mfw nocoiner

> mfw nocoiner

How's going your crash faggots?

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Down from $320k to $270k from a $6k investment in May, so I'm fine thanks man. Thanks for checking in, though.

it sucks bud. nervous as fuck right now. for better or worse I was born with iron hands though so I'm either going down with the ship or straight to lamboland.

15% down.

Up 2,000% percent in a year but tell me how you did better sitting on the sidelines?

It's a dip caused by misinformation. I'm buying more crypto at discounted prices.

50% down. Pulled out my original investment so I don't care. Holding on.

Don't worry, he's the wolf of wagecuck!


Same boat, feels good when you'd still come out positive after a 95% market crash.


>make 20x returns in 2 months
>30% correction of this 20x happens

guaranteed replies

pretty good.
how's that throat cancer treating you?

Oh captain my Captain!

I'm with you.


I hit an all time high in USD early this morning, just over 100k. Thank you VEN.

I sold out a bit before the crash and then bought back in, I'm at pretty much the same dollar value due to by bag growing.

[spoiler]I bought in 45 minutes before a larger price drop.[/spoiler]

Got into crypto 3 weeks ago. Even with the damage to my portfolio form the correction I'm up 2.5x. Suck it.

Don't you have some wageslaving to get to?

shit like this make me think i'm 1 fucking year too late for those kinds of crypto gains

>things that are not true.

why do you lie on an anonymous Tibetan cartoon picture board?

Up from 80k to 90k by daytrading ufr...from a 1k investment in july

Oh you're right, I'm back up to $280k

jokes on you latefag.
I hit 120k down to 90k from $400 Sep 2016
and i'm shit at this

Secured $216K in profits so far this year. Pretty comfy actually. If it crashes, it crashes. Just an opportunity to reinvest at a cheaper price. I feel sorry for all the dumb money brainlets who entered mid-to-late December tho.

That's how I felt as well when I joined user, seeing Eth had already mooned and feeling like I missed out. There will be constant opportunities in crypto for years to come, if you're astute.

pre good desu am up 10% hbu

Started a couple weeks ago with a very small stack and made 100 off XLM. Not optimal. Guess I'll kms.

oh nice i can make a fake image online too

no, your not lol. this is pathetic.

I entered late december and my coins are still higher than they were back then.

Take a good look folks. This is what jealousy looks like.

You're one of very few then. Grats on the lucky alt picks.

Still up 1000% from the normie invasion. Get fucked OP

Are you this legitimately ignorant? What the he'll did you buy?

Im only up 4x instead of 5x

what else lol?

I can smell normies from miles away. Btw, what the fuck is it about ripple that convinces them so much? I honestly think its the fidget spinner logo

> Goes up 100000%, crashes 30%

This is what normies were warning us about when they said "It's going to crash then I won't feel like a retard for never investing"

didn't hear about btc until last month huh? must fucking suck
i thought I was tarded.
mate, it's possible, just getting exponentially harder as the low caps keep exploding.
early last year was mental

This is you, OP.

Feeling pretty comfy - wow my stack dropped 2k from 7k, but I'm only playing with house money anyway.

Trading swings like a pro. Like right now on binance, VEN went up from a dip. 2 Major pumps today XRP and Dsoomething (I forgot the name but I remember making a decent plus). Don't QQ. Trade!

My 50x gains got erased to 42x gains boohoo

Yeah, Crypto and blockchain arent going anywhere.

Imagine people after the .com crash saying "webpages are done"

my 10000000x gains are only 1000000x now feels bretty gud

>was up 350%
>only up 250%

Lol I bought in $200 btc at 19228 transferred the lot (120) to binance and was up $500 in a week so its pretty hard to get fucked right now


This.Crypto is dotcom repeating.

Jesus how can someone be this salty?

the bitterness of nocoiners is becoming more and more apparent.
I love it when they say it's dead.
>Bitcoin has died 234 times

Most newcomers bought TRX and XRP.

A year ago you didn't have to even try. Buy literally anything and wait a year. You'd be a millionaire today. This year is going to be chaos, volatile. Much riskier, but millionaires will still be made every day.

I bought in slowly from Jan up until the summer correction. Total investment about $20k. Held 8.3BTC and 84.6 ETH until CB launched BCH. When they fucked up and people bought BCH at insanely high price, I traded half my BTC stack to ETH. Happy with this decision. The King is wounded. The wolves smell blood. There's articles going up all over the place about inefficiencies of BTC and BCH. Lots of hype on the other side, the civil war of crypto is on and the winner is going to be the first alt that gets the combination of public hype, production, and adoption by Global brand names. Kodak's coin is going to be amazing, by the way. Photographers everywhere are going to lap it up to copyright all of their pictures and it will eventually be integrated into cameras that use 5G internet connectivity that instantly record your pictures on the ledger. Giving you instant copyright of all of your pictures. Its fucking genius.