Be me

>be me
>see btc crashing
>unplug Ethernet cable
>managed to lock my btc @ 15000$
Who here /smartmoney/?

Your bitcoin will be stuck in the old chain now.

>be me
>see btc crashing
>lose 30% in a day
>ctrl+c and ctrl+v some more bitcoin
>back up to my original amount from the new bitcoin i just made

normies BTFO

>be me
>accidentally locked my 10 bitcoin in while it was only 5k
>sell the ledger with the bitcoin still on it and charge present day prices to the n00b who bought it and tell him I will throw in the ledger for free

and takes your coin

You just hard forked Bitcoin. What do you name your new Bitcoin fork?

go back to rebbit, faggot

the price will auto update as soon as you try to trade.

>not hex editing your wallet file for free money


Bitcoin Cash

I just locked in 13.5k. See you faggots at 8k.

>be working at starbucks
>check phone
>see thjat bitcoin has dropped 40%
>cant unplug my router because not at home

fuck this desu . i might just quit so i can monitor my router full time.

How's your Wojak coin doing, bitch

Do you really work at starbucks?

How social are you to work there? You good?

Bitcoin ver.16.201

all the chicks at work wanna get with me since i showed them my 150 bitcoin

little do they know its locked in at $5

Seriously though what kind of pollution is this and what kind of day posts it?


It's 'nothing personnel kid'

thanks mom

Fucking laughed

> its locked in at $5

Hahahah all these faggots who didn't lock their coins back at $17k
How's it feel to be poor?