SOME KID IN MY CLASS IS JUST BUYING BITCOIN AT SOME RANDOM PRICE ON COINBASE. I looked over and he just put 2k on a credit card to buy it. OMFG

what makes you think he's a normie

Thank him

Steal his tablet and transfer the btc to yourself

lol wow nice pic, he’s verifying his bank account faggot

Lmfao I hope the spic loses everything

Retard is gonna buy 100 dollars of bitcoin and then lose half of it in transaction fees

cash out 2k and tell him welcome to the ponzi

>some kid in my class
You're a normie too.

note down the cc

But did he lock in? Need to know how badly this is going to affect the recovery times.

Can't lock in on coinbase.

Must be Ontario. Looks at all the chinks

Hey, that's me and I'm not a normie REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

anyone that i see outside Veeky Forums is a normie didnt you know ?

Must be a west coast college or UT Austin

Chinks everywhere

this guy is about to make sweet gains while you're just being nosy also you damn kids and your tablets just fucking around all day probably at a tax payer funded college REEEEEEEEEE


I bought btc years ago and paid for school in full in dank cryptogains.

what level math class is this?

>sweet gains


Talk to me when you pay for USC in crypto gains, poorfag

Hack his wifi easy shit bruv lmfao

>Saying you should ever go to college

i'm not a normie. i jack off to furry porn and post mostly on /out/

i go to ucla to user. meet me at rende in 30 mins

saw a normie browsing binance at uni

it's OVER

Oooh pricey school. Good, get this idiots in. I want their parents money ;)

>he’s verifying his bank account faggot
Actually credit card but he seems confused, so likely he entered the info and that screen came and he didn't realize he has to wait for the credit card transactions.

OP what does ur portfolio consist of. Im curious what my fellow bruin is holding. im in FUN and LTC

>Go to dominos
>Some highschool kids talking about the altcoins they bought
Yeah this is fucked

>Being such a brainlet that you don't realize school is the great economic leveler
>I make more from STEMcucking than you'll ever make off crypto dipshit cuckfuck

Why is everyone chinese but he's using coinbase?

Wake up sign fuckos.
This shit's going down soon.

U niversity of
C aucasians
L iving among
A sians

What a trolling LARP! LMAO

Fucking coinbase isn't letting me transfer my bitcoin.

is rendezvous good now? It tasted like dog food when I went to ucla...probably why the Asians would gobble it up

greasy as hell but its filling and pretty good when ur hungry.

>what makes you think he's a normie
>using coinbase
>getting raped by inflated buy prices and fees
>all your info sent to the IRS

only a normie retard would use coinbase

>tfw my normie friend loudly asks how my bitcoin investing is going in front of all these people in my class


How u cash out tho lmao

>How u cash out tho lmao
>thinking coinbase is the only way to cash out

jesus fucking christ

my coworkers and i talk crypto all of the time, it's great.

sounds about the same then

You make over 2m+ a year? How much student loan debt are you carrying?

I was on the bus today and two 17 year old kids were talking about starting a mining rig.

And my friend just told me he was on the train and the guy in front of him was looking at BTC charts going nuts.

Maybe you should learn to greentext while you're at it.

remind him to lock in his price

I saw someone on coinbase in a cafe last weekend and I know several people that are invested. But I also live in San Francisco

Sounds like your friend got a front row seat to some normie getting JUSTed.

lmao, he's weeks away from making a deposit then

>buys dip



>buying buttcoin
Norman confirmed.

He is buying BTC and not UFR? It's obvious

I trade on a university campus everyday for like 8+ hours.

Their caf just has all day entry for like 9 bucks so I just eat all day with unlimited food while I shit post and watch charts. I don't even go to the school kek

>using a tablet


>$2k limit by credit
He's in on it for a few months I'd say

>goes to college
>thinks he's not a normalfag himself
good show OP

living the dream

NO FUCKING WAY. That's literally where I am. Do you have professor Boe? I plan to ask that fucking autistic genius if he has some fucking crypto in office hours next week.

A proper Kek

>not walking around public places with your LARP Blockfolio open and visible at all times

I want to make a blockfolio clone but whenever one of your coins drops 20% your phone screams JUST at max volume and texts all of your contacts a pink wojack.

>a bunch of fresh, uninformed investors suddenly join the marker
>oh wao all this money coming in is going to make us poor

>Spics and nigs buying in

Prepare the engines for the lunch, the market is about to go out of orbit

normies are already getting blown the fuck out.
just yesterday two coworkers said that they bought 200 gbp of litecoin and bitcoin pretty much at ATH and are now down like 30% and feel cheated.