Not selling :^)

Not selling :^)

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You would be a fool to. But sure enough, the crypto newbies that are always spamming these threads with memes of Zelda will get out. Then maybe... Finally... we won't have to deal with their irrelevant memes, and we can actually start talking about the actual tech and future of the world. And not just post video games because you're up every now and then.

hello spongebob


>Tfw too poor to buy the dip

Chainlink $2.00 Saturday Morning. You've been warned.

you should post thadeus image, based anti spongebob poster

Spongebob is LINK's greatest enemy

>Finally get a registered binance account
>Go to buy ETH on Coinbase
>9 days till its in my wallet

This spongeposting really is a whole new level of meta-post-ironic shitposting

Well said

are noLINKers even human?

you're getting scammed

We saw these exact FUD posts warning about ETH

will it keep going down, should I finally become a linky??

>can't buy the dip because I already bought yesterday

>just add it to eth lol

Its happening tonight.
Strap in boys.

>buying ETH on coinbase

$50 eoy
Here we go lads

Bankers looking to invest in crypto next week.
A large number of them, especially those involved in fintech have probably heard about LINK due to PSD2 / Swift, as corroborated by AssBlaster.

Price singularity may happen next week

might as well sell, we going down to 30 cents again

Literally fucking diamonds right now.

man you and I both know they're only going to buy BTC and every alt is just gonna bleed even more cause I GOTT GET IN ON THE BUTTCOIN mentality normies have

you can't equate wall street investment styles to the normies, they're a different breed

why would they buy LINK though over the multitude of other coins

Because successful bankers don't just buy shit on a whim.

I just cannot relate to this. Whenever I've bought ETH on CB it transfers within 20 min. Are you from a terrible country or something? Or are you unverified? I dunno

What do you use

wtf joe s

thanks just sold 100k

I use coinmama

Thanks just bought your 100k

>Had ETH ready to buy dips for a week now
>bought at lows and already up 1k

easiest money of my life

fuck you give me back my 100k

gdax, coinbase shouldnt be used ever to buy coins. its a wallet ffs

I just use a debit card
losing like $3 is pocket change compared to my gains

if you bought at ICO or when it was stagnant at 20 cents for week you still made mad bucks

chain link is vaporware, the developers are literally retarded and they look like manchildren

the only update thats coming up soons is a roadmap over which restaurants sergey is going to binge at with his ICO money


No fuck YOU, stay poor user