in LINK now

"the power to appropriate the products of society" is a pretty talmudic way of dancing around the term "property"
I wonder why Marx was so intentionally vague in his description of this established and well known term...

> popping out of the ground within the last decade
marx supported central banking

Oh sorry, I didn't realize you were baiting, keep going

>Within the last decade

The party is changing into something you no longer support . Open your eyes.

But I'm 28 and successful in my industry. Don't be mad buddy.

Isnt he libertrarian

entire left are not scum but commies are and socialist like bernie are. I have been into politics before the election. Im not in high school like you. There is no major republican dominance right now as you claim because republicans have basically split into different parties both on the right. more government involvement in economics = more left wing.

> Supporting the current system is right wing.. trying to destroy the current system is left wing, therefore crypto is leftist

retard logic. Take a logics course when you finally get to college

crypto is closest to this. Anarcho capitalism. Although not a great ideology in practical terms but closest than any other ideology

its going to be comfy as fuck living on the passive income from every piece of external data going in and out of the blockchains

Private property and personal property are different constructs


oh you finally became a manger at burger king?? congrats. Why are you working for the bourgeoisie. Rise up brother and go kill your boss.


>being this illiterate.
If youre a true leftist, you understand that cryptos are just another form of capital and therefore right wing in nature. That's just the tip of the iceberg though, but I'm not gonna do your homework. I swear plebbit pseudo-leftist are the worst...

Communism is completely incompatible with human nature.
>hurr durr lets get rid of money and everyone will contribute their fair share

God damn OP is such a fucking idiot. FUCKING OF COURSE HE SUPPORTS THESE KEKS BECAUSE HE HAS TOO OR ELSE WHEN THE PUBLIC BECOMES AWARE OF HIM HE WILL BE CRUCIFIED. Do you think Jeff fucking Bezos really supports democrat liberal lefty socialist ideals? Fuck no he fucking doesn't. There's a reason an Amazon warehouse is a fucking garbage place to work relatively in the first world. Do you think Warren fucking Buffett really thinks it's a tragedy that his secretary assistant pays a higher percentage tax rate than he does? Fuck no he fucking doesn't. Do you think Hollywood celebrities really belive in OHHHH SHARE THE WEALTH PLEASE DADDY TAX ME HARDER? FUCK NO THEY FUCKING DON'T. Why don't they write a God damned check if they want to give the government their money so badly?

Because they know it's fucking bullshit. They know they have to say these things and pretend to lefties and then they drive off in their fucking Maybach to their 3 million dollar fucking home with armed fucking guards and 12 foot fucking fences and then when they get there they send a tweet about WE NEED TO DO MORE TO HELP THE REFUGEES AND UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS.

Why? Why do they bother? Because fucking normies buy into it. Ohhhh they're such paragons of human decency and such amazing role models they give so much to charity (AND THEN WRITE IT OFF ON THEIR FUCKING TAXES. THE ONES THEY WANT TO PAY MORE OF). If they don't do these things, if they don't put on this show, they're crucified. Literally, metaphorically, take your pick. I'm not one for the 4d chess meme but tbqh Sergey may very well be playing 4d right now. He knows if he's successful people are going to be looking at him, at his interests his hobbies his beliefs whatever. He's cutting them off at the head.

At least I hope so desu.

Liberalism vs Conservatism is literally big government vs small government you stupid faggot. The only reason you think otherwise is because liberals don't like the current president.

Aye. Link is communism at its finest.

Do tell exactly how Marxism allows the public to "appropriate the products of society" when referring to private property such as land and buildings then

When you live in a capitalist system you have to make due until a time with which it's no longer necessary or that conditions are improved.

you can start a workers co-op, you coward, but you won't because RISK. That is why people LIKE working for a wage, to avoid risk.

We need to bring unironic communism to the liberal celebrities too.

Dear OP.

Your desperation to get your hands on my linkies is palpable.

Land isn't private buildings aren't private.

Private property is anything that generates profit

As a communist I'm glad I hold link.

>Land isn't private buildings aren't private.
>Private property is anything that generates profit
wtf I want to abolish currency now

Don't even bother with political theory on here. No one on Veeky Forums will ever read Marx, except for the people who actually took economics and had to read Das Kapital.

>Pick one. Crypto is inherently anarcho capitalist.

Wait, are you telling us that you and the other window lickers here didn't trade fiat for crypto with the hope of acquiring more fiat?

That is a lot closer to cuckery than anarcho anything. Problems with message boards is that they tend to devolve into echo chambers for idiots...i.e. anyone buying into crypto.

>leftist means communist instead of anti fucking establishment like it has for decades

Leftist never meant "anti establishment", it has always meant pro establishment, pro govt / anti liberty. The beta cucks who support leftists like bernie, obama, or most other politicians are known as leftards.

