Looking for shitcoin to invest

hey biztards I'm looking to drop ~2.5k (cad) on a shitcoin. Give me suggestions and I'll do my research and reply why or why not I'll invest into it

>inb4 >1bil market cap coin

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MRT. If WAVES goes up this goes up more. It's like leveraged WAVES.

the next low market cap coin to keep mooning, dont tell anyone though

Dadi when it opens

VEN, ICX, or LINK. VEN is probably the safest bet. LINK has the most upside potential. You choose. Gl m8


block array

Dadi is trash. They copy pasted half their white paper. Look it up. Garbage.

coinmetro.info except it's not a shitcoin

>$0.0008 right now
>Devs are open about the project and interact with their base everyday on telegram
>They are no advertising right now because they want to wait until they have their tech almost complete
>expected to be fulfilled in the next 2 years
>actually really innovative
Let me know what you anons think. I have a few million, could potentially be a millionaire from this in 2020.

Buy a masternode of Sucre, or pick up some Voise

UFR on Cryptopia. (Less than 30M mcap)
CAN on Kucoin. (Between 100M and 150M mcap)

Why does buying a coin from a certain exchange matter? Genuinely asking.

Scam. Stay away.


Medibloc token based on decentralisation of patient medical information so wherever you go in the world you will have access to your medical records so doctors can't fuck you over with doing the same tests over and over

I was looking at this.. Thought it was an actual shitcoin that got pnd. Is it legit?

BBT, thank me later.


interesting to say the least, looks like it already mooned recently, but as a long term hodl seems like a no brainer at that price even just put a dollar in lol

Thank you for this one user. 3M mcap, awesome ideas, strong team, campaign launch this month.

I threw in 1 ETH for shits and giggles. Should be good.

not every coin is listed on every exchange, most of the smaller ones are only listed on one or two exchanges in the beginning then as they get popular more exchanges start offering them

The white papers look good but as far as my research goes there only marketing for Asia but the concept is worth billions

Anything on KuCoin worth jumping on right now?

You're so obvious.

op here, a bit dissapointed
looks meh, waves doesnt have much to grow
already went up a decent amount, will be looking further into it if dips
if you werent in the ico its too late
ven already mooned, link already moond and if you werent in ICX ico youre too late
ill be adding to list of further research
heard of it, will research more
sucre has no usecase? lol. voise already spiked a lot mate
lol'd @ ufr, will look into CAN
looks somewhat promising, 200m market cap though, a bit too late on that one
another user mention that, will look into

woow its probably to late now tho, but that coin did insanely well today

Do me


It crashed with every other altcoin right now, good time to buy.

Buy while you still can still afford one

LUN and GVT 2 to 4 mil circ supply and 100m market cap room to grow to st least 1 or 2 billion

Going to be a big one very soon.


yes do this one, looks interesting!

Read the road map..


I’m shooting for all those jumping about 30% over the next ten days at some point.

Bitch even if I out in 2k and it rises to $50 I'm barely making anything.



trading at 1 sat, talk of new owners, gamble

Sorry I missed the shitcoin part...
Ok try LanaCoin (LANA) on cryptopia @ 0.00000024 will only go up from here...

Nice FUD. I'll be on the moon while you fags sink into the marina trench.

fap on etherdelta

Oh god no, I have to use EtherDelta again? Fuck life.

...Shit, it'll be worth it. I know what I'm spending my paycheck on this week.


Just gonna leave this here.

I'll be buying more tomorrow. I fucking hate ED. You could use IDEX though.

Anyone down for some kodakcoin?

>i like dick

Looks very promising, if the websites statistics/claims are true then it's probably worth with an 8.5m market cap, will look into farther
lol if you werent in this in december its too late to invest in
lun already spiked, gvt already x3'd and i dont use binance/etherdelta lol
multi algo, merge mining, community coin, meh imo, nothing special other than low market cap, and already 3x'd, will buy if dip/crash
dat shet already 5-10x'd
already mooning, not wasting my time on coins that already spiked 3-10x within past 2 months
LMC looks decent, like a nice fun geocache coin if we were in china, INFX finally a coin worth looking into and if the devs are active/promising ill be investing, gotta make sure its not a scam coin, if TIX 10x then i'll be damned, 1ST looks pretty decent although theres a lot of gamer coins out there, DNT I'm already holding small bags that I sold off of at the recent pump, matchpool lmfao decentralized dating ahahah my sides, NXC looks too gimmicky, like they tried to revolve a game around a crypto currency as their main focus is to make money (duh, but looks like a shit-tier game desu), DCT looks nice although would be a hard 10x to achieve (100m + market cap)
cannot read chinese, cant really do my own research on this as coinmarketcap doesnt even show total supply
300m market cap, 3.5 trillion coin supply lol, bad vibes from their bitcoin talk thread sorry mate no go for me
Lanacoin literally has no unique usecase? only flashy bitcointalk / website lol
mate if you werent in on XLM in december its way too late desu
mate i wouldnt buy this shitcoin even if i was forced to at gunpoint, any true crypto trader wouldnt either, plus do you know the amount of money it'd take to 10x it right now? fucking lol'd


