Stellar Mooned

>Stellar Mooned
>Forgot to unlock my Ledger Nano


At what price did you lock it in?

I started this meme. Does this make me anonymously famous?

I locked in my stellars at 3700 sats my dude

I fucked up so bad. I don't know how im gonna pay my rent this month.

It's a good ruse desu. Well done.

oh fuck I need to go plug mine into my computer right now!

Thanks, user. We are just trying to achieve some slimmer of immortality.

sliver/glimmer lol what the fuck is that

XD have an upvote!

>saw BTC dipping from $20K last month
>smash my router so my coins cant update to the new value
Not on my watch lol!

Locked mine in at $0.90. Comfy as fuck here

What does locking in do? A sell from the ledger?

>still doesn't run automatic coin updating software

I don't think crypto is for you brainlet

Basically, although it works sort of like futures. Your risk, but at least you can secure profits.

Automatic coin updating software is illegal retard

>claiming vaporware is illegal

Locking your wallet means the coins can't sync with the network, so will retain whatever value they entered the wallet at.

Put your wallet on a USB and take it to a physical exchange if you have one near you, and they will exchange the coins at that previous value.

Great if you wanna sell bitcoins right now you bought a month ago, but bad news if you locked your QT wallet back in 2011

According to the federal govt....

you lock in your coins at the current price so youre not subject to crazy volatility. pretty self explanatory desu.

No I started it

My coin was locked in at the specified price. Do the needful and inform unlocking process.


Wtf is this meme. What the fuck are you guys talking about?

post your private key here and I can reverse engineer the lock for you

what a smart lil user

>back to 60 cents instead of 80
You didn't miss much

the absolute state of Veeky Forums

have a like fellow normie :^)

I had 1352 btc on my old ledger that I lost from back in the day I recently just moved into a new house and found it.

I was so sad when I had to sell all those coins for only 2600$ when everyone else was selling them for $15k.

Lesson learned, never lock your coins.

just find someone to hack your coins and get them updated, maybe like $100 at a local computer shop

keeping currency doesn't lock the price in boys

Do you think best buy could do it for me?

yea sometimes its nice to lock in the price ifyou feel a big dip coming but over the long term i would never leave my ledger locked

What are you talking about? Do you have an article about this "coin locking" shit? Never heard this until today

Forgot to renew my ledger license, now I can't get in to access my 43 bitcoins

their geek squad is pretty good, might give it a try

sorry, I'm gonna have to ruin it guys, I want newbies to do well

they're fucking with you, leave this thread and don't come back

why do you think people are so hyped about hardware wallets you goof?

that sucks dude. can you still unlock your coins? im not sure how long it would take to renew your license but as long as you keep your coins unlocked you should be okay

Thank fuck.

Thanks user, heading there first thing in the morning.
I guess they'll need all my private keys and my 24 word pass phrase too?

Maybe I could just post that here and someone could help me? I could pay in trx

btw, anyone investing in FingerBoxCoin (FBC)?

Don't be a dick I was able to lock in smart a good price.

yeah just take a photo of your key with your phone though, you don't want to bring it with you in case you lose it

No, but my wealth manner I hired from redfin recommended I take it a third mortgage on my house to put in bazinga coin.

What happens if you lock it at $1, then it drops to $0.50 and then you unlock it? Does it change the value to $0.50 or retain the $1?


Retains the $1, at the risk of it having raised to $1.50

Don't listen to you have to lock in your coins with an exchange in order to benefit from the locked in price. How else are you going to guarantee that the price will stay locked in?

That's not even an answer
So you're saying you potentially get 50% more?
Hmm I'll have to read more on this