>After living in Prussia, Marx lived in France for some time, and that is where he met his lifelong lover Friedrich Engels. He was expelled from France, and then lived for a brief period in Belgium before moving to London where he spent the rest of his life with his wife. Marx died of pleurisy in London on March 14, 1883. He was buried at Highgate Cemetery in London. His original grave was nondescript, but in 1954, the Communist Party of Great Britain erected a large tombstone, including a bust of Marx and the inscription "Workers of all Lands Unite," an anglicized interpretation of the famous phrase in "The Communist Manifesto": 'Proletarians of all countries, unite!'

What is it with the anglo tendency to avoid all complexity in language? don't you realise it makes you (look) dumb?

>not an argument

>entire left are not scum

Yes they are.

holy fuck its over

The terms left and right come from the French Revolution where the people that sat on the left side of the gym were revolutionaries and the people on the right side were loyalists to the fucking monarchy. Jesus Christ Veeky Forums is uneducated.

Want to know how I know you're in high school/college freshman


The military industrial complex is big government. The war on drugs is big government. Militarised police is big government.

The argument is never big govt vs small govt, the argument is whether you should prioritise putting boots on people's necks or trying to help them up.

i’m far right and I follow bernie, too. bernie is casual leftism, basically liberal capitalism and free college. not ideal, but also not a deal breaker.

I don't consider the war on drugs or militarized police to be inherently conservative.

>Land isn't private buildings aren't private.

In traditional communism/anarchism, property ownership was determined by usage. This scared off normies though because it implied squatters have rights to your home if you leave it unoccupied, so communists changed their ideology to mean you can own property that you "personally use" and that you can own it in perpetuity, i.e., exclude others from it even when it is not in use.

>the argument is whether you should prioritise putting boots on people's necks or trying to help them up.

how about you leave them the fuck alone like a small government would do?

This fucking sucks guys, I knew it was too good to be true. I'm selling into tether as we speak.

What is our new Hodl coin Veeky Forums?

Your definitions are distorted by media playing the two party game

Banks are much less likely to lend to co-ops since co-ops don't produce as much profit

There we go. I was thinking about how to explain usage and occupation concisely but i couldnt get the words out

We really gotta start saying "private capital" instead to avoid this confusion

>refute points
all you did was create a dummy to ad-hom attack
you have no points and neither does he

Are you fucking stupid or something?


oh really, lad

>yfw that's how it unironically was for 10,000 years
Zoom out user

Unironic fascist here, I look forward to our exchange of bullets

You must be. Marx wanted to ban hiring people for a wage because he was incapable of understanding why anybody would ever want to work for a wage. He could not grasp the relatively basic concept of financial risk.

yeah and would you want to live at any point in the last 10,000 years? quality of life increased exponentially in the last 20 years.

pussy. you are not real commie. Stfu

lmao economists still study his work, which you would obviously know if you had ever studied economics.
>ban hiring people for a wage
Honestly I wish mods would delete these political threads, the people on here shouldn't be allowed to take a bath without water-wings let alone wax philosophical.

That is what Marx wanted to do. You lose, retard.

>lmao economists still study his work

at least you're proving your point:

>the people on here shouldn't be allowed to take a bath without water-wings

>average work day is 2 hours
>no stress over abstract concepts
>no taboo over sex, basically guaranteed to get laid
>close knit relationship to tribe and family
Modern society:
>average work day is 8 hours
>constant stress over abstract concepts
>sex is exponentially harder to get
>alienated from even your next door neighbor
Wow great quality of life we got here, thankfully I'm able to get some nice car I'll no longer want once I get it right


wow you're a complete degenerate, no wonder you're a communist


If you have a degree in economics you've read Das Kapital you literal brainlet; it's standard reading material.

>no taboo over sex, basically guaranteed to get laid
Actually, the natural state was harems and most men getting nothing.
"8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man"

You lose, retard.

>only defense is to call me a degenerwate
>start paying people who previously didn't use money
>call it poverty reduction
Oldest trick in the book

that's like reading the bible when studying biology you larping wannabe

right, those little niglets are far better off without that money.

Marx is considered one of the most influential pre-Austrian school economists in history you fucking autistic retard
I really wish uneducated /pol/ brainlets would fucking leave this board
you have literally 0 clue what you're talking about

>stressed out by abstract concepts
>wants more women to be whores
>wants everyone to work 2 hours a day without realizing the horrible effects that would have on society
>thinks communism will make his neighbors like him

yeah you're a gigantic loser. You want to do nothing all day and then get laid with no effort

You left leaning universities promote their ideology by teaching it to impressionable youth? What a surprise. Marx was a moron. Communism failed. Capitalism is the best system based on how human nature works. We are competitive beings and life is survival of the fittest. Its not perfect but its the best.

You are fucking brain dead kid.
>Live until 20
>Fuck your cousin who make retard kids
>All die of disease
>Walk for 3000 days to give a message to someone
>Walk 3000 days back, die
>Live in caves, Hunt, fuck (The only fun part)

In modern society, we dont have to worry about shelter, food and water as much. The game has evolved. It is now survival of the financial fittest. Brainlets cant survive. These same brainlets beg for government assistance to punish smart people who actually give to society and make inventions and innovations. If you are a commie please gtfo the internet and throw away your macs and iphones.