YOU.......i like you....What do you recommend?

looks like its driven by a pump n dump group, claims theyre innovative yet theres nothing too fancy about it, plus its literally coming down right now from a decent pump

>YOU.......i like you....What do you recommend?

GTFO with this reddit faggotry.

Was just messing with BITB....no one in right state of mind should buy this crap.

Since you've done your homework...wanted to get your opinion on what you would recommend to user.

Don't get your panty in bunch...was just saying coz this user has done some homework....no reddit here...



well mate a lot of the coins im in have already pumped 2-5x and i would not suggest investing into them unless they dump. Some i'm in are:
ZOI (before that juicy 10x), ZER (before that 10x), ZEN, XEL, XCP, TRI, NXS, INN, HOLD, ETN, XSH, DNT, CURE, CHC, BTS, ADX

all of these coins already pumped and I sold ~80% of my bags so i would not suggest them unless youre maybe looking to 2-3x your money on some of them. I would also not suggest investing into any coins with 500mil + market cap as those are the hardest to 10x, and especially not 1 bil + market cap coins because if a whale decides to exit then you're fucked. Also if you see your coin shilled on reddit its a good notifier you should be exiting soon (imo)

NIMFA on etherdelta

>just released platform
>only on the shiittiest exchange so far
> less than a million supply
> 1 mil marketcap

this will easy 100x in the next few months and will likely 500x before the end of the year.

I suppose. Depends on how much volume I can get on IDEX. Maybe it'll be just enough to grab the amount I'm going to get.

I might also be able to pull some gains from Canya once that moons on KuCoin.


shit's gonna blow up son

Want to make 50K in less than a couple months? Put that money right here right now:





ADC just DYOR on it




Get Audiocoin. They even released Bjorks newest album and will do a press release about a partnership with a major music label.

Not to mention that that already have a working product for months, real artists/musicians, small market cap one of the largest music studio and equipment sales companies in the world.

Supported by Resetera.
They made Xtrabytes, COLX and FLASH possible.

Get in now or you'll miss a legit 50x

Price is 200 satoshi

HPB is 6 dollars right now, theres a language setting for bibox if you really want to continue looking into it


What do you think about this coin? I really couldn't come to a conclusion on whether to buy or not, some sketchy shit but also some good stuff too



ITT OP wants his hand held and 10000000000 pajeets come out in full force


>he thinks VEN already mooned

Agreed. Just bought 100k

UFR aims to provide users a way to generate revenue by providing decentralized P2P filesharing. You can see it as the uTorrent or Limewire blockchain. Filehosts/seeders will get paid for their hosting services. This means that high quality seeders can provide files (think of games, movies, software) for a little bit of revenue. Every seeder will want to chip in on this, and users will want to get max-speed downloads for a small fee. There is no competitor in this sphere and URF is the first coin to propose this paradigm.

looks promising, will be looking further into
i like the idea of decentralized voting, kinda low market cap but could be big if catches on (people love that type of shit),
will want to see ian balina's opinion on this
POT looks promising, especially since the pot industry in canada is about to explode, ACC seems lowkey af, seems like the company behind it could raise the market cap themselves and so could those rich ass kids with 100m of daddys money in their pocket, DOPE looks like an inferior version of POT but still seems like could have potential (smaller market cap), XCXT doesnt really have anything unique to be honest but has nice visuals which plebs buy into, also low market cap, also coins starting with 'X' seem to moon like bread and butter
im sorry mate but this coin is going to get SHIT ON by something way bigger, sell your bags on this huge spike, there is a coin out there that solves all the problems the music industry poses and is lowkey af, do more research on music coins and find the bitcoin guru behind the development (hint hes a crytpo OG), that coin will 10-50x this year (has already 10xd) and will be one of the biggest coins on CMC (im talking eminem, lady gagy, kendrick lamar's faces backing this coin)
already though about it, nice slow incline of market cap and no huge spikes yet, if any industry money pours into this it could 10x, but just too risky for me with an 80m market cap, woulda been a good buy a month ago
already pumped, not sure if id feel comfortable although looks like an alright anonymous coin
as i said previous, i wouldnt waste my time on this coin, its going to get SWAMPED by another, do some more research user :)
i bought electroneum because someone in my telegram shilled it and ended up 3x making my investment, ill prolly sell my bag soon on next pump as its already approaching 1 bil market cap

