Coin Graveyard

Where do coins go when they die?

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Into the pockets of the developers releasing the pre-mined ICOs.

Do coins get dropped from exchanges if they get too low price or volume

Any other questions?

but if they fail to catch on or pump and dump: what happens then. Is there an exchange that trades bloated corpses

once a coin has had mild success in diffusing itself it acts like an unkillable virus, you might as well think of a coin as a lifeform striving to keep itself alive

Does it stay in thousands of wallets until the computers are recycled,


exchanges dont care about the price, the volume is where the money is made due to fees.


If a project is valid but doesnt catch on do developers continue building or move on to the next payday. Was there a payday if it was never bought up

to the exchange meat puppet

i mined 10 million coinye coins - theyre not dead, theyre still there

am i going to make it?

your wallet is just an redundant backup of the blockchain. As long as one "wallet" (not the best term) survives, everyone's coins survive.

a lot to think about

Is that a real fake coin

It was a stupid gimmick to raise popularity about the coin but literally Kanye West sued devs for copyright infringement... they dropped the coin instead of hiring lawyers. It's now a dead coin.

They eventually went on to create some other shitcoin nobody cared about.


Into the Ganges River...


diddt have to make it racial