It's over isn't it?

Does anyone else see what i'm seeing?
Is this... The denial phase?!

dude we are in the bear trap


So there has been no media attention yet?

Not for altcoins. Things are just getting started


Only for btc

Uhh ok

Say it to my fucking face OP i will put you on the deck 1 punch 4 teeth knocked out shut the fuck up or be sorry nigger

If you're going to use the meme graph, it's clearly fear

you're too stupid to compare 2 graphs


b-but the top two spikes are the wrong way round, it doesn;t fit.. pls

You could literally paste this chart anywhere in an uptrend kek. Any uptrend is a "bubble" if you believe in this chart.

hey fuck face, zoom in to may/june 2017...looks like now.

You faggots are panicking cause you where not around for 2014 & 2015 & 2016

if you really want to shit your pants, you should do the same thing with the DOW 120 year chart.

Is why Novogratz moving in money?

If you enjoy this type of discussion, browse zerohedge. The world is going to end tomorrow and literally everything is a bubble according to them.

This thread confirms my statement, clearly the denial phase, IM OUT!

Yeah, As soon as the morning news starts reporting the price of LTC or even ETH along with the dow and NASDAQ, then we have a problem.

Yes this is so true. Awareness is at about 0,7%. Totally at the mania phase.

What problem? Where to park all these lambos?

either that or bull trap