$VRS and $HAT



>recent IOHK partnership confirmed
>rebranded this week
>new website
>privacy coin
>possible DAG in the future
>secure nodes which incentivizes holding
>privacy focused version of DASH
>great whitepaper+roadmap
everyone likes the privacy coins these days

also look into BAT


Kodak's crypto will be available soon. That shit is going to moon so hard. Their stock shot up 75% when they announced.



although it does seem promising if it were to go mainstream, i could see this being the coin to do it with their mobile apps and such.
fun ahhaha i was way too late to invest into this but wouldve loved it if i were shilled it earlier
seems like a really good coin if the devs keep their promises, although too pricey for me to invest in, i will keep a tab if a crashening happens though
youre goddamn right i do, pajeets will do anything for a dollar of profit
lamden uses a lot of big fancy words, seems like they really tried to craft their wording to attract investors, already high price to buy in on which makes me think what motivation do the devs have for a final product if they already made millions, the effort of a poor pleb intelligent developer is not the same as a developer handed fat cash stacks whos thinking about going to costa rica over the break because now he can
seems like a normal risk investment, pretty unique usecase, kinda late to hop on the train if youre looking for them real gains, i could see this 2-4x'ing within a couple of months
VRS a lot of people saying devs have exit scammed, 10 bil supply can only imagine how much the devs kept for themselves yet somehow still has 200kusd 24hr volume on livecoin (btw dont use this scam exchange) HAT looks alright in the sense that theyre correct about untapped money being able to flow in however a lot of projects already on a similar vision (high competition)
already holding some zencash, got in at a cheap price, BAT seems meh as it started with a huge market cap and right now has an insane market cap, huge risk here, however i like 'cutting out the middleman' coins, still wouldnt buy unless i see a huge crash (lots of advertiser type coins out there, this one is probably the one to most likely reach to the masses)

DeepBrainCoin. im not going to shill you because the shit sells itself. take the money or leave it, i`ll see you on my gay communist luxury spaceship.

sup faggot. Wait for wanchain to drop on exchanges, thank me later

hahahaha my sides, god damn a LGBT coin forked from litecoin, i know a lot of gays (ie Veeky Forums) who would rather invest into bitcoin, but that community does like to have a hipster appeal and stand out from the rest, 777,777,777 total gay coins? at this price? hell naww
LEND seems too gimmicky, like we're trying to force crypto into people lives for specific use cases that just no one really cares about, on top of that its a high ass market cap, would be hard for public to catch on but could most definitely still 2-4x, im too late for the boat on this one, as for FUN i'm too late for this one too, seems like a pump n dump that will be forgotten about by next year


Enjoy your bags RaiBlocks 2.0

10 bil supply? gonna take a lot of industry money to take it to $1 ea, i know theres wealthy fucks out there but theres many other 'ai' coins as well with promising features, too high for me mate.
sup, will be keeping a tab on this, although I think its too technical for the average user to understand, and thus will fall off from popularity, could see this being used by a small % of crypto users and some richfags, but not by the masses. Definitely need to do my research on this one and depending on the price I could see it 10x'ing if it doesnt start off at a 500m market cap on exchange release, im assuming there was an ico for this or private sale


Shill me on this

Theres only a few sketchy ass youtube videos covering it with pajeets and russians and this supposed "Swiss trader with insider information" and to top it off the website has no real info

this shit have whitelist?

an user recommended this above, I like the idea of decentralized voting and the general population does too, its going to take a serious dev to implement it and a serious community to catch on it though, will be doing more research on it and watching the devs.
way too high of a market cap for me to invest on (the higher the market cap the smaller the potential gains, takes a lot more money to 10x a 500m market cap than a 5m market cap)
I'd like to thank every user here for the research availability they've given me, and hope you took my criticism well as well as learned something from them. Will be shilling on these boards in the future so stay tuned for them gains.

Really, this is actually a pretty damn solid thread

Lots of pajeets but some pretty good unknown coins too

Shit do tell what music coin you mean

Fucking this!!!! Just please please please dude...

>no whitepaper
>no git repo
>anonymous devs

Sounds like a PajeetCoin.