How far can $2000 get me?

I've got exactly $2000 to spend on crypto, what would be a good portfolio to make?

50% eth 50% link

to the stars my son

That was fast, I get ETH but why link, hasn't that already had it's moon ride?

30/20/20/15/15 split

i turned 2800 into 80k+ i started 9 months ago tho

on what

IoT Chain, ELF, Elixir

as always DYOR, this picks are one of the best


Register an account on kucoin with invitation bonus 7KvuRx and I’ll toss u an extra .1eth to trade around

This applies to anybody

Yeah nibba the what part is kinda important?

All in on Coss, OP
Thanks me later




all in on obsidian. since I know you won't, screenshot this and remind yourself how bad you fucked up in 3 months

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Tough talk, but can you back it up? I'll go all in if you can convince me it's worth it, why is ODN valuable? I've heard ENG is a better investment anyway.

Nope, not even kidding, google James Damore. Looking at thing full frontal is like looking at a vulture.

keep it on the downlow tho

cool thx, but why is it valuable? What's the end game of this little guy?

I'll take you up on that, how do I know you won't cheat me though ?

low marketcap, marketing Campaign begins next week, blockchain for talented artists so they dont get robbed by managers, this coin also has a long history and is not new. plus low circulating supply allowing for the market cap to rise fast

Look at the low marketcap, that should give you more than enough reason to at least consider investing a bit in it. Then look at their website and tell me it isn't a great idea

All in VEN.

Beat me to it my shill friend

You're going to have to all in on something

33% XMR, 33%, XLM, 33% low market cap shitcoins

if you got my back i got yours brotha

Yeah I know... I'm gonna look int JET, ODN, and ENG now though. What do you think is the best out of the 3?

Aim for 10% return a day. Easy to do with day trading. Millionaire in 4 months.

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I'm getting a nose job when I make it, unironically

I'm personally 50% on FUN and 50% on Jet

Let's all shill together and become millionares! Then I can take care of my grandpa and then move to a nice quiet place out of the ghetto!

UFR is going to the moon.

Nice, I'll be looking into JET a lot tonight then.

go all in a payfair or another low cap on Etherdelta. don't bother with any high market cap coins, u won't make it

We're gonna need to make memes and shit like that

Where do I buy it?

If you ever need to find out where to buy something, go to coinmarketcap. I bought mine on coinexchange

I'm still researching but once the announcements hit I'll start making memes then!
check coinmarketcap also

join the official jetcoin shill server on discord,
discord gg / jWfC3g

as long as you buy into speculative coins rather than the big dick dinosaurs like BTC or ETH you can definitely make it

in 2017 i turned $6k into $250k, had a few scary moments where I worked upto $40k and crashed hard back to $10k that was kind of depressing, but anyway just do research, or buy into hype early, hope to get some good 10x+ moon missions and it's very doable.

With 2k I'd be inclined to go into 2 or 3 altcoins that haven't mooned much yet, and hope to get a nice moon. Definitely don't put it all into ETH/BTC or anything that has already mooned huge recently.

Also don't get "married" to coins, as in be willing to sell one off and jump into another position when it seems like a smart move. Early on I tended to get attached to my coins, kind of like a point of pride, or where I didn't want to admit that I made a mistake or that things had run their course. Always try to be thinking about the big picture and multiplying your gains through whatever means necessary through whatever coin possible

2000 euro got me to about 150k euro ATH. But I started in June. With a bit of luck and huge risk you may be at the same point in a couple of months...

Buy ADC, easy x50

ZCL Zclassic aka bitcoin private deff gonna hit 500$ pre-fork

speaking of liquidating losses, when do you think trx will hit .30 again? I have time to wait....

all in electra. buy orders going up for 3000 sats on exchanges that it's going to begin trading at soon, and it's currently being exchanged at coinhouse for about 50 sats

BITB....thats where the $ is

>tfw you'll never be a true beaner

started with 1.5k, and its currently 15k in 6 weeks. at one point it was 25k

Exciting! What did you invest in?

electra is a pump and dump... other anons will confirm. avoid

Thanks for the advice, got watch out for pajeets and whales.

Love how you threw the word "talented" artists in there like the platform will have any real market effect.

they are already partnered with Hellas Verona, a professional Serie A football club, so i would call them talented


low mcap and good price before moon mission

damn 6 weeks wtf what u buy zcl?

this jew is trying to hog the profits

OP I started with 2k in october and now have 45k

I'm currently in ADST, TAU, and QLC

I wouldn't bother with coins that have already mooned or any big coins but stick to relatively new coins that have solid whitepapers, concepts, etc. The three I mentioned are what I plan on "making it" with, although I'm eyeing up new ICO's all the time. I feel some ICO's are too late though, I.e. some of them don't end until June this year, which is months away and who knows where crypto will be then.

So yeah, DYOR but definitely check out what I've mentioned because I literally scoured through the entire list on CMC and found what I believe to be gems. Most people will shill you into their coin which is fair enough, but I'm saying DYOR, just make sure to research them.

Good luck bro

Pump and dump


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I started with 1,800usd in march, now I have 108,000 USD in crypto.

It should be way more but I bought some shitty meme coins like LINK

Thanks man, I think I'll be doing alright real soon!

Find a hidden gem, go all in and wait a month or two then sell profits while keeping some of your position and repeat

I just bought different shit to get to 2.2k then i put everything into bch when it got onto coinbase and doubled it and then i just bought random shit on biz on binance like ICX and REQ to get 7k. Then i put 1k into lamden and now I'm here. I usually don't go all in on shit and move it around frequently but not as much. probably going to be more focused on ICOs going forward

>Someone made a shop where they made it normal size and he looks handsome as shit
Got you senpai, and I don't know why he hasn't maybe he can't afford it or isn't bothered by it? Maybe that nose lets him sniff out lefties who want to censor him, kek.

I've heard about TAU, saw it on EtherDelta is it still worth investing in?