Ethereum is like a 56k modem dialing into AOL in 1997. And that is being kind...

Ethereum is like a 56k modem dialing into AOL in 1997. And that is being kind. The rapid decline of Ethereum and ERC20 tokens—which comprises the vast majority of the blockchain ecosystem today—will become increasingly apparent in 2018. Simply put, Ethereum and all of its ERC20 protocol derivatives are too slow, too expensive, and too insecure to use for any real application. This is highlighted by a litany of examples including the DAO hack (which today represents a loss of nearly $9 Billion USD), two major hacks on the Parity Wallet, and countless other hacks. The CryptoKitties application that brought the Ethereum network to a crawl highlights another key reason Ethereum cannot work long-term—it is too slow to run even a toy application let alone a real consumer or enterprise application with millions of users.
Irrational optimists who tout that lightning or sharding can save Ethereum are unable to point to any functioning examples to date. Plasma, Casper, and sharding on Ethereum do not exist and have been consistently delayed.

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Bump. Find a flaw in my argument.

Sorry I cant. Im an ethercuck myself but I have to say I got BTFO.

tfw decentralized scaling hasnt been done correctly yet

tfw ether will do it first and blow the asses off of coins that are fast but sacrifice the actual reason cryptos should exist

Agreed, and this is why Ark has slowly become my largest alt coin holding. Ark based chains like Blockpool and Persona are already emerging and they have practically been gushing about developing on Ark’s platform.

And that's why I went all in on Ripple

isnt ark an echange

yea thats why 80% of coins coming out this year are on the ethereumnetwork street shitting POO nigger

I can't. BCH is going to replace ETH and all other shit coins.

If you are not a decentralized blockchain coin you are not actual crypto, you are trying to pretend to be normal fiat

the truth is crypto may never totally match fiat's transaction speeds. They've optimized shit to an incredible degree and that's a benefit of centralization.

So you have to trust that the fundamental premise is sound (decentralized store and exchange of value) and furthermore put your stock in a coin that is strong fundamentally and has an army of developers.

Your argument is that sharding cannot succeed which you have provided no backing for, hence invalidating the rest of your arguments - as such no counter-argument possible nor would one one be needed. Equivalent is saying santa is real, if you want to believe in santa at 20+ years of age be my guest but I will not waste any energy trying to disprove him for you.

You can potentially scale with zk-starks.

Dont tell me why it sucks
Rather tell me in what i should invest instead

plasma and casper are live on testnets, you can email the ethereum foundation if you want to help develop them user

this is your answer. If you think ethereum is done growing, boyo you are in for a rude awakening. Will a better platform come along one day? likely. but ethereum hasn't even implemented its scaling measure let along it could always hard fork and constantly evolve. I think we have a long way to go before there will be true competition for eth. Seriously can you name any?

That's the value of bitcoin, trustlessness. XRPfags LITERALLY cannot comprehend this.

the world needs Tezos (next gen ETH)

didnt read the post put that pepe is top notch

what about EOS?

bruh ARK is just a fork off of Lisk. Lisk is going to shit on ethereum. Ark is just gonna have to steal more code to figure out how to do their job.

The day will come.

they deliberately sacrifice decentralization in order to achieve (well in theory they promise) 10k tps. This is not a healthy solution and ultimately a truly decentralized blockchain will prevail in the long run (such as ethereum). the only caveat to decentralization such as in ethereum is that it becomes very hard to scale. I am an optimist however and am betting that ethereum's scaling will be solved.

You're retarded

Well then bitcoin is the smoldering surface of the earth before any life was ever around.. and yet it still grows... Consumers historically go to whatever is popular more than, "this piece of tech is slightly more advanced than yours." That's not how this works user.

Nigga, you're being quite generous. I could download an mp3 on napster with a 56k modem faster than i can send a few bytes of data from one wallet to another on ETH.

It's not gonna be like this forever. Eventually brainlets will become smarter and buy better tech.

That’s why you buy XBY.

Hmmmmmmm... I reason who would invest in such an enterprise then?

it's becoming obvious now, even for the normies, that ETH has no future

>Dumb popularist's will suddenly become smart and care about these things

No network is perfect. You patch problems as the network grows. Visa took 40 years to become what it is today. Don't expect other platforms to have answers to all of ethereum's problems. Whoever promised answers to everything is almost certainly lying.

that is some goooood argument you got there user. also, tippy toppest of keks at the fact that you think normies know about ethereum let alone comprehend that there are other potentially more scalable solutions in existence

VHS vs. laserdisc and betamax, Ford Model T vs. literally anything else, Any apple product, Google vs. almost anything else, AS400

people still buy ripple, nobody gives a fuck this is just stupid money not institutional investing or some shit

You can't even check your transaction at etherscan, let alone mine it. Thesis confirmed.

Yes, but it's still going to increase in value so who the fuck cares