Who’s excited for the most legendary moon mission of all time?

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wtf is this

he's invested in RIPIOCREDIT NETWORK


thats a twink and his bear daddy

Aaaaaaaaah, Tim Draper.

Now Tron is gone for good.

Tim Draper and Chink Jesus. Anyone calling this project dead or a scam is literally a pajeet or a fucking retard. We are just getting started boys. No moon-chasers, no weak hands. Real investors only.

delet this now

Anyone want to explain to me how this announcement is going to be anything other disappointing?
Like that faggot tweeted two pre announcements and then followed Musk and bunch of SpaceX people, and then announces a “partnership” that wouldn’t come to fruition multiple years from now?

What are you fags excited for? Everyone already knows and doesn’t care.

Who this Tim nigga

DYOR you fucking faggot. Again, OP pic related. Trx is going to the moon, almost literally. If you’re not holding at this price you are literally a fucking retard.

>photo from september
>joining a month-to-month term basis membership to Hero City

More FUD. Prove that the picture is from September? We’ll wait, Radamesh.

>spacechain partnership already priced in
>this shits gonna drop back to $0.03 when it's announced
>tfw no 10k coin like jamal promised

i am just hoping for .20 or so at the next pump so i can dump my bags, they are getting heavy. .25 would have been nice

7PPJyc 7PPJyc 7PPJyc

Obviously 10K is out of the question. Again, more FUD. Backup your “pricing”? Don’t just talk out of your fucking ass, Alihamed.

how new are you

7PPyhg 8GGuiY 7huyudv


Nice pivot faggot. Such oldfag

Fuck off, Vanpeer.

trx is a scam stop protecting it lol. if you’re enough of a normie to be still holding, drink bleach.

the absolute state of trx

Once again tronfags BTFO. Have you gotten anything right yet?

Let me guess

>muh plagiarized white perrpr

Why so much anger if it’s a scam? You’re scared, deep down enside, knowing you will fomo at .45 and then panick sell low. Keep FUD’ng and whining on every Trx thread you see. I’ll hold my “bags”.

I have a rule:

never invest in a coin where the leadership constantly teases you with a HUGE announcement coming up soon or pumps the shit out of the company.

He needs to deliver or he's fucked. Actually he's not fucked since none of this shit is regulated, we will all be left with the bags.

I suggest you guys just wait for the next POP, sell to the next sucker and move on to something else that either has amazing tech and good leadership, or just really hyped up.

The absolute vitriol and anger of no tronners can only be explain by the fact that they are paid per post to FUD by either a competitor or a whale.

Comfy at 500% gains. And i was here, watching you all FUD before the last mission too. It doesn’t get old :)

Haha I know, it’s fucking great.

>tfw got in at 99 sats and 277
>got out at 850

this shit has run its course

Again, please seeIT DOESNT GET OLD

The ole Omisego strategy. I'll take pictures with people!

there was no fud before the jump to 0.31. no one talked about this hsit at all

Haha :) I kno rite?

Are you fucking retarded? LOL Even I sold my shit for a whole lmaooooooo

For a WHILE*

Lol :)

>ITT babbys first shill
Could have at least picked a true shitcoin

I’m not shilling. I’m just expressing my option, but respect yours, my oldfag friend. I don’t give a shit what you invest in :)

My opinion* lol

If you tronfags are so confident, why don’t you want to maximixe profits and wait until the tron crypto currency is worth $10,000
>pic related
>the average tronfag

Because that’s just silly.

He just gave you proof that youre a lying fuck and you keep being defensive? Fucking disgusting animal, how much do they pay you? Youre either a paid shill or a desperate brainlet bagholder who bought ATH, either way you need to re evaluate your life or kys

You don’t have faith in all the roadmaps? You’re clearly a nu-male that sucks at trading. Stay poor.

burns you up these idiots are gonna get more gains than you huh?

prbly not though. They won't sell in time.

Holding 130k since $0.03. Good enough for me.

You're dumb, I would make 18 posts a day about this shit and everybody was calling it a "scam chinke coin", and there was always this one pajeet with poor spelling commenting the same thing over and over again

If you don't think this FUD campaign hasn't been up for a month and a half straight by now, then you're just blind.

Lol that’s what I’m saying. Every fucking day. I really did sell a shit ton of it because of the FUD but luckily bought back in at a comfy, comfy price.