Quick rundown:

Quick rundown:
>Coin to Fiat Directly (Very useful)
>Active dev team
>Coin amount below 100 million
>Low Marketcap
>Big updates this week
>already being implemented for other exchanges

Why haven't you guys got on the payfair funfair? Literally easy money and can see itself reaching 1 dollar by late January/Early February and can even explode passed that in mid February!

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fiat to coin? how?

it's going to replace local bitcoins.

read the reddit shill post


Legit 10x incoming.

Shut the fuck up OP.


I did some very rough math and If payfair reaches the volume local bitcoins has right now, then you would make $1,200 monthly from holding 25k tokens.

It already did a easy 10x
on to the next one

payfair also has great memes, think of the value in that... easy 100x


I really want to go all in on this. What's user's predictions for EOY?

I like the teal radiant logo better than the plain light blue one

$10 to be conservative.

Sounds good, OP.
I have some questions.
The tokens are used to pay the escrow right?
Only for that?

Also, you can exchange about anything?
How would it work for things that are not instantaneous like shipping shit to another country.

This is actually undervalued, with a P2P fiat to token exchange that's already working. I've talked to one of the developers and they know their stuff. Easy 10x with that 20 M market cap.

$8-$13 by the end of year if the market doesnt crash before then.

there will be a revised whitepaper and website coming out soom. everything will be explained in further detail



Why should I use this instead of localbitcoins?


Bought 254k bags at 0.05 feeling comfy af

Wouldn't this be way more convenient?

more security with payfair and more options.

discord pump and dump newfags

Aw wtf you serious. I thought everybody was shilling this because it was a good coin. I feel like Dennis at the end of "the gang broke dee"

Its a good coin just not very good.

Thank you

I'm a monster

>pumping on etherdelta

that sucks the pajeets are going to get on PFR, but i dont think they have yet. you can see they are focusing on ufr. you can even tell by the quality of their threads.

Only comfy hold through all the JUSTing that happened... didn't have VEN :/

I was invested in UFR when all of biz was rooting for that scamcoin feenix. I held through the massive dip to 4 cents (bought in at 12 cents). Watched my $40 turn into $4. Sold at $130 or so because I thought the shilling wouldn't last long. I guess I was wrong. I definitely feel like this coin is a scam, considering its anonymous team and all that. But if you make money you make money. All of these pajeets are gonna get burned though

* a lot of these pajeets