Down 20%

>down 20%
>wake up
>down 30%
>try to play pc to calm myself down
>pc blue screens and found out RAM went kaput
>sleep again
>wake up
>already down 40%, virtually all gains this month gone
>just found out I failed law school just becuase teacher was a total cunt and decidef out of all failing students, he would fail only me

Since this thread is dead, might as show you my portfolio

Don't sell at a loss now.

>go to sleep
>up 10%
>wake up
>down 50%

Im already down nearly 100k from this bear market, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>hodl and keep losing money
lmfao stay poor
i sold everything today because the price is going down i'll just buy back in when it starts going up again

>he fell for the hold meme

>buy high sell low

> “the teacher was a cunt”

I bet you’re the cunt, why else would you have been singled out? If you want to be lawyer you’d better learn how to read people and act in a way that will win them over or AT LEAST not make them hate your guts.

Buys back on the pumps.

>down 1.8% today
>still up 10.1% for the week and 152% for the month

Nice job man

HE was the cunt.
He doesn't know how to teach shit. He teaches the wrong shit. In fact I can teach better with a fucking book at hand.
He made hard exams that I dont think he could answer. The second half of the semester was us reporting 80% of the fucking subject and when we asked him to summarize everything, he didnt because he couldnt.
He made the finals extra hard too.
And, he had the nerve to fucking pass the student who literally took exams only for 15 mins and had a even worse grade than me just because he liked him.

And when I complained about it he said he did everything to pass me (which I think is a lie) and to make it less hurtful he treated me to starbucks. Jesus Christ.

What a faggot. Every student he has in law school dislikes him

what the fuck are you holding OP? ICX?

I am so mad right now. LITERALLY ALL my grades are high except for that single subject. Does he know who I am, dammit!? Im smarter than that piece of shit, I am sure. Ill kick his ass in court when I become a lawyer. Fucking faggot.
All I wanted was a passing grade.. dammit.

Either poor larp or weaponized autism

80% ICX

please be my gf we can get through this together

R U ME? 100% in LINK, I thought I bought the floor and I was up like a hundred bucks before going to bed


Couldn't stand being a lawyer, literally paid to sometimes help murderers go free.

what school?

"I'll predict the bottom lol"
If you were as smart as you think you are, you'd have sold yesterday.

>stressed out after the Korean FUD fiasco
>decide to tether up and accept my losses if the market goes back up
>slept soundly last night for the first time in months
>relax and playing games and closed all my charts and exchange tabs


that shit going 0 sats

Its a foreign school is youre american

Nah dawg, she's mine.

chin up. being a lawyer is pretty shit and doesn't pay that well compared to other hard-nosed professions, particularly when you account for hours worked. become a programmer or an engineer.

t. a corporate lawyer

Nooo could of sold my NEBL for 2000% now its only 1000% ._.
>First world problems

>he isn't holding xlm

Try exercising instead. You may still lose money but at least you've built something up.

I'm just complain about fucking system. I can't contest it because that'll bring even more trouble.
I'm a CPA though user. Also want to work as a corporate lawyer.
I fucking despise this. When I become a lawyer I will kick his ass in court.

could you imagine having to defend niggers?
no thanks